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Mega Man Deathmatch Music in MP3 form!


Hello guys! I have been an on-and-off Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch player for a few years now, and every time a stage from a originally non-8-bit or 8-bit styled game came up and those wonderful remixes played, I would get a huge, goofy grin on my face as I traversed the level. Eventually, I wondered if there was somewhere I could download these amazing covers of classic Mega Man songs, but after extensive searches, I could only find a few ones on Youtube (mainly on CutmanMike's channel). But being the completionist I am, I wanted to hear these songs on the go without having to pull up the game or Youtube to enjoy them. So I decided to rip them out of the installation files myself and edit and lengthen them to form individual "albums" or compilations for each non-8-bit game that was remixed. After several months of working with Slade and Audacity to get this done, I finally finished compiling all of the remixed music used in 8-bit Deathmatch, and wanted to share it with everybody for their own personal use and enjoyment!

In the above Google Drive link, there are (virus-free) Zip files for each game that contain MP3s that should work on almost any media device. They include remixed albums for Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man and Bass, Mega Man - The Wily Wars, Mega Man: Powered Up!, the four Mega Man Gameboy ports, Mega Man the Power Battle, Mega Man Soccer, Super Adventure Rockman, and Mega Man V (I realized that these songs were already in an album after I had already done the work, so I decided to put it in there anyways, however, you can find the original album here: The link also contains an amazing remix of the Mega Man II (GB) Title Screen Theme by RushJet1 (using Gameboy instruments, which you can find originally here: and a compilation of MarktheRence's Mega Man 11 8bit cover (found originally at: as a bonus!

Hope you guys enjoy these albums as much as I do! I tried as hard as I could to get every track lengthened smoothly and correctly, as well as appropriate crediting on each track (as far as I could find on the 8-bit Deathmatch wiki and forums, a special thanks to NESBoy and Super Craig 64 for their work). Let me know if there are any inconsistencies or crediting problems in the comments below.

Album Cover Crediting:
- Mega Man 7: from Rockman 7 FC
- Mega Man 8: from Rockman 8 FC
- Mega Man and Bass: (found on Vloud Leonhart's Youtube channel, not sure of exact origin)
- Mega Man - The Wily Wars: (from Chapter Genesis of Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch)
- Mega Man: Powered Up!: by Press The Buttons
- Mega Man V: by TST
- Mega Man 11: by Peggdraws
- Mega Man Gameboy: by Rarity Club
- Other Mega Man 8bit Covers: from Super Adventure Rockman


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