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Busting all Yashichi in MM8BDM (V5D)

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So I've notice about "Yashichi" is actually an easter egg in this game! And I tried to find the most I could. So far I've got 91/112 Yashichi cleared, I'd appreciate if you could help me found some that I haven't find yet   ;)
Here are what I've not found: (Including Wily stages)
-Cut Man
-Fire Man
-Metal Man
-Shadow Man
-Pharaoh Man
-Wave Man
I found all
-Junk Man
-Slash Man
-Tengu Man
-Frost Man
-Wily Stage 1
-Tengu Man B
-Astro Man B
-Dynamo Man
-Wily Stage
-Hyper Stomp. H
-Tornado Man
-Plug Man
-Galaxy Man
-Wily Stage 1
-Wily Stage 3

Here's text locations for all the ones you're missing.
Ultimately, I'm not really surprised these ones were missed. Some of them are really, really tough!
(click to show/hide)-MM1---------------------------------------------
-Cut Man:
(click to show/hide)Look inside the machine by Air Shooter.-Fire Man:
(click to show/hide)It's in one of the Fire Trap tunnels by Ice Slasher.-MM2---------------------------------------------
-Metal Man:
(click to show/hide)It's hiding with the Presses over by Thunder Claw. You can see it from Magnet Missile.-MM3---------------------------------------------
-Shadow Man:
(click to show/hide)It's in one of the waterfall's grates between Leaf Shield and Fire Storm. Jump from Leaf Shield over to Fire Storm while looking to the right and you should see it.-MM4---------------------------------------------
-Pharaoh Man:
(click to show/hide)Near the teleporter inside the pyramid, on the right outside the gate, there's a Yashichi on the wall texture if you look down.-MM5---------------------------------------------
-Wave Man:
(click to show/hide)On the east side of the map near the Wave Bike tubes, dolphins occasionally pop out of the water. Every fourth time they come out in that spot, one of the dolphins will be a Yashichi.-MM7---------------------------------------------
-Junk Man:
(click to show/hide)There's a crack in the wall near the Big Health in the southern lava pool. Look down inside that crack to find it.-Slash Man:
(click to show/hide)On the east side of the map with the Slash Claw by the trees, it's in the tree in the north-eastern corner. Just look up, shouldn't be too hard to find.-MM8---------------------------------------------
-Tengu Man:
(click to show/hide)In the tunnel leading to Homing Sniper, jump into the Wily Sign on the left and look up.-Frost Man:
(click to show/hide)In the room with Ice Wave, it's in the window closest to the weapon. Jump and look down and you should see it.-MM8 Wily Stage 1:
(click to show/hide)It technically has one in the pillar by Power Stone, but you can't see it without noclipping. Woops.-MM&B--------------------------------------------
-Tengu Man B:
(click to show/hide)Use Tornado Hold on one of the platforms next to the weapon and it's in the top "ring" on the wall.-Astro Man B:
(click to show/hide)In the scrolling wall next to Astro Crush, the Yashichi will occasionally scroll by.-Dynamo Man:
(click to show/hide)On the west side of the map with the Fire Metools near the W Tank, jump past the fence into the pit and look to the right. It's in the top of the pink girders-MM&B Wily Stage:
(click to show/hide)This one's hard to explain, so here's an image.
-Hyper Storm H:
(click to show/hide)There's a circular grate in the ground between Proto Buster and Flame Blast. Look down in there, and you'll see it.-MM9---------------------------------------------
-Tornado Man:
(click to show/hide)No words.
-Plug Man:
(click to show/hide)One of the static screens by the Laser Trident in the lower level will occasionally display the Yashichi.-Galaxy Man:
(click to show/hide)In the skybox, there is a meteor with the Yashichi behind it. It will occasionally move up out from behind it. If you jump in the window near Wind Storm and look toward the Bunbi Catcher, it's pretty easy to spot.-MM9 Wily Stage 1:
(click to show/hide)One of the Magma Dragon's fiery pieces will have a Yashichi inside it every six times it appears.-MM9 Wily Stage 3:
(click to show/hide)I'm not sorry for this one.

What evil sorcery is the Tornado Man one. There's no way I'd be able to find that one. :shock:
Also I can't remember but do the CTF levels have Yashichis as well?

After finding 91 Yashichis I found 14 more by myself , which includes:
MM1:CutMan, FireMan
MM2: MetalMan
MM3: ShadowMan
MM7:JunkMan (took me 2 days)
MM8: TenguMan, FrostMan (WTH?!), Wily Stage 1 (Yes i noclip everywhere :p)
MM&B: TenguMan B, DynamoMan (How can I possibly missed this one?!), Wily Stage
MM Tww:  Hyper Stomp H (oof I'm Speechless)
MM9: Wily Stage 3 (noclipping hurts my eyes but I got it)
I missed out 7 more and here's my impression:
MM4: PharaohMan (Why?:cry: )
MM5: WaveMan (I gave up)
MM7: SlashMan (I suck that bad?!)
MM8: AstroMan B(WTF :shock: )
MM9: TornadoMan, PlugMan, GalaxyMan (WTF?! I thought this was gonna be easy ;-;)
Wily Stage 1 (I got so confuse but I found it eventually)

P/s: Thank you Korby for helping  :D and this challenge is pretty FUN! I love this game so much  :) :p
-Sorry for not putting the screenshots I've taken as a proof but trust me! I did found them ;)


--- Quote from: JamesVN on August 18, 2020, 04:04:39 PM ---GalaxyMan (WTF?! I thought this was gonna be easy ;-;)
--- End quote ---
Suffer for my amusement.
There was actually an issue at first where the other devs didn't think I put one in. I have a yash in every map I map now, so Water Works has one too. I don't know about the other CTF maps though


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