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MM8BDM Discussion / Updates break shit fucking epic amirite Amigos!!!
« on: March 12, 2023, 01:25:19 AM »
THIS IS SO f****ING HYPE I'm wetting my pants. OMG V6B WOOOOO. WOO!!!!!!

I expect things to be broken that's normal, but this borders on the absurd...

Real talk. Why are death pits broken? I'm not fucking updating 100+ maps for my shitty platforming map pack that like 4 people play in 2023 because the death pits are now broken. Cool Thanks for nothing. Atleast it's not a fucking texture rename like back in v3.
I'm not just pissed because my mod is broken. I'm pissed because well, frankly there's all this bullshit about making things better for the modders.... for the last couple of vanilla/core updates... yet PVE/Co-Op mods still have annoying bugs. I'm sure a few others can attest to that. But it doesn't matter all that matters is that vanilla is cool for a week before classes takes over again and nobody plays it again other than for nostalgiessss xd.

10/10 Would skill issue death pits again.  and no... I don't give a rats ass to get this fixed when it works fine in V6a so I'll stick to that.

- I had to log into my old e-mail just to post this. lol xd.

Also don't bother responding it's a Lobsters post afterall.

Fucking christ.

V6B more like V6smellslikePEE


Events / People still do snide remarks in the header it's 2016 lol :P
« on: April 26, 2016, 10:13:50 PM »
These lists should help out thanks for the replies. I'd personally advocate for an "official" banlist. SKULL BARRIER HERE I HYPOTHETICALLY GO! Until then GL HF still not 100% sure if I'm entering.

Events / Re: Cutstuff CTF Competition 2: That's My Horse!
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:23:36 PM »
Quote from: "Rozark Kyouko"
Quote from: "Lobsters"
Skull Barrier

Are you insane

Am I? Maybe I should add in Time Stopper via an enter script so everybody starts with it?  :lol:

Silly crud aside.

The old banlist seems pretty reasonable. Should we have a discussion about any other additional weapons? Since, ya know the last comp was pre v3 I think. The maps are going to be judged by the community, how about we adjust and apply the ban list as a community? Might as well call it now that this will be a disaster /hopefully an actual civil discussion *ahem*

EDIT :02
Let's see if I can remember this correctly.
V3/MM8 added:

- Ice Wave
- Thunder Claw
- Flash Bomb
- Tornado Hold
- Water Balloon
- Flame Sword
- Astro Crush
- Homing Sniper
- Mega Ball

- Laser Buster upgrade
-Arrow Buster upgrade
- Duo Fist upgrade...
- I think Reggae? Might be v4 blagh

- Tengu Blade
- Copy Vision
- Spread Drill
- Ice Wall
- Wave Burner
- Remote Mine
- Lightning Bolt?
- Magic Card
 I think that's it.

Items: Treble Boost
I think that's it. Could be missing something... it's been awhiiilleeeee ok!! D :

Now speaking of a ban list

How about some I guess... modern(?) examples.


I'm not too certain if it would be more of a weapon issue or map design issue. It would be a good defensive weapon for blocking off hallways. The fact it can just be pushed around could make some areas too much of a stronghold/chokepoint and restrict the game's pacing. It's also a good way to maneuver around the map with Ice wall riding/using it as a step stool.

Conclusion: Iffy

Lightning Bolt:  
Big AOE death everywhere etc etc. blah blah blah blah blah. It's been awhile but it did something like that right?
Conclusion: Ban it

Events / Re: Cutstuff CTF Competition 2: That's My Horse!
« on: April 26, 2016, 07:29:10 PM »
I'm curious about something. If I were to make a map hypothetically speaking, could I insert skull barrier into it? The guidelines do not say anything specifically about weapons. Skull Barrier sounds like a grand ol' time, eh? What weapons, items and, potential map gimmicks would be no-nos? Or, is it really just do whatever make sure it's symmetrical and we're good for entry?

W.I.P Forum / Ragestacle Course -The prequel
« on: August 07, 2015, 12:01:48 AM »
How am I not banned yet? I try so harrrddddd.

I apologize if this topic is in the wrong section. I figured well the project is in progress and I have proof of progress uhhh.

Ragestacle Course is the prequel to [L]obstacle Course. Now you might be wondering why does the prequel have a topic dedicated to it and not the original? The original's lore and general gameplay is very confusing and downright cryptic. We are here to remedy that. That's a very distinct way of saying people suck super bad at OC and spew insults for being garbage at it (on even the easy REALLY EASY DEATH PIT ABSENT pushover maps). 2 years and the dark age continues. Hopefully with rage we can make the shoddy platforming texture soup a better and brighter place. That still doesn't answer why OC doesn't have a topic to it does it? Marketing Budget. There's your answer.

We are not entirely softening the gameplay with ragestacle. The first maps will be more challenging compared to OC's early maps.  I reckon by RAGE020 things will get silly, NOT walrus platforms in a swamp jungle thing silly, but RAILS over lava pits with no chexpoints silly.

Here's a few quick answers to some questions.
Q: Will umm,, that cactus sailor girl be in RC?
A: Only in 1 map for a cameo otherwise no.

Q: Will demoneyes and space couches be in RC?
A: No.

Q:Will you be putting in more NSFW content in RC?
A: Sadly no.

Q: Are you adding a timer and leaderboard for who places first/second/third/fourth/fifth?
A: No, we might add in a text blurp that shows who made it to the end first for x amount of seconds other than that no.

Q: Are you accepting maps? I always wanted to make an OC-style map just to make you quiver with rage Lobs-chan!!! ^_^PS. I-I--I-I Less than 3 you!!!
A:......... Yes I/we/the team are looking for maps there are some guidelines. Be warned just because you applied for a map slot does not mean your map will make it in.

Q: Hey Lobs I see you sorta added and then de-added your Original character can I add mine to my RC map application thing bruh?
A: No way bruh.

Q: If my map gets rejected can I resubmit it if I provide alterations to make the map more suitable?
A: Possibly depending on the changes.

Q: What if my map totally gets rejected can I apply again for a different map.
A: Depends on if we'll deem it worthy of our time. It sounds harsh but if you aren't up to the standards and we have no faith in well that's it simply. Sorry I guess?

Q: Can I edit a map from OC and send it to you!?
A: No insta-rejection.

Q: Lobs your english skills are absolutely shit.
A: Thank you for the kind words!

Guidelines: We all know OC has done some seriously silly bullshit. This time around we'll try to even out the quality I admit most of my maps for OC are totally garbage it's not creators remorse they were simply experimental rushed turds.

How not to make a Ragestacle Stage:
-Do not orientate a map around requiring SR50 to complete. SR40 is fine and pretty much expected.
-Invisible spikes in very very dark areas.
-Filled with textures that disturb the eyes. Gyro Man style skybox, Air tiles etc.
-"Creepypasta" style maps. Horror maps sure if done right. Creepypasta no. Oh and by horror I don't mean possessed animatronics or a faceless ghost man thing who shops for suits at the big and tall store.
- Littering a map with 5+ checkpoints. Either it's too hard or it's too long or option C the checkpoints aren't necessary. Teleporting from falling off a pit or whatever is ok.  
- Focusing on aesthetics vs how the actual platforms and map play out. There is a time and place to doll up your map. Focus on how it plays first and address any issues if need be.
-Splitting up objectives/triggers. It's not a total no-no if it's your first RC application map though focus on the simpler stuff.
- Super duper gimmick zone. Wavebikes on rails in high gravity is instant no.  Changing winds and gravity values often x amount of seconds. I'll personally be more hesitant to these type of maps they have to have a good design otherwise it's just waiting until it cycles.
- Keep in mind this is meant to be played on a server so if things break online... hope there's a fix for it otherwise no.
- NO MEMES. DANKRITOS 420 blaze it noscope airhorn guile's theme mixed with space jam the remix IN SPACE FRANKERZ. You get the point.
- Remaking a mm8bdm core stage into an RC stage. Instant NO.
- Remaking a megaman stage into an RC stage. So you want to try and make Sword man's stage huh? Pretty sure there's some project covered in the corpses of abandoned projects somewhere for that.
- NO 1-time only shortcuts. No weird obscure hidden shortcut period.
-Treble Boost, Rush Jet, Item-1, Wire, Beat helping you out of a pit version, Item-2, Rush Coil are pretty much banned. You'd really have to impress me with implementing these in a way that's fun. I'm sure there's other things I'm forgetting that are banned too.  

Just try to be reasonable. DO not try to go essentially make a x20 harder map than the hardest maps of OC. There might be 1 or 2 people who want that and it certainly isn't me.

I'm personally expecting to get a bunch of mock submissions as some twisted revenge based on experiences from Obstacle Course. Map submission person X It's too hard add a checkpoint!!!

Keep this in mind I am trying to make the maps more presentable there might be a few things you may not enjoy aesthetically whatever RC/OC has always been about 1)Rage being mandatory. 2)Jumping around instead of acs nonsense totally changing how the map behaves. 3) Being playable vs looking pretty.

If you didn't enjoy OC period. This is not for you. I'm not trying to make this for everyone. And lastly I do not want any questions about Obstacle Course! This is about Ragestacle Course.

Ok so here's the dev team thus far. I'm not on cutstuff that often but if these guys bug me on skype to update the topic I'll get right on it. Also feel free to pm them. I asked them in advance and they're ok with it.
(click to show/hide)

So you want to make an RC map here's some tips.
- The highest you can jump is roughly I don't know the exact 72 units in normal gravity. We use maximum jump heights of 64 to keep things smooth and consistent.
- The furthest you can jump without it being super tight is approx 128-192 unit range.
- Playtest the crap out of your map. Make sure you can perform your jumps easily and quickly.
-Map codes will be RAGE###. We're not sure for "Secret maps" yet. RAGEX##?

- RAGE000- Taken by Badz [10%]
- RAGE001 -Taken by Lobsters [Complete]
- RAGE002 -Taken by Lobsters [80%]
- RAGE003 -Taken by Lobsters [10%]
  RAGE004+ onwards are open as well.

I'm sorry for the formatting that is going to implode.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Well this is going to be a bit weird. This isn't an official release it's a demo of a rage002. Yes the skybox has weird streaks intentional ARTSY FLAIR. I hope this sets up a guideline of what I expect.

I know I don't play the game online often, nor post on the forums ever. So I feel like a fish out of water here. (So whatever I'm trying to say may not come across clearly.) That aside, I get disappointed when I do play and maps I used to know and enjoy are either edited with some unneeded additions or outright ripped out and replaced. Maybe I'm being nostalgic the older maps of the days from V1D (when I started playing roughly two weeks before V2A arrived) and V2C are replaced with rather uninteresting eh, replacements. I find the older maps from V1D~ V2C and whatever maps weren't utterly replaced in V3 and V4 eras. To be more enjoyable than some of the maps from V3 and V4. It's sad seeing some of the older and honestly mostly smaller maps getting ousted for some big flat wasteland of snooze. Everytime, I play current MM3GEM I just don't get why the other areas. I barely play any "PvP" anymore because wads hosted are not my type. That's a different discussion for another time and place. I might not have adapted to 2 year old changes and simply have to suck it up.

Anywho about Spark and Drill man. I'd say those maps are classics and even better they work for what they are. Although they did receive some edits over the years the core of (maybe not so much for drill depending on how much you value the teleporter.) these maps remained generally the same and added no gimmicks or pointless new side areas. It's amazing they stayed true to what they were. I fear gimmicks would break that. It's bad enough there's already gimmicky maps that are just no fun. Gyro well gyro has the blinding as fuck skybox, the awkwardly bad 3D floor platforming on the outskirts 3D floors for the sake of 3D floors. The map has no interesting central focus area of conflict if you can even see without marching off an edge. The main killer on the outskirts are stupid pits. Mancannons/fans are pretty much catering to a stalling run away playstyle that drags out the match even more. Map is HUGE. Give me some hitscan please Gyro can be semi-fun with a sniping weapon mod.

 Wave.... nothing like riding my hog through the waves just for my target to do the same and end up on the otherside. A match on wave in my experiences pretty much ended up like a Scooby Doo cartoon sequence involving a hallway with doors. WHERE'D HE GO SCOOB!? To be fair old wave was rather unpleasant at best. Drill's fine as is. I'm not unopposed to change. I'm ok with spark just a slight peeve against the pit area being not worth going into and rough to navigate vs the smoother surface. Just don't do edits for the sake of edits it doesn't really help and that's how the last few updates came across to me.

If anything had to change in a map it SHOULD be adjustments to the flow and how you maintain your speed especially around doing some stairs/"platforming." Maybe I've been playing better FPS games compared to mm8bdm but when I do come back to mm8bdm... maps come across as uninteresting and lacking a good flow to maneuver around in. I do not like gimmicks that break up the match and are centralized as the concept of the map especially when badly executed. WAVE BIKES (It's an easy target, and hasn't been executed where it's fun in a pvp map.) I just want a map where it's fun to maneuver around in. Hell, as far as I'm concerned a map can look like texture soup as long as it has a good flow, nice variations in terrain not just all parking lots or HUGE stretches of flat ground. Too many newer maps are guilty of big flat stretches of dull (More on that later). Jumps/"MM8BDM Staircases" slow you down much and leave you a sitting duck at times. Jumping up stairs is really obnoxious. It has improved over the years with stairs you run over similar to doom. It's just weird that stairs in wide open areas become a choke point. It'd be nice if the platforming aspects were also utilized better as an alternative to get across. EX: In mm6kni in the main hall (Room with rain flush and two stairways with.. balconies?) You jump from the corner pillar to rain flush to the pillar on the opposite balcony. Cuts travel time considerably with some skill required.

 I know in the past how much I expressed my love for this one feature of a certain CTF map (LOL CTF).  
(click to show/hide)

I'm not sure if I should express this but, along with maps becoming centralized on gimmicks they are also overly focused on aesthetics. Sure it looks pretty but it's got no soul. I see core/vanilla mm8bdm as sort of a guideline or standard. Sure community mappacks may not reach the "standard" and that's alright gotta start somewhere. However they've reached the "standard" and have really become focused on looking pretty and having shitty layouts with huge empty spaces.   Gimmicks can be fun for some people I guess. Maybe I'm just salty it doesn't cater to me, maybe I'm frustrated that some maps get completely replaced instead of having their flaws addressed. Maybe I'm behind the times. Maybe I'm not an active part of the conversation. I still have fun on something frustratingly bumpy like napalm vs cold, museum, magic, clown, mega water, wily tower maps. Hell old school V2 spring man is more interesting than some of these new maps and we all know how the BOMB THAT MAP WAS. No not really I take back the V2 Spring man statement. Current Spring man is a gimmicky map that I find for the most part enjoyable. Good work whoever made that.


Events / Re: The Lobstacle Challenge Tournament
« on: March 06, 2015, 01:46:59 AM »
WARNING LOBS POST PLS IGNORE. Damn I never post here. Anywho.

Well this is interesting. I'm NOT joining 1) Because I'm rusty as poop. 2) I'm meant to be in E-Hell filled with false angst. 3) Well everybody would brag about beating me.

Anyways: I hate to say but due to heavily experimental half-assery in OC  generally, for a proper PVP Halo Combat Evolved Race mode experience some maps outright should be banned. Here are the maps that stick out to me the most.

It can be debated OC01: Here's why there's semi-obnoxious backtracking you have to do to even complete the map. Since both the "Easy and hard paths" Both have to be completed. It's just a matter if you want to route a way to complete it fast. I'd suggest doing the hard segments first but who knows it could be faster doing easy first. Tutorial however IS very race capable since it has a smaller amount of the "Co-op" switches unlike OC01. It's just a matter if you want to ban scorch wheel in Tutorial really. TUTORIAL IS FASTER WITH SCORCH WHEEL. (Crusher section jump on the seal walk through mid-texture)

OC02: Depends if shortcut is allowed or not. Also Erecting a bonder. The maze segment is another part that makes it iffy really just find 2 pink or blue switches. Not sure which one is faster.

OC06: CAN BE Race capable if you try to pacifist run don't quite remember if you can make it at the end in pacifist mode or not. Also space couch anthem isn't removed just hit behind spawn with +use now lawl. If you can no longer pacifist run then ban it simply. It takes 20 minutes to do it even with 2 people killing the space couches. IF Pacifism is possible then sure. If not then ban.
By Pacifism: I mean the monsters are not yet triggered they just stand there. If you attack them you'll totally botch the whole thing.

OC07: I'd suggest only allowing one path. Either the hard way or easy way other than that it's pretty much doable.

OC09: Is it just saku only or all 3 (Sakugarne, Mega Ball, Tornado Hold)? It's another variable scenario.

OC10: It's only because it's so long. My fastest time IIRC was 6:19 or something like that. That was in 2013 still. That's my only reason to ban it. It's quite a simple map with some trolly segments for the sake of Rage Quitting. Not as bad as the later maps.

OC14: PLease no, Nobody should race this map period. The space couches get in the way even if you bypass them will get in the way eventually and that door switch timing is incredibly tight.

OC16: Monster map and a boss fight that takes eons so yeah instaban.

OC17: Eh, Devil eye time trial works but spawn points kinda fuck up routing a little bit.

OC18: Normally I'd rant about this map is just a secret fest, ironically it would be interesting to see it as a race map since it's so short.

OC21: I'm just iffy on this map in a time trial scenario.


OC24: Ugh, It's just horrid. Getting all 7 switches fall you die. Same thing goes for OC24 Z. I can't remember if the water is less damaging in either one.

OC27: If I was racing I'd campaign to get this map banned. It's a preference thing. Then again if OC10 is allowed this should be as well... ahahahahahahahahaha right?

OC28 and OC28Z: HELL NO even with the troll path behind the spawn.

OC29: Ughhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ What was this map again? OH YEAH SLOPE OF DEATH. Honestly I'd let this go, it's too much. 1x1 platforms, Momentum jumps. It depends on how hardcore you want to contest to go. I don't really believe anyone would defend Blossoms from getting banned.

OC30: I only say this because of the turrets getting in the way and trolling. OC17 is very doable and fun to race. OC30 just a slog fest of getting launched backwards over and over and blasting shit in the way.  

OC32: I think everyone would universally agree with me this, OC32 IS not a racing map. Backtracking, remembering a silly order of events. Takes usually 4-5 minutes to do.

OC33: It's really short. Up to you.

OC34: Well I just have a comment that since the map runs on a timer for the 3d floor platforms. It's race ok. Just be optimized. Even though it's not that hard to optimize at all.

OC35: Footrace 4 the worst footrace. I can just imagine someone getting salty over losing to the turboman tire segment.

OC37: Aside from the gravity shtick being annoying and THAT ONE STUPPPPIDDD JUMP. Totally doable.

OC38: Unlike 32 this is a doable yet very boring version of it. It's just a boring, uninspired (and that's saying a lot for OC) Fetch quest. Kinda fun to race in servers too.

OC39: 1) Ping 2) Hell Slope 3) Ice wall. As cool as the map is (pun not intended) I never found a consistent enough way to do the hell slope. It's a horrid map in an online scenario and I've completed OC09: Girls with 180 ping. Ice wally cream man I can barely do with even 80 Ping.

OC40: NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.

OC42: It's boring but doable. Wink

OC43: For the arguably second hardest map in OC, next to the hilariously stupid Javier Race. I'd say for how much of a masterpiece it is of rectangles and texture soup and recolored texture soup. For the sanity ban this map.

Now secret maps.

OCEX01: Everybody participating should know how to do misery by now. Also I need to fix OC04's secret exit GOOD WORK ME. Then again Rcon exists.

OCEX02: Decimal is very race capable if you have the "skill" for it.

OCEX03: Very race capable since it's a backwards redo of my favorite oc map: OC04.

OCEX04: Dodge the quickbeams and laser busters and gemini lasers ahahahahahaha NO.

OCEX05: As much as everybody from what I know adores the ever living shit out of this map, It's too rng. Nothing like getting meteor'd on the second to last jump.

OCEX06: No comment. OC23 is great map to race. EX06 Not that much different except doing rails first instead of last.

OCEX07: The firetrap segment makes me nervous but I see no definite reason not to allow this map

OCEX08: Doors take 2 minutes to open. Yeah. PASS


I think that's all of them. Also OC10's questions are different now but the pattern is still the same. I don't remember it myself. Back to being dead.

TL;DR lobs was here what an asshole. Good luck and pray Noxium doesn't join or else you lose. Unless it's Decimal.

TL;DR 2 Maps I approve without a doubt: Tutorial, OC00, OC01, OC02, OC03, OC04, OC05, OC07, OC08, OC09, OC11, OC12, OC13, OC15, OC17, OC18, OC19, OC20, OC23, OC25, OC26, OC31, OC33, OC34, OC36, OC37, OC38, OC42, OCEX01, EX02, EX03, EX06.

Also is SR50 allowed? I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use SR50. Just curious really. Inb4 "U O-LEE WUN CUZ U DID DA ESSS ARRR FITTY"

- Lobsters

I guess since Fire Man is taken by ("someone outside of the team") and the only map I'd personally want to do. I guess I can take Bomb Man's (Give him a super jump) map. Since it's mostly platforming and that's arguebly what I excel at. OC haters be damned.

Note: other things I excel at:

-Texture Soup

-Making Squares

Blah blah no rails no "fun" Shoutouts to my homie Toastman stuff. I got it.

EDIT: I RQ GG Well Played. Add me on XBL

MM8BDM Discussion / Go Away Lobs
« on: May 18, 2014, 08:07:08 AM »
What my post subject says.

The new weapon pickup icons... Why they do not match with the sprites of the actual attacks? Can we get the old pickup sprites back? Well Leaf is ok. Power Stone looks a like a turd nugget instead of the Cocoa Puff we all know and love. Atomic Fire looks off. Fire Storm is too detailed. Crash Bomb(er) looks really weird. Quick Boomerang looks like a laser fired from some railgun from a contra type game. Rolling Cutter looks like a robotic leg that is bending at the knee. Air just looks bad. Please revert : (

I honestly don't care for the campaign(s).

For the skins, I like Cold Man and Dynamo the best. Magic Man's skin looks weird from some angles I understand that he's a lanky bastard so it could be difficult to add umm "depth?" from the side. The other skins I'm meh about.  

 Thunder Bolt: I'd say it's pretty damn effective for a power weapon as a power weapon should. It's a little bit odd to get the spacing for the bolts (at a distance) but once you line it up death from above and to all.
Spread Drill: I need to put some time into figuring out the proper way to utilize this weapon. It's extremely awkward to use and feels unrewarding if you do manage a hit. Almost like a clumsier gyro guts hybird? Gasping at straws here. IT SPLITS OK : (

Copy Vision: A really cool weapon. Atleast it doesn't kill you the user like ahem TREBLE! R.I.P. Old friendly Treble Sentry from 3 years ago. It's neat that you can use this weapon while using something else. It's pretty radical that it shoots at what you are aiming. Potential Anti-Air Flak Cannon shenanigans much? My only suggestion/complaint would be add an icon or some indication of when the hologram is active.

Remote Mine : Definately requires some practice to use this weapon in an effective manner. I know it's the Doom Engine and all I just wish it was more responsive as say... Half-Life's Rocket Launcher. Still an impressive feat that it works.  

Tengu Blade: If I'm not mistaken the projectile is a 4 hit kill. It's got a good fire rate nice chuck of ammo to spare. The dash attack really makes this weapon stand out as you can actually do different things other than the more primitive and one-dimensional weapons from the older games. Yet feels like it might be a tad overpowered? The slash and projectile hitting at once... Eghhh. Time will tell I suppose.

Ice Wall: It's great and all just needs to be a tad bit easier to mount. Centaur Men riding ice cubes. I could be wrong since I haven't played MM&B in ages I swear you could get the Ice Wall to move by shooting it with your buster. That'd probably be a major pain in the ass to implement.

Wave Burner :  From the limited time I had with this weapon... It feels really weak that you need to waste nearly all of your ammo to get a kill. CoughGreenFlamesCough WheezeIacknowledgeitisnothappeningWheeze

Magic Card :  It's just a boomerang that shoots through certain walls on certain maps.  

Treble Boost Flying capabilities have always been annoying  to deal with especially on stages with extreme floor-ceiling heights.  *Gives a death stare to the various MM8BDM Classes mods*    This weapon is just boring a crappy air shooter with buster shots. What are you going to do? Shotgunner Jetpack Man? The ability to fly away to any platform you want is going to be your main use. Well it'll be banned from duel most likely r.i.p. VTOL stalling. It feels like a shoe-horned buster adapter. V2 added Super Adapter. V3 Added Duo Fist, Laser and Arrow Busters. Buster Adaptors all up in here. IF V5 is MM9, inevitable Fake Man Buster Adaptor. Wily Dinosaur Egg Buster (Please make this a real thing.) IF MMV Expansion Mega Hard Knuckle Magic Card Buster Adaptor/Mega Arm. MM10.... WAIT it can't be... I can't think of a buster adaptor... Roboenza Cure Cannon?  

MMBMUS LOL MUSMUS The Intro Stage. Well it's the first game to get the intro stage implemented in an expansion.  Now for the map itself. I dig the Exterior. As for the rest of the map well it has a nice flow and allows you to keep your speed casting that aside, it's bland inside, just flat rectangle after flat rectangle. I do like however that the Fire Man region is pretty mild it's just a catwalk over lava instead of insert random lava platforming hell/gimmick. It's very contradiction sounding I know. There's pits but they are out of the way.

Toad Man area I expected an obnoxious wind gimmick thankfully that did not happen. Although the geometry is just flat out boring and unexciting with its really meh jumps. It gives off a mapper's first map vibe from that area. Needs more jumping off 3d/rail midtextures over death pits. Being sarcastic there. OC Style RAILS is too obnoxious for PVP maps. Spice it up a little in future updates AND STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MAKING IT A WIND GIMMICK ZONE.

The Blizzard Man sub area is a total killjoy. It has some of the WORST SPAWNS I've encountered in THE CORE.  2 steps away from the edge leading into a pit... yeah it's atrocious. Place the spawns in that area with your back against a wall (Ironic example think of MM6BLI's spawns especially the ones with your back against the wall)  It [Sub/Blizzard Man area] feels incredibly tight and restrictive. Also the ladders when leaving that zone just should be stairs or slopes to keep the flow.   The whole map you can generally breeze and run around but once you go there it's caution city and feels sufficating on how restricted your movement becomes.

Overall: 4.5/10

MMBTEN: Tengu Man B

I like this map. Seeing those repairmen thing robots in the background just makes me want to rage. There is 1 issue I have for the map......
(click to show/hide)
Other than that I enjoy this map... The textures are bland but they were bland in the original game sooo...... yeah. Atleast there's a fun dm stage out of one the most boring megaman levels I ever played. Also the stage really feels fitting when you compare it with MM8TEN. Both have a nice set of Inside/Outside areas. They feel like they go together hand in hand.

Overall: 8/10

MMBAST: Astro Man B

This stage feels like it's missing something. I'm generally not a fan of a map having two buster adaptors. Treble Boost I see it being the only way to get G. Hold.... which is kinda absurd in a way. Of course if you are tempted to camping the G. Hold Pickup spot you can get shot at. That doesn't rule out that you can simply lawl fly away.  I dunno I hate playing theory shooter.  This map also has a very unorthodox layout. There are quite a bit of magic cardable walls. Especially the windows viewing the outside areas. No Hard Knuckle for you! The W-Tank on platforms  next to the G Hold comes off as a TERRIBAD choice. I don't understand the point of some walls you can magic card shoot through but there's nothing it can hit on the other side. Custom Robo Trap Gun Shenanigans? It's just missing something to tie it together. Anywho next map.

Overall: 4/10

MMBDYN: Dynamo Man
This Stage had to grow on me a little. I  enjoy the conveyor thing going on here. I love the jump for Treble Boost although I wish it was something else since low-ceilings kinda null the point of flying and dodging shenaners. Well I guess you COULD Shotgun with it but who does that? I mean while I've been on typing this all this discussion over Treble boost going on... LOL AHAHA it's hilarious on both ends. Inb4 SJAS style approach to Treble Boosting I guess. Actually that sounds pretty damn obnoxious given how SJAS Players can be...  Anyways back to DYNAMO MAN. My problems with this map are it sadly all LOOKS THE SAME texture wise and because of that the layout is a bit of a pain to figure out. The Pink Contrasing textures are a bit hard on the eyes at first. The middle of the conveyor pit (Atomic Fire is next to it) is easy to jump into when going in from the ledges.  Atomic Fire's raised little floor blends in with the conveyor.. Recolor that warning ledge texture with pink to keep in line with the pink contrast textures? I love the way you get to Lightning Bolt really creative. It's actually pretty hidden too. I had to do a double take.

Overall: 7/10 Would give higher but it all looks the same :

MMBPIR: Pirate Man Yaaargh

I for the most part wish this stage was split in half. The cave segments above water are boring and quite forgettable. Outside the above water cave areas I really enjoy the map. I wish you could jump out of the water without having  to run to ladders or using the silly bubbles.

With Above Water Cave Areas: 5/10

Without above water Cave Areas : 7/10


I don't understand why Arrow Buster is so easy to get.  Yet you have to plant Ice Walls to reach Big Health Pellets. What the hell is with this expansion and doing silly things for big health pellets? Biggest Offender is yet to come. Well the Ice Shooters that skiing robot guy in the background and all that jazz is nice. This map is boring and forgettable for the most part. HOWEVER ADD MORE SLIPPERY SLOPEZ. I can't get enough slippery slopes. I almost want to play a certain horribad mm8bdm jumpmaze wannabe wad because of slippery slopes.  Oh and I love this.
(click to show/hide)

Overall: 3/10 Cool Decorate Shizz and fun slopes other than that map is generic.

MMBGRO: GroundMan


Ok besides Lightning Bolt being laughable in how simple it is to be obtainable. It's criminal how easy it is. Strafe Jump whoop de doo. The sand friction is not as frustrating as Pharaoh Man's Exterior nor as slow. Since it isn't a long trek if you fall off back to normal ground. The textures are amazing the pallete given to the textures is so fitting and ties with the original so well. The jumps my god the jumps. Jumping onto and off pillars is awesome. The stairs my god the stairs.
(click to show/hide)
Jumping up "Stairs" has always been one of my pet peeves with MM8BDM. Oh and as someone said too lazy to fish through posts. Replace Lightning Bolt's location with Sakugarne. Also how the piss do you get Saku in its current location anyways?

Overall 9/10

Oh god... Burnerman


(click to show/hide)
The ladder textures are hideous though but Burner Man's Ladders from the actual game were hideous. Aside from that I have no problems with this except fire lag... It's pretty good.   Thankfully the spears coming out the wall are non-existant in this version or requiring Skull to run across spike pits. The demo version from so long ago.... I probably shouldn't have brought that up.

Overall: 7/10

MMBMAG: Magic Man

Ok... first obvious thing this map is easily a contender for top 3 largest MM8BDM CORE Maps. For that reason and many others I abhor it. Ok it's huge. IT'S HUGE. It's big-boned.  The train rails you fall through. : ( You have to use a boring Item-2 to ride to M-Tank Power Weapons etc.  It's not my kind of map. Magic Card shooting through nearly everything. Not saying other weapons are useless but why not start out with Magic Card instead of a buster... really. It's just not my kind of fun. Gimmick Wonderland! Fuck that. It's not as obnoxious as that one CTF map with all the gimmicks that change with the timer ughgashgahgashg.

Rating 1/10

MMBKIN: This map is pretty solid not much to say about it other than make Lightning Bolt not so easily obtainable.

Overall 7/10

MMBDW1: Reclaimed King Fortress more like Team Soup killed Team Meatloaf.

OVERALL 10/10. LOBBY APPROVES I can't believe this map is in the core. It's like the abortion survivor lovechild of MM7BUR (V3B-Present) and MM1DW2 with MMB Textures. The layout is a masterpiece except the water areas screw them. The fact that this mismatch texture soup exists in a core map just blows my mind. Can I join the team?  I can make some sexy texture meatloaf. It's so terribad it becomes excellgood? Terragood? Amazigreat? I don't care... just how in the hell did this happen? It's a loveletter to my soul man.
(click to show/hide)

MMWTBRG?: Bustah Rod G.

I really have nothing to say about this map. It works but it doesn't "wow" me.
Rating 5/10

MMWTMWS: Mega Water S.

This stage introduces Rush Marine well Hardman no matter how absurd you look with RM, it became a thing. Rejoice Hard Men REJOICE. I haven't played this map with people other than cyberdemon spamming through the campaign. It's quite big. It's new... It's actually interesting. Yet I'm scared of taking it "seriously." Hitting players using Rush Marine or Oil Slider above water makes me cringe at the very thought. I wish there was more to do above ground. I can't rate this map until played it extensively not like anyone cares about my opionion anyways.

MMWTHSH: Hyper Storm H.

It's not as parkour freerun 4 life as Ground Man but it's pretty close. Aside from some weapons feeling like they might be "troll" pickups behind invisible walls and some slightly annoying one way areas. This map is great.

Overall 8/10

MMWTD1: Wily Tower 1

It's an over complicated mess. Boring underwater areas. Silly claw traps why isn't there any on the Super Arm pickup? There's some on rolling cutter.... Well there IS time stopper... but who is really going to try for that rush jet? The lava area is kinda annoying with how much you could have out there instead of this U bend. Forget about Lifts being super vulnerable and potentially leaping to your death for a big weapon/health pellet and the smaller pellets of the opposite type? WHAT IS WITH ALL THESE LARGE HEALTH PELLETS IN THESE SILLY SPOTS IN THIS EXPANSION? FOR REALS? I'd expect some power weapon or W/E/M Tank or a buster adaptor that I would probably perfer trusty ol' megabuster over.    

Rating 2/10

MMWTD2: Wily Tower 2.

That skybox scares me. The layout isn't actually that bad. It's just the textures and the palletes are just ugly. That mustard yellow with the dull grays/greys. No bueno. The weapon choices are meh. Hard Knuckle Psuedo-Death Trap easily avoidable.  The real death trap is shooting hard knuckle while on that floor.  It's not bad but it doesn't stand out.

Rating: 5/10

For the revamped/replaced maps.

I like the new changes to MM1CUT.
The new MM1FIR seems really unnecessary.
MM1BOM's new middle is a nice adjustment because who can really say they enjoyed bombman with its gaping pits?
The HEAT Man indifferent to it.

New Brightman is better than Battle of Darkness Donut  Hill. Honestly if Old bright didn't have that hole in the middle and different textures swapped to when it was became dark so you could see the sides of the floors like new bright and Bright Man remixed from CSCM. It would have been much better.

The new Side Route on skull man was much needed.

Wind Man I'm mixed on it. I like the side routes but the rest of the changes I dislike. Honestly if it was more like the Skull Man change just adding those side routes I'd be fine with it.

I just hope when the next core update things are less meh. I don't want to downplay the work the dev team members put in. I'm just given an overall "Meh" feeling to V4. V3 was no different. MM8BDM just seems to be going into a direction I could care less for. I'm slightly scared about the map sizes... because the smaller maps are getting randomly expanded on or just outright replaced. Overtime I feel a map like Clown Man will be the standard"Medium" size and Magic Man will become the norm for "Large Maps" #StopTheSmallMapGenocide #GiveSomeMapsADietPillORLiposuction

- Lobsters

MM8BDM Discussion / Not banned yet? For Shame
« on: May 17, 2014, 04:36:33 PM »

This inspires me to somehow get on the V5 team so I can create official/core texture meatloaf. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

(click to show/hide)

If I somehow got on the dev team this would happen.

RAILS EVERYWHERE JUMP ON RAILS TO GET TO WEAPON I scrubbly claim that is overpowered like... MEGABUSTER

Texture meatloaf has been defeated. By Team Soup.

So um silly question, some number of pages back there was mention of a "Map Compo" so um;,-,.p is there going to be one this time around? I could think of a few ideas of what it could be used for one.
I swear if somebody already suggested some of these. I will be a sad panda Lobster.

1) Fortress Stage Compooooooooo!!!!!!
   EX: Later cossack stages, MM5 wily, MM6 wily etc etc.

2) Bloods and Crips the rematch (Ctf compo 2)
   Capture the flag maps duh.

3) Style > Substance

  My personal favorite idea.
  Make the most gimmick-tastic and beautiful maps ever except have horrible HORRIBLE Layouts.

4) Substance > Style
     Basically the opposite of number 3. Maps that do not focus completely on visuals and put attention to actual gameplay.

5) Tutorial Map?

  Well seeing all this back and forth about Cutman being a tutorial map and all that.... why not make a map that's an actual tutorial goes over all the gimmicks? Sure it'd be a pain updating it from V# to V#.

*runs away*

Events / Re: "Original Burstman's" Funeral/Lobsters has gone crazy.
« on: August 13, 2013, 02:36:05 AM »
Well it's still closing at midnight. Thanks for those that came out and paid respects. It's not meant to be the actual map, it died. It's in a closed casket (Which isn't meant to be the size of the map itself). It's just a place to say farewell to old Burstman and I guess by extension the other "retired" maps. A place for grieving and ultimately moving on. If I didn't even do it properly/pay my respects correctly then Old Burstman's ghost may just pay me a visit.

EDIT: I closed it early. So yeah sweet dreams forever ol' Burstman.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8BDM V3b Released!
« on: August 13, 2013, 02:17:50 AM »
The whole funeral for old Burstman, It's not quite what you think it is. I know I'm in the minority. I'll come off as the "Vocal Minority" Unlike what people ASSUME I'm NOT TRYING TO get old Burstman back in, that'd be a slap to BB's/Mendez's face.  I love old Burstman, don't know exactly quite why I just do. I'll adapt to the V3B changes. I hate to admit it because it sounds so horrible no matter how I word it, the funeral is joke of sorts. It's not "LOBS IS SUPER SAD V2A-V3A ERA BURSTMAN NEEDS TO BE BACK IN THE CORE ASAP!!!!!!" Just a place (honestly made very poorly) to say farewell to a map I loved. It was my favorite map in the core. I'll just come off as "grieving" BB IS A MONSTER! *sniffle* It's not meant to be overly serious. Either I'm apparently good at acting or people take me too seriously.
The title of the server is intentionally misleading. >_>

Yet, openly calling me a whiner that's just not cool man. I thought you would be "bigger than that/more mature." I'll admit I've been immature on this website in prior posts. Cough Project R.A.W.R. Cough So I'm not some saint. Anyways enough of this drama.    

Horribly Copy-Pasted from a skype group I'm in. I butchered that time stamp woot!

I'm just going to host this til midnight.
[8:58:57 PM] Lobsters: After that no more funeral.
[8:58:59 PM] Lobsters: Time to move on.


R.I.P. old maps you'll be missed. May fun mishaps and what not continue on your newer counterparts.
Congrats to those that got voted into the "core." *golfer claps* Apologies if I caused trouble.

Events / "Original Burstman's" Funeral/Lobsters has gone crazy.
« on: August 12, 2013, 11:44:39 PM »
So basically come on down to the oh so misleading "OLD BURSTMAN DM" server. To pay your respects to the original Burstman Map.

Time from 6:40 EST to Midnight EST. (Or unless best ever nukes the servers before then)
[It already started after I posted this]

Please don't come in here to say it was such a bad map. This is for paying respect to the deceased. I know most of you hated it, but I loved it, it was my favorite. Sure you can say I have bad taste. I don't care this is about remembering all the fun times we had on Good Ol' Burstman. Here is some kind words a gentle soul said at his funeral  (Name removed because I don't want people hounding this person for saying such sweet words to Burstman)

(click to show/hide)

They say Burstman's "Death" was an accident but I know it was MURDER! *gets taken away to an asylum* Please join and pay your respects that is all I ask, even if you hate me. Think I suck. Think I'm mean/crazy/a major asshole. This isn't about me it's about Burstman  V2a-V3a Burstman. 2011-2013. You are in a better place now. We'll [probably just me honestly/I'll] Miss you.

- A Grieving Lobster

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8BDM V3b Released!
« on: August 12, 2013, 06:48:14 PM »
Quote from: "ThePlayer"
Media fire?
Since 3b doesn't add alot of anything to the weapons, I'll assume all mods should work.

Maps that use stock music from the fort stages (except for MM8 fortress tracks) will have the music broken. EX: W2MUS is now 1DW2MUS. Music is the only thing I know off the top of mah head. of that'll "break" mods. Cough No music playing COUGH

Quote from: "Beed28"
Ever since I managed to update, I noticed that the small text spacing has increased vertically. How do I fix this?

Yeah pretty much this. Before I updated from v3a to v3b the text was normal even in 1.1.1. Posting some photos to show this. These photos were taken while testing a wad for changes between v3a and v3b sorry not trying to advertise it. It's just when I happened to take the photos.... >_>

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Anyways if there is a way to tweak this, that'd be wonderful. If not, I'll just have to suck it up. R.I.P. Original Burstman

- Lobsters the only fan of Original Burstman CHANGEMUS TOPWHY.

Well back to tweaking things to get V3B'd Music tweaks ahoy! Again sorry for not using photos in the core/vanilla only.

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