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Do not edit the MM8BDM pk3 file

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People started making maps in the SGC demo, which is awesome. However, they were simply adding the maps to the main mm8bdm pk3 file which is wrong.

If you wish to make your own maps, do not edit the main PK3 file of MM8BDM. Why? Because if you do, it will cause conflicts between you and whoever does not have the exact same pk3 file as you, causing you or the other player to disconnect. I'm sure you're aware of this.

In the next few days I'll explain how to correcty make patches, maps etc for MM8BDM and all other doom mods for that matter. You never edit the source material, which makes distribution much easier  ;)

Stay tuned for tutorials explaining how to do this soon.

Mr. X:
Yeah, I was going to post pull the download links to my stages because I need a better way to fix the main game.

About time this got posted, Got tired of having to mess with the files because people didn't want to host multiple wads.

so where do I put my maps to access them ingame?
Should I create a maps folder or something like that? o.o

For now, you should create them as .wad files and put them in the same folder as mm8bdm.


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