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MakoAoyama's Guide for MM8BDM on Mac **UPDATED 10/9/10**

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--- Quote from: "CutmanMike" ---Thanks for updating, I'll try this again once I get on a mac.

Ugh, who the hell is hosting this with Doom2? I need to somehow make it so that can't be done.
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{Obsidian-UK} {#21} {Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch} is the name of the server, to answer your question. It's rare that anyone is in it anyway, though

Blaze Yeager:
Yo Mako,did you manage to find a way to place Skins on Macs yet?


--- Quote from: "Blaze" ---Yo Mako,did you manage to find a way to place Skins on Macs yet?
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No, not yet. I've tried any number of folders with no luck, I'm afraid.

Oddly enough, right after I posted I tried something else and figured it out!
Go check my main post for how to do it.


--- Quote from: "MakoAoyama" ---
--- Quote from: "RetroX" ---By the way, this would also work for GNU/Linux as well; just download the Linux version and use the IWAD for 8BDM.  Of course, I just run the thing in WINE, which also works (and I believe that WINE has a Mac version as well).
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Yeah, we have a WINE version for Mac but it's very hit and miss on what actually works on it. It's mostly miss, to be honest.
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You have to run it via command-line to actually work, because otherwise, the current directory won't be the same as the one that the EXE is in, and it'll end up being unable to find skulltag.

Also, I had to set it to DirectAudio for sound to work.  But besides that, it works wonderfully.  Probably even better than in Windows because Microsoft's OpenGL support is crap.


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