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The Ghoul's Forest - What is it?

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If you have no idea what the Ghoul's Forest is, your best places for information are here:

ZDoom wiki - The Ghoul's Forest Series.

And of course there's information right here at  ;) . Use the links on the left to navigate for the info you're after.

Still confused? Just ask.

If you signed in for this forum I think it is really unlikely for anyone not to know what Ghouls Forest is...
I hope anyway.

Well, there's also the odd chance that they don't know what the Ghouls series is. I mean there could be people who came here relating to ZPortal or one of the Cuttys other works. Though the general populace would probably be aware of what the Ghoul's Forest is.

I just had to bump this. Lol MM8BDM.

They're too afraid to know about it. Once they hear or see any info it's over. "yeah, and there's like this... flying, screaming thing.... and it HOLY CRAP A GIANT SKULL!" or "I killed the Creeper! I killed the Creeper! [faint screaming, not-so-faint screaming, scream of death]."


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