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Events / Cutstuff Mapping Jam 6: Green Eggs and Jam
« on: October 30, 2020, 06:04:10 PM »
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 6: Green Eggs and Jam

thanks pegg for making this while i was away

Hello everyone, it's Dr. Freeman and welcome to the sixth Cutstuff Mapping Jam! It's been some time since the last one but with V6 being done with development, now's the perfect time to get this show back on the road! Normally this event happens in the summer, but with the drought since last time and the new expansion fresh from the oven, now's a better time than ever. The actual mapping phase will likely be a little longer to compensate for taking place at a different time in the year.

If you don't know what the mapping jam is, allow me to explain. The short of it is that the community gets together to make some nice new maps! As always, this isn't just an event for veteran mappers only, but for newcomers and veterans alike. If you've ever sat down and thought, "Man, I'd like to make a map for this game" this might be the time!

As always, this event will be broken down into two phases. The first phase will last just a little over two weeks and will consist of making a map piece (more details will be found below). These map pieces will act as your sign up. Once all of the map pieces are in, everyone will be given two random map pieces made by other users and have to make a map with those pieces! Naturally, you'll be given a few months to get this done because it's no fun rushing people.
In the past, phase 2 also had some other rules attached to it to spice things up a little bit. But given the long amount of time between events, I figure it's best to keep things simple this go around so people can get back in the swing of things (or try it for the first time).

Anyhow, there are some guidelines that must be followed for the map piece phase, which are listed below! (And totally not copy/pasted from last time)

(click to show/hide)

We'll talk about the second phase guidelines once we get there!

As an aside, given that V6 is out, anyone who has made a map for Jam is free to edit it to either change some things around if they desire, or even replace some of the weapons with the new MM10 and MMV weapons. Only if you want, of course.

As I said above, submitting a map piece is how you sign up and you won't be able to participate if you don't submit one! So the next two weeks are more or less just the sign up period.

All map pieces are to be submitted to me either by PM on Cutstuff or over Discord (you can find me at Freems#2222). Map piece submissions will close on Sunday, November 15th at 11:59 PM EST. Once that's done we'll give out the map pieces and get to work on phase 2!

That should wrap things up for now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer! Let's get this jam cooking!

Events / Cutstuff Mapping Jam 5: Paper Jam
« on: May 17, 2018, 05:23:14 AM »
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 5: Paper Jam

Hello everyone, its Dr. Freeman and welcome to the fifth Cutstuff Mapping Jam! Another year has flown by and you know what? Now sounds like a pretty swell time to make some maps! 8BDM itself might be on a hiatus, but this jam keeps on trucking!

But wait! You may be asking! I have no idea what this even is and why are weird robot masters poorly edited over a Mario & Luigi game's artwork?
Well, I can answer the first question! The Cutstuff Mapping Jam is something that's been going on for a few years now, and it's pretty much when the community gets together to make some maps! Both newcomers and veterans are welcome as always! In fact, I definitely encourage anyone who has thought about mapping but hasn't actually tried to give it a shot here!

What are the rules this time around? As usual, we're working in two phases. The classic "make a piece" phase that hasn't really changed at all from the last 2 jams, and a new second phase!

Basically, everyone is going to make a map piece (more details below) and submit it to me. This map piece will pretty much act as your sign up. After two weeks of piece submissions, every mapper will be assigned two pieces belonging to someone else and will have to make a map with those pieces!
However, that is not all! This year, I have gathered a large list of words in a nifty little book (and by book, I mean text document). These words range from things like "Castle" and "Ocean" to more abstract things such as "Jump" or "Beam". Everyone will be assigned two words at random, and those words must be applied to the map in some way, shape, or form! It could be something obvious such as the texture set or the setting, or it could be something else like a stage hazard, a general aesthetic, or just about anything! If you can figure out a way to apply a word to the map that makes sense, I'll buy it!

However, we have plenty of time before we worry about the words. Lets' talk a little more about the pieces, as that is the first phase!

(click to show/hide)

For the second phase...
(click to show/hide)

As said above, the way you sign up is by simply submitting your map piece! As soon as you do, you'll be all ready to dive into phase 2! It's important to note that if you don't make a map piece, you will be unable to participate in the full jam!

All map pieces are to be submitted to me either by PM or over Discord (You can find me at Freems#2222). Giving a healthy two weeks, all piece submissions will close on 11:59 EST on May 31st. At that point, we'll discuss phase 2, give out map pieces and words, and get to work!

That should be everything! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and thank you all so much! Now let's get out there and make a jam!

Events / Cutstuff Mapping Jam 4: Jams Bond
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:28:15 AM »
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 4: Jams Bond

Hello everyone, it's Dr. Freeman and welcome to the fourth Cutstuff Mapping Jam! It's been a while since the last mapping anything, and with v5B just out the door, now seems like a great time to get another one of these out the door! Who knows, with the amount of time it's been since the last one we might even see some new mappers this time around!

In case you don't know what these jams are, to sum it up super super quick, there's a small gimmick of sorts and mappers get together to make a nice map pack! There's no real competition, just taking it chill and making some maps for fun!

So let's talk about what we have in store this time around. All in all, it's rather similar to the third mapping jam. It's been just under two years since our last jam so the concept isn't exactly something that's been done recently, and we're adding a little bit more to it than just the last jam!

Basically, everyone who wishes to participate will make a map piece (details of the map piece will be listed below) and PM it to me. Once that is all done, each person will be assigned two random map pieces that are not their own and must make a map that uses their map pieces. However, that is not all! Along with the map pieces, each person will receive two small assignments that must be in their map as well! These assignments will be small features that either add something to a map or make sure someone can't use something! Once again, more details on that in just a bit!

First, let's discuss the specifics and rules of the map pieces!
(click to show/hide)

Now for the details on the assignments...
(click to show/hide)

So what if you wanna sign up? You can say you're signing up in the topic, but that's not gonna get you officially signed up. Basically, sending in your map piece is when you are officially signed up and ready for the jam! You will be unable to participate if you do not make a map piece!

All map pieces (and assignments suggestions) are to be submitted to me via PM or Discord (you can contact me on Discord at Freems#4073) if you happen to have me in two weeks by 11:59 EST on June 10th! Once we reach that point, we will figure out map pieces and assignments and we'll talk future dates from there!

That should hopefully sum everything up! Once again, if you have a question feel free to ask! Anyway, thank you all so much and I hope you all have a great time!

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM v5b - Weapon Tuning (New Weapons)
« on: February 08, 2017, 05:57:15 PM »
Hey all you mega fans! Welcome back to one of these topics!

We had one of these for V5a but I figured with all of the new weapons/weapon reworks done in that version, it would be more beneficial to make a brand new topic.

So here's that time where we reach out to the community and ask what do you think of the current weapon set in 8 Bit Deathmatch. Are there some weapons that are too strong? Are there some weapons that are too weak? What about all those reworks and new ones, are those good weapons in themselves? We're here to listen to your opinion! We want to hear what the community thinks as a whole!
For the time being we're gonna keep the discussion a bit more open than the last topic. We're gonna focus specifically on the new and changed weapons for this discussion. Which I will quickly list below.

(click to show/hide)

We just want to hear what you think on these changed weapons! Are any of them still problems? Are they good? Idunno let's hear some OPINIONS! And if you think a weapon is a problem, how would you elect to change it? Our only request is that you make it clear which weapon you're talking about, just for easier organization down the road.

Thank you all very much and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Tutorial Collection / [TUTOR] Loop some Music
« on: November 02, 2016, 05:27:32 AM »
Because apparently this is something that's come up a lot lately.


For the sake of example, I'm just gonna reloop Mega Man 7 Wily Boss. Since that's an easy loop.


this picture is fucking huge and i'm tired so i might resize it later, don't worry about it.
(click to show/hide)

So you got your song, now there's one important thing at the very bottom

Boom, all of these things are set to samples. It is possible to do this with other settings BUT I NEVER HAVE SO WE DOIN' SAMPLES

So we got our song here and our goal is to make the file as small as we can while you know, still having the song. With looping we can cut it down real easily. So step 1 is to just cut the song off where it loops, so the file plays one time through exactly.

So the song repeats right here.

Delete that shit.

The next step is to find the exact moment of the song where the loop begins. This means that if the song has an intro that doesn't loop, to just find the exact moment where the actual loop does begin. In this case, it's right here.

Everything to the left of that line is the intro, everything to the right is what is being looped.

Now you can select the entire song after the loop and hold shift+play to listen to the song repeat that selection to make sure your loop is ACCURATE but you don't need any pics for that.

Once you're sure everything is in the right place, take note of the sample number at the very bottom.

For this, selection start is the only part that matters. That number is important and is the key to looping this shit.

So hey we got everything you want to open file and hit Export Audio
You generally want to export the file as an OGG because it's the file 8BDM uses for its tunes.

Once you give it a name, this box should appear

Depending on the file, there might be other info but it doesn't matter. What you want to do is on the first blank line, on the left column you want to add "LOOP_START" and on the right column, you want to copy over the sample number seen on Selection Start. However, it's very important you don't include any commas or anything.
So in the case of this song, the Metadata would look like this.

And baboom, hit okay, upload that ogg to the wad of your choice and if you did everything right, you now have a looping song.
it's a christmas miracle

Events / Cutstuff CTF Competition 2: That's My Horse! ---FINISHED---
« on: April 12, 2016, 03:45:47 AM »

It was declared that on the dark night of April 11th 2016, that Cutstuff would come together to make some maps for everyone's favorite and most played game mode.

wait that's not right

Cutstuff CTF Competition 2: That's My Horse!

i don't know why it's called that don't whip me dad

Hey everyone, I'm Dr. Freeman, and welcome to the Cutstuff CTF Competition 2! Even though it's been freaking forever since the first one, I don't even remember when that was.

So what is this all about, you might be asking. Well luckily, this shouldn't be that hard to explain. It's simply a competition to make a CTF map in 8 Bit Deathmatch. How exciting!
There really isn't a gimmick besides that or anything, so usually where I'd have a few paragraphs explaining everything, I'm already done.
"But Freeman! No one even plays CTF anymore! What's the point?!"
i mean you're not wrong. it is really rare to see a server. But after two Finish That Maps, three Jams, and an INSPIRE, sometimes it's nice to mix up the type of maps you're making. And it's been a long while since CTF maps have been a thing. So why not have some fun?

Of course, like everything else there are some rules behind what's going on, so lets' go over them!

-It's a CTF map. That obviously means the map must be made with the Capture the Flag gamemode in mind. Two flags on opposite ends of the map. A spawn for one flag CTF. All that great stuff.

-As is expected, the maps also must have a symmetrical layout for that CTF goodness. Of course, there can and probably should be some texture differences on both sides so you can tell them apart.

-As always, if you don't use 8 Bit music i'm replacing it. have some class.

All the maps will be due on 11:59 PM, July 19th. No need to sign up, a finished map will be the sign up.
Now, you might be wondering why the hell it's due all the way in July when it's only mid April, that's like 3 months. WHAT KINDA SHAM ARE YOU RUNNING?!

To put it simply, this is a busy time of the year for a lot of people. There's school, there's work, there's probably some other things I don't know about. I think it's important that everyone has plenty of time to make something of quality and not feel like they're time crunched. So to account for all of this, I'm giving an incredibly open timeframe to make a good map. That doesn't mean you have to spend the entire time working on a map. Finish it in the first month if you want, or maybe you're busy but you'll have more time once June rolls around. I think it's important to make sure people have the time to make these things. Even if it means we'll be waiting a while to actually play on the maps.

Speaking of playing on the maps, this is indeed a competition and not just a for fun Jam. When everything is finished, servers will be put up for both CTF and One Flag CTF, and people will rank the maps from their favorite to least favorite. Judging will be entirely community based this time around and we will be lacking our usual panel of judges. Mostly because our usual panel of judges have elected to just have it be community based this time around.
"But wait, people can just band together and rig a winner then!"
i mean i guess
if you can get the numbers to make sure that one person wins a medal and nothing else. congrats then?
But at the very least, when voting does come around, I will not partake in it myself. It somehow feels fair that way even though it really doesn't affect anything.

If you're a winner, hey you get this piece of work.
If you're a runner up, get this instead. Cool.

Have some fun! Make some good maps! Don't only capture those flags, capture the hearts of the masses as well!

Events / Cutstuff Mapping Jam 3: Peanut Butter and Jam [RELEASED]
« on: June 20, 2015, 04:00:03 AM »
Or here if you're allergic to Best Ever

You can download all of the map pieces here!

One year ago, on June 20th, 2014 a mapping event was held by one SmashBroPlusB called the Brothers Mapping Jam. In it people made small map pieces and then were assigned two partners where they made two separate maps. Unlike other mapping events at the time, this was no contest, merely an event to be enjoyed by the masses and maybe even get a Top Man medal. The event was generally considered a success and the maps are still played to this day.

and then freeman hosted a second jam which was weird i guess who cares

But Jam 1 was considered a success.

And then, silence.

The Jams vanished from the world. Contests rose up once again such as Finish That Map 2: Return of Jafar and I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Both were considered to be generally fun, and were great to help people who have never mapped before try their hand at it. Yet it was a different kind of event. There was no sign of the days of jam.

Until one year later, as the hot summer air blew it, it arrived, descending from above.

SmashBroPlusB and Dr. Freeman present...

Cutstuff Mapping Jam 3: Peanut Butter and Jam

Hey everyone, it's Dr. Freeman, and welcome to the Third Mapping Jam! That's right, we're celebrating the Jamiversary by hosting the third one of these. Now it can join all the great trilogies.
Like the Hannah Montana trilogy.
A masterpiece.

If you don't know what a Jam is, a super quick explanation. It's where a bunch of mappers get together and make some maps, though there's generally something different about how they are made. For example, the first map had members working together, while the second had you do it real fast. The other note about Jam is that it's For Fun! Meaning that there are no winners, losers, judges, or Concrete Man Medals. Just maybe a fun medal.

So what are we doing this time? Well I'm glad you asked! Because you'd be screwed over if you didn't!

(click to show/hide)

Phase 2-
(click to show/hide)

Map Pieces
(click to show/hide)

Events / The Official Cutstuff Post/Topic Awards 2014 VOTING
« on: January 12, 2015, 08:47:34 PM »
Watzup7856 is a butt, so I guess I'm making this topic cause he didn't feel like making it after going to Florida.

So I guess I'm doing it again.

Rules are simple, vote for one thing from each category and most votes win! If there's only one submission, just say whether or not it deserves it. Voting ends a week from today. Hurrah Haroo
I'm tired so let's just go with everything.

(click to show/hide)

Events / Cutstuff Mapping Jam 2: FALCON JOINS THE FIGHT!
« on: August 29, 2014, 05:00:21 PM »


Oh and in case you want to know who made these super fast maps.
FALCON01- Made by Dr. Freeman
FALCON02- Made by Copy Robot
FALCON03- Made by Rozark
FALCON04- Made by Korby
FALCON05- Made by Jack Corvus
FALCON06- Made by Beed28
FALCON07- Made by Yuri Sakazaki
FALCON08- Made by SmashBroPlusB
FALCON09- Made by Caprice
FALCON10- Made by Gumballtoid
FALCON11- Made by Maxine
FALCON12- Made by Mendez
FALCON13- Made by Nemu
FALCON14- Made by Lego
FALCON15- Made by LlamaHombre

old post yo
(click to show/hide)

Forum Games Archive / Cutstuff Adventure 2- Emergency Signups
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:33:52 PM »
Hello everyone, it's Dr. Freeman and welcome to Cutstuff Adventure 2!

The first game did end like 12 hours ago, but this game will be going on hiatus after signups conclude. It's just marginally easier to make everything work if the break happens after signups. So once that's all done we'll be taking a break.

Before we go into signups, let's talk about the game itself. We'll have more details about the story once the game actually gets kicking, so that's on hold right now. As for the gameplay, it follows the same basic principles of the first game, however there will be some differences. Party size is being reduced from 5 to 4, parties will actually split up giving more focus to a certain group, and giving the rest of the players a break from the game, and a whole lot of math will be thrown into how attacks work, so Fira won't always do 220 damage forever.

But the same basic gameplay of, "Do stuff and just say commands in battle" applies. We're just hoping to keep it a bit more balanced and enjoyable so we don't get into a rut of using the same move over and over because everything else is obsolete.

Now, it's been a common occurrence that every forum game I host fills up really fast. As such, a lot of people get left behind wanting tot play but can't. While I can't fully rectify this problem, signups will act differently as a result.

This whole thing is very important to read, and if you don't you'll probably get punched in the face.

So first of all, we are upping the character limit to 12 players instead of 10. So that's fun.

So for CSA1, I was riding the coattails of Final Fantasy as I needed something simple that can work. Now I know that it works, we will be making classes a lot more interesting. I'm not going to give you a list of classes to choose from this time. Instead, you will be making your own classes, and that's how signups will work.

First of all, a template.

Class Name:
Appearance (Optional):
Personality (Optional):
Desired theme of skills:

As you can see, the class is the most important part, but if you want to make a character to go with it, be my guest. Keep in mind that it's 100% optional and whether or not you make a character won't decide if you can get in the game.

What will determine if you get in or not is the quality of the class. There are a few guidelines you should follow.

1. Be creative!

You can be silly with your class, just not too much. I'll let you get away with just about anything. You can be simple and just be a warrior or something, or you can be crazy and play as, I dunno a zookeeper or something. Not the best example, but don't feel hindered. I'll go along with just about anything, as long as it isn't something that's impossible to make a moveset around. Like a rock.
However, it's best to try to come up with something interesting rather than something boring. While it's possible to be a generic warrior, that's really boring. You can keep it in general RPG town, but the warrior should have something that makes him stand out from the rest. Or just go nuts and play as a Wal-Mart employee or something really dumb.

2. ...Don't get too crazy.
Of course when you're being judged by your class quality, you'd want to add something to it that makes it stick out. That's fine and all, but please remember that THIS IS A TEXT ADVENTURE. I am pretty limited with what I can do. For example, if you want a class where every stat changes with a move and the moveset is different, Imma punch you in the face. If you want a class that introduces 40 new stats, I will punch you in the face. However, you can add little things that mixes it up, but if you are planning to add something that will break away from the norm, please talk to be beforehand so I can tell you how balanced it is or if it works.
In the end, it's probably safer to just do a normal class that plays normally, but if you REALLY want something new, talk to me about it and don't go overboard.

3. No specific abilities!
I cannot stress this enough. If your template says "My warrior has a move where he gets a fire sword attack" YOU WILL BE DENIED! You can keep it simple like "My warrior has elemental sword powers" or something, and that's vague enough that it works. But when we need to come up with a balanced moveset for 12 characters, you shoving certain moves down our throat is bad. Don't do it.

4. No existing characters.
If you sign up as Mega Man, you will get a personal visit to punch in the face city.
However, you can hypothetically sign up as someone in the Character Catalog thread if the character is yours. It is an OC then. Just no characters from other media.

5. Have fun!
I dunno, just have fun with this. But if you don't get chosen, please don't feel down. While everything above applies, still trying to make a balanced party so there's not 4 of the same type of character is important.

This last note has nothing to do with class making itself, but is important if you want to sign up. Cutstuff Adventure was really long.
Cutstuff Adventure 2 will be longer.

When I say that, I would prefer you can check the topic at least once a day. For example, Isaac in CSA1 has a job and could only get on a little bit. But that was fine because he still checked the topic once a day.
But, if you KNOW that you are always unavailable on "Tuesdays and Thursdays" or something, DON'T SIGN UP! We don't need to be waiting forever on one guy. However, if you have a vacation or something, that's fine, as long as you don't go on vacation every other week. Just let me know beforehand and I'll do something about it. If you can check the topic once everyday to possibly post on a regular basis, then you're fine.

Last things about signups, there are FIVE reserved spots already! Which have been reserved by gaining interest in joining about halfway through CSA1. That's cool. These five are pretty much already in, but unless your name is LlamaHombre (in which I've already talked to and have everything I need) I need you to confirm that you're playing, and still post a class.
However, if your class breaks any of the big rules above, I have the right to kick you out.

Signups themselves are not "if you post you're in". Rather, outside of the reserved 5, I will not update the signups at all. Instead, I will keep it open for like 2 days and once that's done, evaluate the classes to create a balanced, yet fun team.

I know this sounds like a lot, but it's just guidelines so things don't go to shit. The most important thing is to have fun!
And let us commence signups!

1. Labada: Detective
2. Jman: Magical Scientist
3. Caprice: Support
4. OrangeMario: Fruit Vendor
5. C-Foam: Demolitionist
6. Malia Marcelette: Illusionist
7. David Muza: Gardener
8. SmashBro & Plus: Assist Knight
9. Cookie: Baker
10. Tango: Swag Master
11. Wingman Walter Winderly: Air Knight
12. Gunther Toidenheimer: Archer

Forum Games Archive / Best Robot Master EVER- RESULTS
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:50:03 PM »
Wow one of these again!

Hello there, I'm Dr. Freeman and welcome to Best Robot Master EVER! We've been here twice before where we figured out the "best" song and weapon from the classic Mega Man series (Being Abandoned Memory and Black Hole Bomb if you care) of course it's kind of easier there because there are bad songs and crap weapons.

So let's take it up a notch.

Favorite Robot Masters are generally a matter of opinion, so what would happen if Cutstuff as a whole had to decide the best Robot Master in classic Mega Man?
Let's find out.

To clarify, there will be 5 matchups every day and everyone can vote for which robot master is better. While there was a hurt and heal a long time ago, that functions differently as everything is always open. Here we just have simple matchups in tourney fashion where people vote for what they prefer.

Also, Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, and Bass will not be included even though they are technically robot masters.
The rest is fair game though.
Unless you count Auto as the rest then go home.

Best Robot Master EVER
(click to show/hide)

Round 5 Winners
(click to show/hide)

Round 4 Winners
(click to show/hide)

Round 3 Winners
(click to show/hide)

Round 2 Winners
(click to show/hide)

Round 1 Winners
(click to show/hide)

So without further ado, you can check the thread for all the matchups and results!

Events / The Unofficial Cutstuff Post Awards 2013: Done I guess
« on: January 01, 2014, 07:37:36 PM »
And now for part 2 of this thingy.

So we have some nominations so let's do some voting!

All the links will be posted below and you just vote for what topic/post deserves the win. If there is only one nomination you can vote if you believe the topic deserves the title or it doesn't for one reason or another. This also applies if you truly believe that no nominated post deserves the title in question.

Unlike the nominations you CAN vote for your own posts/topics if you so wish.

And it's pretty obvious but you can only vote for one thing per category. And please try to vote for all of them if possible just to make things more organized.

Voting will end on January 4th at 6:00 EST

So without further ado...

Best Post
Candidate A
Candidate B

Worst Post
Only Candidate (Vote Yes or No)

Funniest Post
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C

Most Controversial Post
Only Candidate (Vote Yes or No)

Meanest Post
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C

Most Random Post
Candidate A
Candidate B

Most Pointless Post
Candidate A
Candidate B

Angriest Post
Candidate A
Candidate B

Most Respectable Post
Only Candidate (Vote Yes or No)

Most tl;dr Post
Only Candidate (Vote Yes or No)

Least Successful Event
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C
Candidate D

Best Topic
Candidate A
Candidate B

Worst Topic
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C

Funniest Topic
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C

Most Controversial Topic
Only Candidate (Vote Yes or No)

Best Forum Game
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C

Worst Forum Game
Candidate A
Candidate B

Best Comic
Only Candidate (Vote Yes or No)

Best Piece of Artwork
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C
Candidate D
Candidate E

Hopefully I didn't mess up any links.

Events / The Unofficial Cutstuff Post Awards 2013: Nomination Phase
« on: December 23, 2013, 12:55:33 AM »

So HD is considerably less active, so because I'm the biggest loser in the world, I'm gonna make this in his place. And because Llama doesn't mind that I am.

Welcome to The Unofficial Cutstuff Post Awards 2013! Where we find out the best (and worst) that Cutstuff had to offer during 2013!

Most of our categories will remain the same as last year, so here we go!

Best Post
Worst Post
Funniest Post
Most Controversial Post
Meanest Post
Most Random Post
Most Unintelligible Post
Most Intelligent Post
Most Pointless Post
Angriest Post
Most Respectable Post
Most tl;dr Post
Most Successful Event
Least Successful Event
Best Topic
Worst Topic
Funniest Topic
Most Controversial Topic
Best Forum Game

And a couple new categories regarding events from this year!

Best Individual Story
Best Comic
Best Piece of Artwork

Similar to last year, there will be three phases.

Nomination Phase

The current phase. You can nominate posts/topics for each category now. However, you can only nominate one post/topic per category, and please make it clear which one you are nominating for.

Please provide a link for whatever you're nominating. And for sorta obvious reasons, you can't nominate posts/topics made by you. And of course, the post/topic MUST have been made in 2013.

Also Spamthread is illegal. As is this topic.

Which leads us to...

Voting Phase
In a couple of days, nominations will end and voting will take place. More info will be placed in a new topic, but it's just voting. Not a whole lot to explain.

And if there's a tie, we have...

Tiebreaker Phase

Votes happen again to break a tie. Hooray.

Nominations will end on December 26th at 11:59 PM. A little earlier than last year because I want to have this out by the new year.

Remember, this is all for fun! So let's get this rolling! Have fun!

Current Nominations
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Forum Games Archive / Cutstuff Adventure- The End
« on: October 07, 2013, 01:22:49 AM »
Cleaning up clutter that isn't needed anymore.
Here are all the current stats and items and everything.

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1). Thunder Cheerios- Ninja- LEVEL 20
HP- 1/740 (REGEN)
MP- 63/168
Cash- 0
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2). Spikboy- Paladin- LEVEL 20
HP- 368/805
MP- 91/198
Cash- 0
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3). Bumballtoid- Ranger- LEVEL 20
HP- 1/750
MP- 100/140
Cash- 0
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4). TGOAST- Thief - LEVEL 20
HP- 1/715
MP- 71/155
Cash- 0
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5). SmashBroPlusBees- Red Mage- LEVEL 20
HP- 1/760 (REGEN)
MP- 75/210
Cash- 0
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6). CeriCherry- Black Belt - LEVEL 20 (Speed Stance)
HP- 443/840
MP- 21/124
Cash- 0
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HP- 474/765
MP- 27/145
Cash- 0
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8). The Dock- Red Mage- LEVEL 20
HP- 134/730 (BURNED)
MP- 73/215
Cash- 0
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9). IsaacNumbers- Bard- LEVEL 20
HP- 1/695 (REGEN)
MP- 126/172
Cash- 0
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10). Not Waluigi- Black Mage- LEVEL 20
HP- 451/660 (SHELL)
MP- 80/280
Cash- 0
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Scan Logs
Art drawn by Gumballtoid.
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Maps / The only map Freeman will ever make
« on: September 07, 2013, 05:55:04 PM »
I decided that Quint needed a map because his friends Enker, Punk, and Ballade have stuff, he should have some too.
But I made sure that it's as accurate to the original gameboy version as possible.
Merry Christmas

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