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Title: Concrete Duel [Small Map]
Post by: KIWI on July 30, 2019, 10:05:57 PM
Hello guys  :D, In 2011, I participated in the first contest of build map duel with my first map "Concrete Duel" but I lost and I feel bad  :cry: because they didn't like my map, I saw their reactions in the video, the map that won was fireman by Ivory.
These days I have been melancholic remembered the things I did in the past  :confused: and I tried play my old map but I can't because in that time I used Megaupload and I don't conserved a copy of .wad, I feel bad again  :| but I decide do a remake of this map whit the same struct, I have my notes in paper about this map, the only difference is I could put the weapon "concrete shot" in the old version I used "flame blast" too I added decorations; I did this map in one week in my free time.

Here is a image of map:

I hope you give it a try and I would like to read your opinions about my map and if you want to help me, please add this map to a server of duels without class, because I don't have any server and I would like someday play my own map Online.

Here is the link:

 :mrgreen: Thanks for your attention and hopefully we could play together sometime in the future.