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So... What's next for MM8BDM? [Watch out for potential spoilers.]

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The most recently released version has been incredible and truly feels like a fitting grand finale to what started off as a simple DOOM mod ten years in the making, and I have no doubts that Version 6 was always intended to be the true ending point for MM8BDM's story line.

So with that being said, there's Wily's letter hinting at his eventual plan to utilize his Double Gear System after completing the final chapter (and that "Wily always wins" utterance before the final Wily Star map), which seems to imply that Mega Man 11 will be happening. I just have to ask at this point: what will happen with Mega Man 11? Will it be meant as a kind of 'epilogue' to the game's story? Will anything special be done for it like it was done for Version 6's last two chapters or will it be simpler? (Though I can't imagine that anything will top the likes of the Eclipse battle and everything prior to it.) Will Version 7 even happen, considering that Version 6 was originally meant to be Mega Man 10 as a standalone expansion before Mega Man 11 was announced?

I'm really curious to know how you guys will tackle this, considering that you really went all out for Version 6 and, as I said above, it'll be really hard to top this (and I sure as hell know that you guys aren't going to make Zero the final boss because...seriously, what's the worth in doing so when Mega Man 11 doesn't serve as a "starting point" for Mega Man X?).

The ending to v6 was planned out a long time ago, unfortunately this was long before Mega Man 11 was announced. Will still don't have many plans for V7, but the story will probably be more light hearted in tone. Don't expect it to be more epic than V6's ending, it won't happen. ;) Still, we don't have much planned so far, there's still fresh soil for ideas and plenty of time to come up with something as we have almost no resources (tiles sprites) for MM11 content.

We're focusing on V6B for now, which is aimed at the core code of the game to make it less of a pain for modders to make new weapons/classes/etc.

I'd absolutely adore something fun and campy for v7. The first things that come to mind are the police chase boss, and pretty much anything involving the Genesis Unit.

I don't mind a MM11 campaign being an epilogue-like story. V6 feels like a proper finale to the arc set up since V3-V4, so writing V7 in the spirit of, say, Adventure Time's epilogue or Dragon Ball Super's anime epilogue, makes more sense.

"The gang had more adventures later on, this was one of them".

This also feels quite close to how Classic MM games themselves were made and written: no real setup to an arc, no real feeling of a narrative sequence of events (besides MM6 to MM7).

Unless there's suddenly an ambitious attempt to write a new arc from any of you core people, an OVA approach to future core campaigns feels like the best approach: plenty of mod campaigns like Rock Force already felt going this way.Just give me my damn MM&B database-style encyclopedia on every character and we're clear.

Yeah I honestly wouldn't mind an epilogue chapter. Maybe something like the og MM8BDM v2 MM7 Chapter


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