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Worry not. Their actual, "official" colors haven't changed since we made the banner (which we should probably update sometime).

If you want the actual translations, I have them as well:
Code: [Select]
Sonic Man -- Translation "192:192=105:105", "198:198=118:118"
Volt Man -- Translation "192:192=94:94", "198:198=162:162"
Dyna Man -- Translation "192:192=87:87", "198:198=207:207"
Knife Man -- Translation "192:192=41:41", "198:198=38:38"
Braze Man -- Translation "192:192=94:94", "198:198=227:227"
Bit Man -- Translation "192:192=215:215", "198:198=166:166"
Shark Man -- Translation "192:192=205:205", "198:198=77:77"
Buoy Man -- Translation "192:192=218:218", "198:198=60:60"
Petrol Man -- Translation "192:192=87:87", "198:198=195:195"

Here's a fun bit of trivia, too. Putting aside the literal years of grief I gave the team over Shark Man's current colors (I advocated to make him gray, but was in the vast minority), you'll notice that Buoy Man is colored a bit strangely--purple instead of blue. This was for a couple of reasons, including helping him stand out against the other blue Robot Masters, but the foremost reason was to give a small nod to Robot Masters like Napalm Man and Crystal Man, whose artwork depict them as one color but whose sprites depict them as another. I guess you could call it a roundabout sort of authenticity.

I'm extraordinarily late, but I see now some folks were asking about a weakness chain, and I can't remember if it's been posted here. Still, now that the weapons are out and folks can see just what they do, this is probably the best opportunity to share it.

Sonic Man > Dyna Man > Bit Man > Knife Man > Volt Man > Shark Man > Buoy Man > Braze Man > Petrol Man > Sonic Man

Sludge Burst gums up Sonic Man's roller skates.
Sonic Pulse disarms Dyna Man's explosives using vibrations.
Dynamite Cluster utterly annihilates Bit Man's drilling equipment.
Drill Pike pierces Knife Man's resilient, bulletproof armor.
Knife Spread shorts out Volt Man's circuits, and ravages his huge arms.
Plasma Cutter electrocutes the aquatic Shark Man.
Shark Attack makes a meal out free-floating Buoy Man, and pops his inflatables.
Bubble Bath douses Braze Man's flames.
Blow Torch ignites the combustible fuel in Petrol Man's body.

Trillster deserves some serious kudos for helping us out in the last leg of development. I'd probably argue that we wouldn't have finished anytime soon had he not offered his expertise.

I'm super happy to have been a part of this, even if my various contributions aren't quite as significant as others. I hope everyone enjoys what we've put together!

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 12, 2021, 07:33:19 PM »
19 votes today. Once again, many thanks to all that participated!

Commando Man fought with all of his might, but his prodigious strength was outmatched by Centaur Man's raw horsepower (Centaur Man 10-9).
Seems like Wood Man is partly evergreen, since he managed to withstand Chill Man's endless winter and emerge the winner (Wood Man 14-5).
Splash Woman's piercing Laser Trident managed to rip through even Cold Man's impregnable Ice Wall and strike true (Splash Woman 10-9).
Metal Man threw blade after blade, hoping to make himself a banana split, but all were deflected by Buster Rod G's trusty staff (Buster Rod G 10-9).

As Guts Man discovered when facing Bubble Man, hurling large boulders at one's enemies is just as effective underwater (Guts Man 10-9).
Sheep Man's affinity for cyberspace makes him no stranger to overclocking, evident by how handily he defeated Time Man (Sheep Man 13-6).
Needle Man's pointed remarks were quite ineffective against Acid Man, whose toxic personality meant they fell on deaf ears (Acid Man 12-7).
Saturn's Black Hole showed no restraint, swallowing up denizens of the sea and sky, Neptune and Gyro Man, with ease (Saturn 11.5, Neptune 9, Gyro Man 8).

Commando Man, Chill Man, Cold Man, Metal Man, Bubble Man, Time Man, Needle Man, Neptune, and Gyro Man have been eliminated!

We've now reached the halfway point of the tournament. This round, consisting of 110 participants and multiple phases, was by far the longest round of the tournament. Now that we're over this hurdle, things will really pick up in pace. 54 of the initial 110 Robot Masters now remain, so expect shorter rounds and more decisive matchups in the future.

That said, I can see voter turnout is beginning to wane, and I myself am feeling just a smidge burned out after this long round. With that in mind, I think it would be in everyone's best interest if we took a short break. Voting will resume on Saturday, January 16th with Round 3!

Thanks to everyone for playing up to this point. We'll be back at it soon!

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 10, 2021, 10:54:09 PM »
21 votes today, which was admittedly more than I expected.

Crystal Man peered into the future to predict the match's outcome, but saw only only his own demise at the hands of Skull Man (Skull Man 13-8).
Frost Man and Block Man--neither particularly bright--just sort of hurled rocks at each other until Block Man finally fell (Frost Man 13-8).
Pirate Man and Shade Man went trick-or-treating. At the end of the night, Shade Man had earned far more candy than his rival (Shade Man 13-8).
Astro Man tried to deceive Grenade Man with an array of Copy Vision holograms, but Grenade Man just decided to blast everything (Grenade Man 12-9).
Top Man went for an instant K.O. with a Top Spin, but Hyper Storm H endured with his second health bar and won by attrition (Hyper Storm H 12-9).

Spring Man wasn't able to jump out of his opponent's range, since Crash Man decided to bring the roof down on both of them (Crash Man 16-5).
Wave Man tried to douse the wildfires Burner Man had started, but his opponent wasn't having any of it, and burned him up too (Burner Man 14-7).
Pump Man's Water Shield was no match for Blade Man, who severed the pipeline and cut off his opponent's access to the water supply (Blade Man 12-9).
Torch Man matched martial prowess with Yamato Man in an honorable duel. Though he put up a good fight, Yamato Man eventually conceded (Torch Man 12-9).

Crystal Man, Block Man, Pirate Man, Astro Man, Top Man, Spring Man, Wave Man, Pump Man, and Yamato Man have been eliminated!

Here's the last batch of this phase before the remaining Robot Masters move on to Round 3!

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Major) -- Group E

Centaur Man vs. Commando Man
Chill Man vs. Wood Man
Splash Woman vs. Cold Man
Metal Man vs. Buster Rod G

Round 2 (Major) -- Group F

Bubble Man vs. Guts Man
Time Man vs. Sheep Man
Acid Man vs. Needle Man
Gyro Man vs. Neptune vs. Saturn

Reminder that in the case of 3-way matchups, you will be ranking them from favorite to least favorite. Favorites are weighed as one vote, second favorites weighed as half of a vote, and least favorites weighed as no vote.

My vote:

Centaur Man
Chill Man
Cold Man
Buster Rod G

Guts Man
Time Man
Acid Man
Saturn > Gyro Man > Neptune

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 08, 2021, 07:39:34 PM »
23 votes yet again! Some of these matchups were neck and neck, too!

Charge Man and Terra clashed at full force. Thanks to Charge Man's intensive training, he managed to pull through in the end (Charge Man 12-11).
Ballade gawked from behind his mask as Tomahawk Man took a Ballade Cracker to the face, blowing the feathers clean off his head (Ballade 14-9).
Cut Man thought he'd cut Impact Man apart, when in fact Impact Man had actually separated into the Impact Brothers, quickly outnumbering him (Impact Man 12-11).
Showing absolutely no tolerance for Mercury's penchant for piracy, Dive Man hunted him down and threw him into the brig where he belonged (Dive Man 14-9).
In a battle of extreme temperatures, Heat Man's atomic meltdown eventually broke through Freeze Man's icy veil and reduced him to slag (Heat Man 13-10).

Keepers of the ruins clashed deep beneath the earth. Sword Man repelled countless Spread Drills and handily put Ground Man to the sword (Sword Man 12-11).
Blizzard Man took full advantage of Pluto's characteristic, cat-like aversion to the cold and buried him beneath a heap of chilling snow (Blizzard Man 17-6).
Tengu Blade and Slash Claw matched each other, blow for blow, but eventually Tengu Man's aerial superiority spelled Slash Man's defeat (Tengu Man 16-7).
Clever Quick Man, relentlessly goading and baiting Junk Man, managed to lure his opponent into stumbling into a deadly force beam (Quick Man 17-6).
Thanks to his aversion to fire, Hornet Man and his legion of hornets were wholly unable to stand up to Turbo Man's Scorch Wheel (Turbo Man 13-10).

Terra, Tomahawk Man, Cut Man, Mercury, Freeze Man, Ground Man, Pluto, Slash Man, Junk Man, and Hornet Man have been eliminated!

And the eliminations won't be stopping there, either. Onwards!

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Major) -- Group C

Crystal Man vs. Skull Man
Frost Man vs. Block Man
Pirate Man vs. Shade Man
Astro Man vs. Grenade Man
Hyper Storm H vs. Top Man

Round 2 (Major) -- Group D

Spring Man vs. Crash Man
Burner Man vs. Wave Man
Pump Man vs. Blade Man
Torch Man vs. Yamato Man

My vote:

Skull Man
Block Man
Pirate Man
Astro Man
Hyper Storm H

Crash Man
Wave Man
Blade Man
Torch Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 06, 2021, 08:03:42 PM »
We've accumulated 23 votes today. Thank you to everyone for such a consistent turnout!

In the upper pool...

Hard Man and Cold Man clashed in a boxing match. Despite being a literal box, Cold Man fell to Hard Man's right hook (Hard Man 13-10).
Gyro Man took to the sky to escape Chain Blast's radius, but Blast Man blew himself skyward to land a solid hit (Blast Man 12-11).
Buster Rod G stepped up to bat and swung his rod once, twice, three times, and was struck out by Strike Man (Strike Man 12-11).
Crash Man and Ground Man engaged in drill warfare, but Tornado Man spiraled high above them both (Tornado Man 15.5, Ground Man 10, Crash Man 9).

In the lower pool...

On top of generally being a jerk, Pirate Man hit Plug Man where it hurt by plundering his entire manga collection (Pirate Man 16-7).
Acid Barrier and Bubble Bomb collided, triggered an explosive reaction that left Acid Man standing triumphant over Venus (Acid Man 17-6).
Flash Man's shiny, bald head made an easy mark for Commando Man, being perfectly visible even through a sandstorm (Commando Man 13-10.)
Charge Man plowed straight over both Toad Man and Star Man, who croaked and saw stars respectively (Charge Man 13, Toad Man 12, Star Man 9.5).

Plug Man, Venus, Flash Man, Toad Man, and Star Man have been eliminated!

At this point, 28 Robot Masters have been eliminated. This round's losers of the upper pool and winners of the lower pool will now fight to stay in the game. By the end of this phase, 28 more will be eliminated, leaving 54 of the 110 Robot Masters remaining. With their eligibility for best Robot Master EVER at stake, things are really going to heat up, so stay tuned!

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Major) -- Group A

Terra vs. Charge Man
Tomahawk Man vs. Ballade
Cut Man vs. Impact Man
Dive Man vs. Mercury
Heat Man vs. Freeze Man

Round 2 (Major) -- Group B

Sword Man vs. Ground Man
Pluto vs. Blizzard Man
Tengu Man vs. Slash Man
Quick Man vs. Junk Man
Turbo Man vs. Hornet Man

My vote:

Tomahawk Man
Impact Man
Dive Man
Heat Man

Sword Man
Blizzard Man
Tengu Man
Junk Man
Hornet Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 04, 2021, 08:55:25 PM »
Today's total is 27 votes. That's actually quite impressive, considering the very first poll received 29 votes!

In the upper pool...

Freeze Man and Punk engaged in a pose-off. Freeze Man struck his coolest pose, but Punk's edgy moves shattered his resolve (Punk 15-12).
Napalm Man's barrage was as relentless as a waterfall, such that Bubble Man's acidic armament simply couldn't compete (Napalm Man 18-9).
Frost Man's sluggish moves and icy body meant he never stood a chance against Elec Man's quick wit and crackling lightning (Elec Man 16-11).
Ballade challenged Knight Man to a duel to prove his superiority, but neither Knight Man's shield nor resolve would be broken (Knight Man 18-9).

In the lower pool...

Needle Man drove a spike straight through Dynamo Man's generator, causing him to electrocute himself instead of recharging (Needle Man 19-8).
Junk Man managed to turn the tables on Wind Man by using the strong winds to propel large chunks of scrap at his opponent (Junk Man 15-12).
Bomb Man tried to repel Crystal Man's attacks with some bombs, but the resulting crystal shards failed to catch his eye (Crystal Man 16-11).
Stone Man tried to throw Top Man off balance with some earthquakes, but Top Man wasn't about to let anything slow him down (Top Man 14-13).

Dynamo Man, Wind Man, Bomb Man, and Stone Man have been eliminated!

Here come the last groups before we focus on the lower pool's major phase for a bit.

Upper Pool
Round 2 -- Group F

Cold Man vs. Hard Man
Blast Man vs. Gyro Man
Strike Man vs. Buster Rod G
Crash Man vs. Tornado Man vs. Ground Man

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Minor) -- Group F

Pirate Man vs. Plug Man
Venus vs. Acid Man
Flash Man vs. Commando Man
Toad Man vs. Charge Man vs. Star Man

You'll notice we have a couple of three-way matchups this time. Rather than vote for just one of the three, you'll be ranking them from favorite to least favorite. Favorite picks will count as one (1) vote, while second favorites will receive half of a vote. While only one winner will emerge, this will hopefully ensure a more accurate overall rating.

As before, I can't count votes that don't fulfill this condition, so please make sure you vote correctly. Feel free to ask questions if need be.

My vote:

Cold Man
Blast Man
Buster Rod G
Tornado Man > Crash Man > Ground Man

Pirate Man
Acid Man
Flash Man
Charge Man > Star Man > Toad Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 02, 2021, 03:30:27 PM »
23 votes again! Due to some prior obligations, I had to wait a little bit before I could get around to this, but it all worked out!

In the upper pool...

Tomahawk Man and Snake Man had a high noon showdown in the dusty wilds, from which Snake Man slithered away victorious (Snake Man 14-9).
Air Man repelled Grenade Man's Flash Bombs back at him and claimed victory, but Grenade Man seemed to enjoy it all the same (Air Man 13-10).
Time Man was surprised by Enker's punctual arrival--so much so that he didn't notice he had been run through with a barrier spear (Enker 19-4).
Sheep Man was getting bored watching all of these matches, so Galaxy Man offered him an all-expense-paid trip into deep space (Galaxy Man 13-10).

In the lower pool...

Impact Man powered through Plant Man's flowery defenses and skewered him, making himself a lovely bouquet in the process (Impact Man 14-9).
Though not quite as corrosive or potent as Salt Water, Wave Man's Water Wave was more than enough to sink Mars's battleship (Wave Man 15-8).
Not content with simply burying his opponent, Block Man recklessly broke down an entire dam and washed Aqua Man away (Block Man 16-7).
Astro Man's Astro Crush was more than capable of blowing Mega Water S out of the water and into low orbit, barrier or not (Astro Man 16-7).

Plant Man, Mars, Aqua Man, and Mega Water S have been eliminated!

Onto the next groups, then!

Upper Pool
Round 2 -- Group E

Freeze Man vs. Punk
Bubble Man vs. Napalm Man
Elec Man vs. Frost Man
Knight Man vs. Ballade

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Minor) -- Group E

Needle Man vs. Dynamo Man
Wind Man vs. Junk Man
Crystal Man vs. Bomb Man
Top Man vs. Stone Man

My vote:

Freeze Man
Bubble Man
Elec Man
Knight Man

Needle Man
Junk Man
Bomb Man
Top Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 30, 2020, 09:31:17 PM »
This was an interesting set. I received 26 votes, but unfortunately, I had to discard an incomplete one per the rules:

Additionally, keep in mind that I won't be counting votes that omit any of the matchups. Vote properly or not at all, please.

This leaves us with 25 votes accounted for. Rest assured, I'll try to get in touch if I notice any mistakes. I'd hate for anyone to miss out!

In the upper pool...

Shadow Man, behind the wheel of his Shinobi Master vehicle, managed to claim victory over Turbo Man in a 1-on-1 race (Shadow Man 13-12).
Gravity Man pinned his opponent's stray spear head against the ceiling, leaving Yamato Man defenseless and winning handily (Gravity Man 14-11).
Concrete Man's Concrete Shot left Sword Man wholly immobilized. Won't be pulling the sword from that stone anytime soon (Concrete Man 14-11).
In a moment of ingenuity, Dust Man repelled Dive Man's missiles with a blast of air, turning his own attack against him (Dust Man 18-7).
Rather than attack directly, Flame Man ignited the flammable oil stored aboard the cargo ship and blew Blizzard Man sky high (Flame Man 13-12).

In the lower pool...

Clown Man tried to take a ride on Centaur Man's back, but he ended up trampled instead. That's what he gets for horsing around (Centaur Man 18-7).
Rather than deflecting the attack, Jewel Man's shimmering gems refracted and refocused Terra's Spark Chaser directly at himself (Terra 17-8).
Light and darkness clashed, but not quite in equal measure, as Bright Man soon found himself swallowed up by Saturn's Black Hole (Saturn 14-11).
Chill Man and Bounce Man went head-to-head, but where Chill Man managed to keep his cool, Bounce Man ended up dropping the ball (Chill Man 17-8).
Metal Man battled Spark Man till the break of dawn, and finally triumphed. Spark Man was just glad he hadn't ended up headless (Metal Man 18-7).

Clown Man, Jewel Man, Bright Man, Bounce Man, and Spark Man have been eliminated!

And, of course, a new set to vote for!

Upper Pool
Round 2 -- Group D

Snake Man vs. Tomahawk Man
Air Man vs. Grenade Man
Time Man vs. Enker
Galaxy Man vs. Sheep Man

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Minor) -- Group D

Impact Man vs. Plant Man
Mars vs. Wave Man
Block Man vs. Aqua Man
Mega Water S vs. Astro Man

My vote:

Tomahawk Man
Air Man
Sheep Man

Impact Man
Block Man
Astro Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 28, 2020, 10:53:12 PM »
Hope y'all had a good holiday! Thanks to those that were able, we're sitting at 19 votes today!

In the upper pool...

Wood Man discovered that lighting does strike twice when he was felled by Jupiter. Too bad nobody was around to hear it (Jupiter 13-6).
Magnet Man was magnetically drawing death in, until he reversed polarity. Skull Man will think twice before messing with him again (Magnet Man 11-8).
Tengu Man was zapped by Fuse Man and came crashing down to the ground, not unlike a bird coming to rest on a live power line (Fuse Man 10-9).
Blade Man fought with magnificent fervor, but Fire Man's spirit of justice would not be quelled, once again allowing him to prevail (Fire Man 10-9).
The birds and the bees clashed as Magic Man and Hornet Man went head-to-head. Unfortunately, Hornet Man couldn't quite measure up (Magic Man 12-7).

Meanwhile, in the lower pool...

Uranus gave it his every effort, but unsurprisingly, his innate vulnerability to Pluto's Break Dash spelled his downfall (Pluto 11-8).
They say heat rises, but Heat Man took it to a new extreme when he was somehow able to get the drop on Cloud Man (Heat Man 12-7).
Burner Man went well beyond smoking Oil Man, going as far as to burn everything within a 50-foot radius just for the heck of it (Burner Man 15-4).
Cut Man used his Rolling Cutter to turn Ice Man's parka into a lovely scarf, leaving his brother defeated and absolutely mortified (Cut Man 13-6).
Quint's time travels apparently landed him in the Year of the Pig, since Hyper Storm H fought at his best and claimed victory (Hyper Storm H 10-9).

Uranus, Cloud Man, Oil Man, Ice Man, and Quint have been eliminated!


Upper Pool
Round 2 -- Group C

Turbo Man vs. Shadow Man
Gravity Man vs. Yamato Man
Concrete Man vs. Sword Man
Dive Man vs. Dust Man
Flame Man vs. Blizzard Man

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Minor) -- Group C

Centaur Man vs. Clown Man
Terra vs. Jewel Man
Bright Man vs. Saturn
Chill Man vs. Bounce Man
Spark Man vs. Metal Man

My vote:

Shadow Man
Yamato Man
Sword Man
Dive Man
Blizzard Man

Centaur Man
Bright Man
Chill Man
Spark Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 25, 2020, 11:30:19 PM »
And that's that! 22 votes in all! On top of that, we have our first eliminations...

In the upper pool...

Nitro Man rushed Mercury down and watched him splatter spectacularly, leaving green, gooey residue all over the road (Nitro Man 14-8).
Tundra Man froze Pump Man's Water Shield solid, turning his once-protective veil of water into an icy prison (Tundra Man 12-10).
Gemini Man and Splash Woman competed in a round of laser tag, in which Splash Woman found herself hopelessly outnumbered (Gemini Man 13-9).
Pharaoh Man showed no mercy towards his opponent. By the end, Torch Man found himself confined within a sarcophagus (Pharaoh Man 16-6).
Solar Man's onslaught eventually began to wear Spring Man down. After all, spring must eventually give way to summer (Solar Man 14-8).

Meanwhile, in the lower pool...

Crafty Shade Man made light of Magma Man's mundane battle strategy, which relied heavily upon getting into close range (Shade Man 16-6).
Neptune brought the might of the sea to bear against Drill Man, flooding his tunnels and corroding his digging equipment (Neptune 12-10).
A battle of boomerangs saw Quick Man quickly gain the upper hand against boastful Ring Man. What goes around, comes around (Quick Man 16-6).
Burst Man's cowardice made him easy pickings for fearless Guts Man, who simply walked up to his opponent and punched his lights out (Guts Man 17-5).
Though both thrived in the jungle, Search Man's camouflage availed him little as Slash Man tore up the foliage to flush him out (Slash Man 13-9).

Unfortunately, this means Magma Man, Drill Man, Ring Man, Burst Man, and Search Man have been eliminated!

Onto the next set!

Upper Pool
Round 2 -- Group B

Wood Man vs. Jupiter
Magnet Man vs. Skull Man
Tengu Man vs. Fuse Man
Blade Man vs. Fire Man
Magic Man vs. Hornet Man

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Minor) -- Group B

Uranus vs. Pluto
Cloud Man vs. Heat Man
Oil Man vs. Burner Man
Cut Man vs. Ice Man
Hyper Storm H vs. Quint

My vote:

Magnet Man
Fuse Man
Blade Man
Hornet Man

Cloud Man
Oil Man
Ice Man
Hyper Storm H

Forum Games / Re: [Round 2] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 24, 2020, 03:14:26 PM »
Welcome back! The second round of voting begins now. For those unfamiliar with double elimination rules, allow me to explain:

In order to be eliminated from the competition, a participant must suffer two (2) losses. While everyone begins on equal footing, the first loss will cause them to drop into the lower pool (corresponding to the losers bracket in a traditional bracket-style tournament), where they will continue to face off against other once-losers. Losing a second time will, of course, eliminate them from the game.

Rounds in the lower pool are carried out in two phases: minor and major. The minor phase is intended to reduce the number of competitors. The winners of the minor phase will advance to the major phase, where they will be matched against losers from the upper pool. This means that it's possible for someone in the upper pool to lose twice in one round and be eliminated. Nobody is safe! By the end of each future round, the number of competitors will be halved.

For those of you who don't care about the specifics: just keep on voting! We're at the stage where eliminations will begin to occur.

Without further ado:

Upper Pool
Round 2 -- Group A

Mercury vs. Nitro Man
Pump Man vs. Tundra Man
Gemini Man vs. Splash Woman
Pharaoh Man vs. Torch Man
Solar Man vs. Spring Man

Lower Pool
Round 2 (Minor) -- Group A

Magma Man vs. Shade Man
Neptune vs. Drill Man
Quick Man vs. Ring Man
Guts Man vs. Burst Man
Slash Man vs. Search Man

My vote:

Tundra Man
Gemini Man
Pharaoh Man
Solar Man

Magma Man
Drill Man
Quick Man
Guts Man
Search Man

Forum Games / Re: Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 24, 2020, 01:28:43 PM »
For scheduling reasons (and because we currently have an odd number of votes and 3 potential ties), I'm closing the polls now. 21 votes total!

Ring Man thought his fighting technique to be nigh unstoppable, but Gravity Man brought him back down to earth (Gravity Man 16-5).
Bubble Man surprised everyone when he (somehow) swam through the clouds and defeated Cloud Man within a leaden sky (Bubble Man 11-10).
Mega Water S went on the defensive to defeat Time Man by running down the clock, which didn't work for obvious reasons (Time Man 14-7).
Even Junk Man's veritable fortress of scrap couldn't keep him from being blown away by Air Man's righteous tempest (Air Man 15-6).
Search Man had the advantage until he got into a heated argument with himself. Skull Man laid it--and him--to rest (Skull Man 16-5).

Demonstrating his mastery over magnetic forces, Magnet Man rocked the boat hard enough to make Neptune seasick (Magnet Man 17-4).
Blizzard Man showed almost no patience for Venus's crabby attitude and took him down like he was nothin' at all (Blizzard Man 17-4).
The unstoppable force that is Yamato Man came at the immovable Jewel Man, proving that he wasn't so immovable after all (Yamato Man 11-10).
Clown Man was able to reach Gyro Man high above, but one Gyro Attack was all it took to turn Clown Man's arms into a pretzel (Gyro Man 15-6).
Denizens of the darkness clashed in a battle that only a lucky few could even see, until Shadow Man clipped Shade Man's wings (Shadow Man 12-9).

That brings the first round to its conclusion! From here, the winners and losers have been separated into upper and lower pools, and voting will continue shortly. Stay tuned!

Forum Games / Re: Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 23, 2020, 10:38:54 PM »
In the event of a tie, I harass anyone who will listen and beg them to go cast a tiebreaker vote. So far, it's only happened once (Plant Man vs. Pump Man). It's inelegant, but it works.

On an unrelated (but opportunistic) note, I've included a link to a spreadsheet to allow voters (or spectators) to see tournament progress at a glance. Check it out on the front post, if you like!

Forum Games / Re: Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: December 23, 2020, 03:00:39 AM »
21 votes in all! Thanks go out to everyone who voted!

Charge Man lurched forth with a single-minded fury, but Cold Man's deliberately-placed Ice Wall threw him completely off track (Cold Man 11-10).
The battle between Fuse Man and Quick Man unfolded, fast as lightning, but even without the Speed Gear, Fuse Man triumphed (Fuse Man 12-9).
In a sculpting contest, Ice Man was bested by Concrete Man, who erected a parka-clad statue that the judges unanimously described as "lifelike" (Concrete Man 16-5).
Oil Man proved his talent for skating, at least, since he never stopped moving until Spring Man ensnared him with his wiry limbs (Spring Man 14-7).
Bright Man's powerful light wasn't enough to flush Snake Man out of hiding, and he was toyed with until the predator finally pounced (Snake Man 17-4).

Splash Woman insisted on a karaoke contest, and Cut Man generously obliged. Unfortunately, he ended up being just a little too sharp (Splash Woman 14-7).
Stone Man was so mesmerized by Tundra Man's unrivaled grace and practiced technique, he was buried beneath an avalanche he never saw coming (Tundra Man 14-7).
Noble Knight Man fought valiantly against Terra the invader, shield unbreaking and flail unfailing, until the merciless Stardroid fell (Knight Man 12-9).
Crystal Man peered into the future and foresaw a humiliating defeat by Sword Man. Rather than suffer the ignominy, he decided to forfeit (Sword Man 12-9).
Quint attacked from above using his Sakugarne, but Tomahawk Man's rising Silver Tomahawks put a stop to it before he touched the ground (Tomahawk Man 16-5).

This is it: the final few bouts of the first round! Once the results are in, winners and losers will be separated into upper and lower pools, respectively, and voting will continue into the second round. For some, this will be an opportunity to further distinguish themselves; for others, one last chance to stay in the game. I hope you'll all watch with interest as things move forward.

Without further ado:

Round 1 -- Group J

Ring Man vs. Gravity Man
Cloud Man vs. Bubble Man
Time Man vs. Mega Water S
Junk Man vs. Air Man
Skull Man vs. Search Man

Round 1 -- Group K

Magnet Man vs. Neptune
Blizzard Man vs. Venus
Yamato Man vs. Jewel Man
Gyro Man vs. Clown Man
Shadow Man vs. Shade Man

My vote:

Gravity Man
Cloud Man
Time Man
Air Man
Search Man

Magnet Man
Blizzard Man
Jewel Man
Clown Man
Shadow Man

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