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Author Topic: MM8BDM template for Kartmaker (Skins for MM8BDM made easier)  (Read 1415 times)

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February 10, 2020, 03:21:29 AM
Read 1415 times

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MM8BDM template for Kartmaker (Skins for MM8BDM made easier)
« on: February 10, 2020, 03:21:29 AM »
For those who don't know, Kartmaker is a skin maker of sorts for SRB2Kart that makes a skin automatically for you, and since the way it makes a skin is somewhat similar to MM8BDM, i made a template for it, to make skin making in MM8BDM easier and faster.

It's still not perfect as it still kinda makes a SRB2Kart file, but at least it does the work of making the graphics files automatically for you to put them in a MM8BDM skin PK3.

For help with spriting visit Pegg 's topic.

You will need:

- Kartmaker
- MM8BDM Template
- Slade

How to use:

- Extract the contents of the Zip in the Kartmaker folder and replace the PLAYPAL.lmp file.
- Copy the "MM8BDM_Template" folder and rename it.
- Create or paste your character's sprites into the template provided.
- Do not delete the audio files, as Kartmaker still needs them to generate the .wad file
- Drag the folder onto kartmaker.exe to generate a .wad file.
- Open the Wad file on Slade, copy the graphics "A1" thru "H5" to the sprites folder in the template .PK3 included in the Zip.
- Delete the .Wad file that Kartmaker generated.
- Change your character name and gender info in the "SKININFO" file.
- Save the file as a new PK3 inside the skins folder located in the MM8BDM folder.