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[ALTERNATE GRAPHIC] STORY9.png with Mega Man's helmet removed.


NES Boy:
I always felt that Mega Man wearing his helmet during the V1 and V4 intros happens too soon. In both cases, he's not going into action immediately, he's just making his case to Dr. Light. In the V1 intro, he wants Dr. Light to let him enter the tournament, while in the V4 intro he simply asks to investigate King when Dr. Light voices his suspicions. Those don't really scream "I'm all dressed up and ready take on evil!" to me, they're more like "I don't want to get too proactive; I'm just cautiously waiting until you say the word."

Therefore, I made a replacement for STORY9.png:

Besides, I think this flows in conjunction with the prior image of Dr. Light and Mega Man watching TV in both intros:

This way, it better conveys Dr. Light and Mega Man turning away from the TV after the broadcast, especially when you see it.


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