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I noticed that there wasn't a fire emblem thread to be found, so I'm just gonna go ahead and make one.
Talk about any of the fire emblem games you want in this thread, but be sure to use spoiler tag's for Fire Emblem: Awakening since some of us haven't gotten it or haven't gotten too far into the game.

I loved Fire Emblem: Awakening, I just wish it was online in some way.

Hallan Parva:
'sup losers I'm here to take over

I'll just put all my previous posts here in spoilers for background information purposes

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--- Quote from: "SmashBroPlusB" ---
--- Quote from: "Koal" ---
--- Quote from: "Ivory" ---HP is actually a bad choice if you want a tanky avatar. Asset/Flaw stats actually effect more than just the indicated one. So ontop of slower HP gain, it also provides -5 to both Def and Res.
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This. If you want a heavy hitting physical Avatar that provides a little extra skill and defense to aid in physical combat, go with Strength for an asset with either resistance or Magic as a flaw.
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Too late, I already chose HP as my flaw. I did have the sense to look into things though, and saw that HP subtracts stats from... nearly every category. It's a slight overall minus instead of a heavy loss in a couple select stats, so even if it means I'll be pretty frail I'd much rather have the overall stat gains. For that reason, I also chose Luck as my asset as it gives +2 Str and +2 Mag in addition to the +4 Luk.

The way I have Calem set up so far is... well, it's not awful, but it is a bit strange. Basically, he's a lucky crit mixed mage. The Thunder spell you start off with is actually very nice with the Luck boost, as it helps to negate the iffy accuracy of the attack. I got him a Wind spell as a more accurate spell at first, but once I hit Chapter 5 it became a reliable way to counter Wyvern Knights (freaking hate those jerks). He also has an Iron Sword with him, in case magic just won't cut it. Despite his frailty, the boosted crit rates along with his mixed attacking nature makes him an excellent revenge killer to clean up wounded enemies. I just cleared Chapter 7 and I haven't really picked out a mate for him yet. I hope you get Marth later in the game though, she's a real cutie.

Speaking of which, the pairs I've set out to build aren't really about optimal stats or to "minmax the babies" as Korby put it, but rather just to have fun with the game. Sumia's attitude from the moment you get her on your team pretty much screams "childhood friend" so I put her alongside Chrom for faster mobility and ranged Javelin throws. Virion was one of my favorite characters from the very start, and seeing him jabbed at by Sully constantly never ceases to amuse. Oddly enough, Virion and Sully actually make a devastating team; Virion's boosts from the pair get him constant crit snipers with his bow, and Sully's sword skill is so powerful that she can easily take down anyone who gets too close to Virion.

Miriel and Gaius actually started by accident; as speedy as Gaius is, his iffy health and moderate attack power makes him better for cleanup (like Calem) or "ambush bait" to lure enemies closer while dealing a solid counterattack. (Double hit for free? YES.) Another stat-based pair is Kellam and Panne. Oh man, this is a fun one. All I have to do is attach Kellam to Panne so she gets the boosts while also keeping the ability to be rolling around at the speed of sound... and watch the sparks fly. And by sparks, I mean enemy bodies, because that's how hard she punches them. Oh yeah, and she gains Frederick-tier tankiness from Kellam's massive +5 Def boost, often shrugging off attacks with little damage (and sometimes no damage at all). On the off chance that she doesn't down an enemy with her attacks, half of the time Kellam will just waddle in and poke them in the face with his spear anyway. It's glorious.

Also in the "originally didn't mean for this" boat is Donnel... oy, Donnel. Donnel's a fucking wimp so I stuck him with Maribelle just so she could heal him, but once they hit Support C rank, I thought it would be fun to watch that stuck-up loser fall madly in love with a simple farm boy. I've heard that Donnel gets super broken powerful once you can champion him at Lv10, but... ye gods, does it suck. It's a good thing you can buy the Reeking Boxes to summon Risen and farm for Exp. Points, or else I would have never bothered using Donnel past the side mission you get him in.

Honorable mention goes to Lissa, the best healer on the planet (even though she's not a Gigalith); Lon'qu, the master of critical hit disaster; Frederick, who is still a god of a man perched atop a valiant steed; and Ricken, who actually makes a decent stand-in for Calem during Risen fights, even if he does lack the advantage of physical strikes to get around Res-based enemies.

I hope you get more girls soon, because I've already sort of paired them all off... and I really want to be able to get all the children. Wait, can you pair everyone together? It would suck pretty bad if I missed out on a few party members simply because someone with a kid was Odd Man Out and didn't get their happy marriage set up.
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--- Quote from: "SmashBroPlusB" ---
--- Quote ---I just cleared Chapter 7 and I haven't really picked out a mate for him yet. I hope you get Marth later in the game though, she's a real cutie.
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hey guess what I SPOKE TOO SOON

I cleared Chapter 8 while coming back from an event at my sister's school. That's where I met my beloved Nowi... oh, Nowi. Even at Level 3, you match the damage output of Lv10 Panne, and your magic resistance (Res) is to die for. Your Def and Luk are also true marvels on the eyes, and that movement range... !! Gaius had to hit Level 10 before he learned to move with as much grace as she brings to the battlefield. I think I'll take a page from Virion's book and say that "your beauty in all regards is simply unparalleled! A lesser man might combust into flames on the spot!" And if her excellent stats weren't enough, she's actually very easy on the eyes... Marth needs to get her ass moving if she doesn't want Calem learning how to tame his dragon, if you catch my drift.

Also in Chapter 8, the Mercenary Gregor arrives on stage. For me, Gregor seems like a "hit-or-miss" sort of character. You're either going to like him a lot, or not really care for him. Patience seems like a swell skill on nearly any character, especially with Gregor's good Str and moderate bulk; you could place him in a thin pathway to serve as a bodyguard and block weaker or distance-attacking units. Otherwise, I'd put Gregor to the side in favor of Lon'qu (who is better with revenge counters) and Frederick (who straight-up crushes everything) if it wasn't for his other key skill, Armsthrift.

Now I know what Koal was talking about. Seriously? The ability to not expend weapon ammo when attacking, regardless of whether or not you're initiating the attack, with the trigger rate dependent on Luk x2, which happens to be nearly double Calem's Str, Mag, and Spd? Holy shit. And thanks to Second Seals (which Chapter 8 introduces you to), you can pass this to the Glass weapons and tomes, which have power comparable to their B and A rank equivalents, but are a fraction of the cost due to their fragility. Weapon ammo was always one of my major worries, with me often carrying duplicate weapons on some characters out of fear that their main attack with 10 ammo left would break in the middle of the battle. Don't get me wrong, Frederick's Luna is also pretty sexy, and whatever Rightful King does or how Galeforce changes things, I'm sure they're pretty good too, but nothing can compare to a somewhat easy-to-trigger chance for a free weapon use.

I would have advanced to Chapter 9 already, but I ran into my first Rival team. I'm somewhat used to fighting other teams, as I summoned Florina from Fire Emblem (GBA) as well as Ike's sister Mist. Their teams were hovering around the Level 6 range, so I used them mainly to get Donnel up to speed; I haven't used the units you get from winning, as their roles (Pegasus Knight and Cleric) are redundant with Awakening characters with the same or similar classes, and you can't pair them up with other units or put them in conversations (likely due to being ethereal ghosts of their past lives).

Anyway, this kid's name is Essit. He's only Level 6 and still a Tactician, though that's understandable since I haven't used Calem that much myself; he's also a Tactician, though at Level 8. I guess he was built for physical offense, as Str is the highest stat and he only wields an Iron Sword (along with a Strength Tonic, which would be interesting to see the AI actually use it during battle). Also, his Sword is at D rank while Tomes are still at E, so he'll probably eat that Tonic on the first turn then come charging at me or something.

Oddly enough, most of his party mirrors mine, except at lower levels, with the exception of his Lv6 Valke (mine's Lv5). His other members are Lv5 Gaius (holding an item called Sweet Tincture... is that character specific?), Lv5 Virion, Lv4 Stahl, Lv4 Sumia, Lv4 Sully, Lv7 Miriel, and... Lv7 Chrom? My Chrom's at Level 11, so immediately that struck me as odd seeing as how Chrom is mandatory in every story battle (not even the Avatar has that restriction). I've fought the two spectral teams, sure, but Chrom was able to sit both of those out. I also beat up some random Risen teams three times, but Chrom was only there for the second encounter of the three, when they surrounded the party at Arena Ferox. (Obnoxious spawn positions, by the way. Obnoxious to the max.) At first I just thought "maybe this kid's not as far as I am in the game or something", but then I saw his last party member... Lv10 Tharja.

Um, I'm sorry... what? Who the heck is Tharja? I've cleared 3 side missions and up to Chapter 8 in the main story, and I haven't seen heads or tails of this Tharja person. They're at Level 10 as well, so either you get them at a high level or this guy must have poured some Experience into her. She's a Dark Mage with Fire equipped as her main, though she also holds Elwind (presumably stolen from Ricken) and Dying Blaze, a Glass-type Tome with an impressive 10 Might. Regardless, I find it a bit odd that most of his early recruits and main party is somewhat underleveled, especially when it's evident that he's at a further point in the game than I am. It can't be due to different difficulties, either; higher difficulty settings give out more Experience due to the higher Level enemies, and I've heard that grinding is nearly mandatory in Lunatic to simply progress without getting your ass completely ripped apart.

Whatever, I'll just beat up this loser with Donnel and get my first non-ethereal outsider recruit. Sweet.
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--- Quote from: "SmashBroPlusB" ---[9:07 PM] Deviddo: FUCK YEAH NOWI
[9:07 PM] Deviddo: Not that I l-like her or anything, i-idiot!
[9:35:59 PM] Smash Maniac: I still want Marth :I
[9:35:59 PM] Smash Maniac: but Nowi is overpowered as fuck and she's also cute so

[9:11 PM] Deviddo: Also he calls the avatar "Avatar" instead of Robin. I approve.
[9:36:21 PM] Smash Maniac: for the most part I call him Calem since that's what I named him
[9:36:21 PM] Smash Maniac: unless talking about the Avatar character in general

[9:37:13 PM] Deviddo: You don't want Marth
[9:37:34 PM] Smash Maniac: yes
[9:37:37 PM] Smash Maniac: yes I do want Marth
[9:37:45 PM] Deviddo: Oh.
[9:37:49 PM] Deviddo: Hard to argue with that.

[9:38:53 PM] Smash Maniac: oh wow
[9:38:58 PM] Smash Maniac: this scrublord actually killed someone
[9:39:05 PM] Smash Maniac: enemy Tharja got a crit Elwind on Gaius

[9:39:43 PM] Smash Maniac: oh lol I forgot he was paired
[9:39:43 PM] Smash Maniac: I can just revenge strike with Miriel

[9:42:01 PM] Smash Maniac: lol Cordelia
[9:42:21 PM] Smash Maniac: "I just finished my copy of 'Make Him Fall For You in a Fortnight'. So embarassing..."
[9:42:27 PM] Smash Maniac: Gained 22 EXP!
[9:43:20 PM] Smash Maniac: oh wow this kid
[9:43:25 PM] Smash Maniac: he actually thought he was super good or something
[9:43:52 PM] Smash Maniac:

Essit / Supreme Tactician
Home - Minnesota
Identity - God
Values - Attack
Difficulty - (Hidden)


[9:43:55 PM] Smash Maniac: what a puss

so long story short Crunchy is a winner and I got my first non-ethereal outsider recruit

just like I said I would
--- End quote ---

Hallan Parva:
And now for something completely different.

I'll write up another mega update later, but for now I have this burning question...

What the hell is Donnel doing? Maybe it's the power of the Forge working its magic, maybe it's just me overgrinding him, but... he now outperforms Lon'qu in terms of raw damage and has a nice crit rate with his "Iron Donnel" to boot (though Lon'qu is still unstoppable when paired up, especially with his signature Killing Edge). Also, I was expecting to pop a Second Seal on Donnel when he hit Lv20 and his Experience gauge turned to MAX, but... he kept getting Experience? I'm looking at his screen right now, and it says Donnel's at Lv20 with 16 EXP, though when Miriel and Ricken hit Lv20 their EXP showed up as a dash (--) in the summary screen.

What's up with Donnel's sudden surge in stats and critical hits, and why can he grow higher than Level 20?

Donnel is the Villager Class, a special class.  Like most special classes within the game, he gets to level 30 before class changing.


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