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Banned from the master server (for no reason)? Fix it here!


So I've noticed a few people are a little confused on what to do if they get suddenly banned from the Skulltag/Zandronum master server. Here's how to fix it.

First of all, how did this happen? Well if it suddenly happens, the most likely reason is that you were caught in a range ban. That means that they went to ban someone's IP address who was ban evading (by renewing their IP address), and just banned all the possible IP addressed they have in a range ban. Often, some poor soul's IP gets caught in this and they have to be manually whitelisted.

To get removed as fast as possible, first you need to grab an IRC client. Google around I'm sure you'll find one. If you have firefox, I like to use ChatZilla.

You need to connect to the server Port is 6667.

After connecting, you need to join the #staff channel (type /join #staff and hit enter). Some members of staff should be rolling around here. Say hi and explain you've been caught in a range ban. You'll then need to specify your IP Address and a name (just so they can note who requested it). Once you're done, that's it! If no one responds, just leave it with them and disconnect.

Check back after a few minutes/hours and see if it worked! If not, get back in there and bug them again.

Mr. Sean Nelson:
I'll give er' a shot next time I'm in town, Boss.

While I may be late, I'd like to point out that Doomseeker has a built-in IRC Client you can access by going to View > IRC, pressing Ctrl+I, or clicking on the icon representing a green and a blue speech bubble. The address of the Zandronum IRC server is built-in, too.

On doomseeker, my own server always shows no response, and my port is open... solve


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