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Coop Mania Map Submissions!



i can't make this whole mod by myself it'll take years

Hello! i'm Allanx and welcome to the Coop Mania Submissions thread!
If you don't know what Coop Mania is, it's basically a W.I.P Coop Mod i've been working on that has 50 Maps with 10 Bosses. (this might change later)

this was also inspired by gummywormz so thanks to him i guess

 If you want to submit a map to me, DM Allanx#7601 on Discord.
This event will end in like a month or two so now is your chance to make a submission!

However, there are some rules you have to follow to get your map into the mod.

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- Maps must have at least 1-8 Player spawns and an exit. (No Deathmatch Spawns!)

- Don't go overboard with random textures and things.

- You must include enemies in your map. I have included a folder with presets if you can't make your own. (Don't add the bosses please.)

- The "Dawn Breaker" Weapon is NOT Allowed on your map. If i see it in your map submission it will be removed.

- If the map looks straight up awful i won't accept it

- Being Creative (Scripts, Gimmicks, Decorations) gives your map a better chance at getting in.
  If you don't know how to make a map, See Rozark's tutorial on map making here!

Submissions will close on March 7th at 7:30 PM EST. Have Fun!

almost forgot to add the Coop Mania file here

Pr. Gibberoni:
ok so basically im stupid so what would be a good example of a co-op map that i can see for reference


you can use this as a reference

Mind if I base my map on a Subspace Emissary level (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)?

The Lake Shore (Caves Section)

Of course! Base your map off of anything you like.


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