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Need Help With Getting My New Avatar Working On CutStuff...

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T's Inventions:
I want to know if CutStuff out-right HATES Google Photos for hosting avatars and/or other images, or if there's something else I'm missing?
I would prefer if I don't have to make much more accounts on other sites just to do something simple like this...
Anyway, can anyone else view the image in one of these links and help me set it as my new avatar here on CutStuff?

Try uploading it to Imgur.

If you have any place you can post it on, then you can copy the link to that pic and put it here, thankfully.
That's what I did, with Discord.

If you don't have any place then you're gonna have to settle with finding a pic somewhere to use, if you want an avatar.
Sorry, I'm not really computer-savvy.

T's Inventions:
I have already tried pasting those links into the avatar link field many times and for some very weird reason,
So maybe I will need help from some user(s) that are much more familiar with this site and how it works like Admins and Mods etc...

Can you post the links you're trying to use here?


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