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Vajaran Nall:
Hi guys, its vajaran here, I was wondering if there is any source code for mmu so that I can make a Tom hack sort of game (I mean making a mmu romhack ). Do you guys think the DLL files contain any of the AI for enemies and the graphics because that's common for DLL files. I wonder if megaphilX will release anything like this in the future. What do you guys think?

Thank You

Oh and what about Mega man rock force

It's incredibly unlikely that they would release the source code for the game.

Dr. Crasger:
How can you "rom hack" a game that isn't even a ROM?

Doctor Jughu:

--- Quote from: "Dr. Crasger" ---How can you "rom hack" a game that isn't even a ROM?
--- End quote ---

Everything is custom made that means they are real coders spriters
Unlimited fun

Wouldn't the code just be in the .exe file anyway?

Still, I don't think that MegaPhilX would give people all of those years of work to random people over the internet to tinker with.


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