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Class Based Modification [CBM]
Colloquially known as Class based modification or just "classes" in the past, CBM aims to take as many important characters in the Classic Mega Man series, and create a playable multiplayer class out of them with certain creative liberties and design choices, using input and feedback from the community.

For tips, or just plain questions, please visit the Discord server dedicated to this mod. Thankers.
CBM Official Discord

Download Latest Version (v9gh)!
Currently only compatible with Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch V6B.


Download Taunts!
NOTE: You must put this file into your skins folder!

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Google Drive of Past Versions

classes-v9fh  Notes
classes-v9eh Notes
classes-v9dh Notes
classes-v9ch Notes
classes-v9b Notes
classes-v9a beta5 (April Fools Unholy version) Notes
classes-v9a (beta1 >> beta5) Notes
classes-v8e Notes

Taunt files

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Custom Weapons with CBM

--- Quote from: Core Wiki notes ---Translation numbers 10400 ~~ 12000

Custom bar slots used 160 >> 225 [163, 164, 204 not used]

-19730000 (+ or -) ~1000
350 ~ 420
4000 ~ 4063
38000 ~ 38063

Use `pukename core_logtids` in console with CBM loaded for a list of reserved TIDs

--- End quote ---

Now the devteam no longer needs to poke around to get Maxine's post edited whenever there's a new release!

RIP old thread, that's 500 pages of pre-Discord feedback, over 10 years of community interactions.

The thread's dead? Never thought I'd see the day.


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