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Help & Editing / Skulltag troubles.
« on: March 31, 2012, 05:22:01 PM »
I keep trying to join a game in skulltag (changed master servers, have most new files, etc.)
But when I go to join, it doesn't. (it tries to for a fraction of a second and then closes the instance, but not skulltag itself.)
Come on, I miss you guys!   :(

W.I.P Forum / [Expansion] Megaman Masochism (+18)
« on: July 23, 2011, 02:46:48 PM »
Everyone loves megaman hacks, right?
Well, what about the truly awful ones?

Why not make an expansion to help (dis) honor them?

And now for each hack and requests. (I have little skill in programming, so I can only really give advice. I will try to help whatever way I can, though.)

Skins, maps...

Tom Servo!(Not sure about copyright here.)
Skins, Scorpion and Kenny's stage.

Dark X: Wily Strikes Back ... -back.html
No idea... Dark X skin?

Riddler's escape from Arkham
Google it.

Afro man...
Skins? Ugh...

#s 6 + 7

I think both of these are a BIT too much.

#8 Rockman Peercast(Rockman 2 hack)
Skins, maps, maybe weapons?

#9 Rockman Peercast 2(Rockman 3 hack)
Moar skins and weapons?
(Be sure to remove the Japanese symbols from the ips.) ... re=related

#10 ANYTHING made by Chiko. ... ZIuBeAjnN4

Sorry if I'm being demanding...
(Tell me if anything is too racy and I'll nick it.)

MM8BDM Discussion / Single Player Walkthrough
« on: July 13, 2011, 02:25:38 AM »
(This is for gamefaqs. Need some tips.)

Megaman- Overall difficulty-6/10-Medium

Ah, the original. This is fairly easy.


Frag limit-20

Recommended weapons- Air shooter, Napalm Grenade, Rolling Cutter.

The 1st stage. It is very hard unless you know the secret.
Around each corner of the outer walls, there are hidden ladders.
These lead to far more useful weapons.
Using these will make the stage very easy.


Frag limit-20

Recommended weapons- hyper bomb, air shooter.
This stage warrants more exploration then combat.
The best way to rack up frags is to air shoot or bomb bots that
are in the lower areas.


Frag limit -30?

Recommended weapon- Gemini laser.
Trying to beat this stage normally will be very hard.
The gemini laser bounces off of walls.
It racks up frags quickly and is on the ground.
There are many ladders which lead to weapons and weapon energy.
Most of the bots will mindlessly shoot at each other.
Use this to your advantage.


WARNING-Opengl resource hog.

Frag limit-25?

Recommended weapons- Hard knuckle, Hyper bomb.
In this stage, there are bottomless pits abound.
Hard knuckle is in the center of the arena.
It has high damage output.(3HKO.)
(This stage strains weaker graphics cards (pre-2004)


Frag limit-25

Any weapons will do.

In this area, careful dodging is required.
Any weapons can be used for sneaky tactics.
If a player or bot is killed by lava or flame walls then:
Original- Frag count stays the same
MM7 Expansion- Frag count decreases by 1.

Iceman-Very Easy

Frag limit-25?

Recommended weapons-Air shooter, Napalm grenade, Junk Shield (v2 and up)
Aside from the underwater segments, this stage is really easy with air shooter.
Some exploration is recommended.

Wily Stage 1-Medium

Frag limit-30

Recommended weapons- Metal blade, Search Snake, Hard Knuckle.
This stage has a lot of bots, which can rack up kills with ease.
Here, it is a good idea to let them fight each other and
shoot them while they are doing so...
Still, you may need to retry once or twice.

Wily Stage 2-Hard

Frag limit-30

Recommended weapons- Rolling Cutter, Icicle Spear.
Here there are 2 segments.
Ground and underwater.
Underwater has better weapons and health.
Here, you want to grab weapons underwater,
come out, and go back in the water to recharge when needed.
Beat this and you will
come across...

Megaman Boss
Yellow Devil-Hard
Oh hello bumo!

This boss will split himself into four rows of four.
( )( )( )( )
( )( )( )( )
( )( )( )( )
( )( )( )( )
They will come at you in a predetermined order.
Sadly, the pause trick doesn't work here.
When all of the pieces reach the other side,
it will reform. It's eye will be on a random place on its' body.
Shoot it until the eye disappears.
Rinse and repeat.
As an extra tip, try to stay on the left or right edge of the screen.
(YOU) ( )( ) (YOU)
(YOU) ( )( ) (YOU)
(YOU) ( )( ) (YOU)
(YOU) ( )( ) (YOU)
Like that.
It greatly decreases your chances of getting hit.

When you win, Megaman 2 will be unlocked.

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