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Closed / [ACS/Colors] Galaxy Man Translation(s)
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:21:31 PM »
Most people wouldn't notice this, but I spend entirely too much time drooling over the MM8BDM palette.

At the top is Galaxy Man's base sprite, and also the translation GALAXYMAN (887), as seen in COLORS.acs. It doesn't do practically anything, but it's there.
Code: [Select]
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN, 192:192=192:192, 198:198=198:198, 207:207=207:207, 240:240=207:207);
The first row is straight from Mega Man 9. Those are his original colors, from the original game.

The second row is translations GALAXYMAN1 (890) through GALAXYMAN7 (896), also seen in COLORS.acs.
Code: [Select]
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN1, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=205:205, 207:207=206:206, 240:240=206:206);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN2, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=58:58, 207:207=60:60, 240:240=60:60);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN3, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=39:39, 207:207=40:40, 240:240=40:40);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN4, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=225:225, 207:207=227:227, 240:240=227:227);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN5, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=229:229, 207:207=230:230, 240:240=230:230);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN6, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=104:104, 207:207=111:111, 240:240=111:111);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN7, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=103:103, 207:207=116:116, 240:240=116:116);

The third row is a set of translations created in MAP01's scripts, which the Galaxy Man prop uses.
Code: [Select]
CreateTranslation(600, 198:198=[247,181,0]:[247,181,0], 192:192=4:4);
CreateTranslation(601, 198:198=[181,247,16]:[181,247,16], 192:192=4:4);
CreateTranslation(602, 198:198=[82,247,148]:[82,247,148], 192:192=4:4);
CreateTranslation(603, 198:198=[148,115,247]:[148,115,247], 192:192=4:4);
CreateTranslation(604, 198:198=[247,82,148]:[247,82,148], 192:192=4:4);
CreateTranslation(605, 198:198=[247,115,82]:[247,115,82], 192:192=4:4);

So what's the problem, then? Inconsistency. The translations in COLORS.acs translate too many colors, which isn't faithful to the original game. On the other hand, the RGB notation used in MAP01 is fine and all, but it's missing an entire translation.

The fourth row is my solution: dropping the extra color from COLORS.acs. It closely resembles those seen in Mega Man 9, while drawing straight from the MM8BDM palette.
Code: [Select]
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN, 192:192=192:192, 198:198=198:198);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN1, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=205:205);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN2, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=58:58);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN3, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=39:39);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN4, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=225:225);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN5, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=229:229);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN6, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=104:104);
CreateTranslation (GALAXYMAN7, 192:192=4:4, 198:198=103:103);

Then, apply it to MAP01. Quick and painless.
Code: [Select]
Script 32 OPEN
        Thing_SetTranslation(119, 890); Delay(8);
        Thing_SetTranslation(119, 891); Delay(8);
        Thing_SetTranslation(119, 892); Delay(8);
        Thing_SetTranslation(119, 893); Delay(8);
        Thing_SetTranslation(119, 894); Delay(8);
        Thing_SetTranslation(119, 895); Delay(8);
Thing_SetTranslation(119, 896); Delay(8);

DECORATE and ACS Modifications / [v5d] Team Spirit v1.2
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:15:47 PM »
Team Spirit

This is a team-game enhancement heavily based off of Jax's take on projectile translation methods. The key difference between them is that while his version respects NES limitations (within reason), this version forgoes color limitations for a (hopefully) much more visually-pleasing experience. While I rewrote the framework from scratch, the methods used to achieve these translations are nearly the same.

Practically every projectile has been recolored to match your team's color.
Expanded team palette: basic, energy, fire, electric, and soft color sets help each projectile keep its identity, while still proudly wearing its colors.
Players now flash when charging weapons like Atomic Fire. No more getting caught off-guard by instant death!
HUD messages reminding you of your allegiance at the beginning of each round (this can be turned off in the options menu).
Other small quality-of-life changes.

Supported by: Team Deathmatch, Team LMS, Capture the Flag, One-flag CTF, Team Possession

(click to show/hide)

What's new in version 1.2?
Fixed a compatibility issue with v5d that caused the new sticky lift scripts to break.

This is my first real venture into the wonderful world of ACS. Bug reports and general feedback would be much appreciated.

Download from TSPG
Download from Dropbox

Closed / [Bug] Super Bass Butt Laser
« on: March 07, 2018, 11:42:28 PM »
I didn't want to make a fourth topic.
But Lego told me to.

If you land the finishing hit on Super Bass while he's performing his cross-stage laser attack, he'll continue to fire the laser indefinitely while he falls to the ground, which causes debris to constantly fly out from wherever he lands. This doesn't affect the cutscene in any way--things will still progress as normal.

Closed / [ACS/Colors] Proto Buster Translation
« on: March 06, 2018, 10:54:28 PM »
Here's another thing I happened upon while on my Slade adventures.

Proto Buster's second charging palette uses an antiquated, off-gold color translation from the days before MM8BDM got its fabled palette overhaul (top tow, 166, 148, 160). This is a far cry from its actual palette, as it appeared in Mega Man 9 and 10 (bottom row, 230, 229, 138). With a quick change to one ACS file, it can be fixed with great ease. Incidentally, the Proto Buster HUD has used these colors proper for as long as I can remember.

Here's a pk3 patch, if you want to see it in-game.

Closed / [Bug] Wave Burner Ammo Consumption
« on: March 05, 2018, 04:04:35 PM »
Another nuance I noticed while testing my custom HUD offline. During Wave Burner's firing states, after every few shots (I think five or six), one of those shots will not consume ammo. You'll notice the ammo bar staggers a bit, and the ammo numbers should reflect that. This only occurs while holding the fire button. Simply tapping the fire button repeatedly for individual shots will not produce this bug. This also only occurs outside of the water. Its underwater firing states consume ammo properly.

Closed / [Bug] Rush Marine Duration
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:45:30 PM »
I noticed when testing my custom HUD offline that Rush Marine still burns energy if the item is initially activated out of the water. If you don't enter the water, the item can very well disappear without ever being used. However, upon entering the water for the first time, it behaves normally from then on, going on standby when leaving the water.

It's not something I can exactly capture with a screenshot, so I urge you to try it for yourself. Activate Rush Marine, then watch RushMarineCounter using printinv.

Disclaimer: not an actual ball

I wanted to make a custom HUD, so this is the result of about half a year of on-and-off work.

(click to show/hide)

So what's this thing all about?
Health and ammo bars, weapon icons, and inventory items now occupy a stylized window in the top left corner.
Bars are accompanied by numbers that indicate exactly how much health or ammo remains. Fancy!
Weapon names are printed underneath the ammo bar. Now Air Shooter and Dive Missile don't feel so same-y!
Stay in the know with new flag-carrying and Terminator artifact HUD indicators!
Features a color-changing mugshot that reflects the currently-equipped weapon.
Rush Jet, Rush Marine, and Beat Call are now represented by ammo bars next to the player's, for extra accuracy!
Bosses get the window-and-mugshot treatment, too! Enhance your campaign experience! (HUDBall-SP only!)

This HUD is incompatible with classes and it always will be. Sue me.

Download links, please!
Current version: v1c
HUDBall This is the basic, multiplayer version. It may be placed inside your MM8BDM pk3, allowing you to join servers with your shiny new HUD!
HUDBall-SP This is the enhanced version made for singleplayer. It should be loaded offline via the MM8BDM launcher, alongside the multiplayer version. Huge credit to Lego for his ACS assistance!
HUDBall-Roboenza [NEW] This features all the multiplayer version has to offer, in addition to compatibility with Rage Roboenza mode! It must also be placed inside your MM8BDM pk3. If loaded without Rage Roboenza, Zandronum will spit out several (harmless) error messages when launching, so if you'd rather not see those, the vanilla multiplayer version is still available!

How do I install this thing?
To install HUDBall or HUDBall-Roboenza and join multiplayer servers, follow these instructions:
    ◘ Download a Doom editor, such as Slade.
    ◘ Launch your editor of choice and open MM8BDM-v5c.pk3. If you're worried about messing this part up, make a backup copy.
    ◘ Import hudball-v1c.wad or hudball-v1c-roboenza.wad and place it in the root directory (next to all of the map wads).
    ◘ Save your changes, close the editor and launch MM8BDM. If you did everything right, you should be able to join servers with your new HUD!
    Remember that HUDBall will not work on servers whose wads modify SBARINFO, such as classes. This is simply the nature of clientside mods.
To install HUDBall-SP, simply load hudball-v1c-sp.wad in the MM8BDM launcher. It requires HUDBall to be installed in your pk3, or loaded in the launcher first. This version features additional DECORATE and ACS scripts, so it won't work online, even if you follow the steps for the multiplayer version above.

How do I make a custom mugshot work with this mod?
Mugshot translations utilize these five colors. You'll want to use the following palette. Make sure the black is correct.

It's not necessary, but I strongly recommend making the extra black space in your mugshot transparent. This makes charge weapons easier on the eyes.
To insert your mugshot, simply crack open hudball-v1c.wad or hudball-v1c-roboenza.wad in Slade and replace HBFACE.png with one of your own. I left handy markers inside, if you're having trouble finding it.
Alternatively, here are a few ready to go right away:

What's new in the latest version? (8.24.2018)
Rage Roboenza compatibility!
The empty husk of the HUD will no longer display if the player is dead or spectating.
Various mugshot improvements and corrections.

Have fun! Feedback and bug reports are welcome and encouraged.


Mega Man V 2A03 Remake

I've put together a music pack for the Mega Man V 2A03 Remake by TheStupidTriforce. Features over 25 MMV tracks remastered in a traditional NES sound format, including a remixed boss theme for the Wily Star stage.

Get the music pack here, and if you want, grab the album here. Drop the wad in your skins folder and you're good to go!

I did my best to adhere to core naming standards, but if you're having trouble finding a particular song, the codes are available here, as well as in the wad's readme file.

Code: (Music Codes) [Select]
MMVINTRO .. Prologue
MMVPASS ... Password
MMVLIGHT .. Light Lab 1
MMVSTAGE .. Stage Select
MMVSEL .... Stage Start
MERMUS .... Mercury
VENMUS .... Venus
MARMUS .... Mars
NEPMUS .... Neptune
SPACEDOG .. Rush Space
MMVSHOP ... Light Lab 2
JUPMUS .... Jupiter
SATMUS .... Saturn
URAMUS .... Uranus
PLTMUS .... Pluto
TERMUS .... Terra
MMVBOSS ... Boss
MMVVIC .... Stage Clear
MMVWEAP ... Weapon Get
STRDROID .. Space Rulers
SPACEMUS .. Space Shooting Stage
VDW1MUS ... Wily Star Stage
MMVBOSS2 .. Wily Star Boss
MMVBOSS3 .. Sunstar
MMVVIC2 ... All Clear
MMVCRED ... Ending
MMVGO ..... Game Over

Closed / [Sprites] Yamato Man Color Distribution
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:51:42 PM »
I noticed in the v5b intro that Yamato Man's skin does not accurately portray his original sprite in terms of color distribution. Some things that were originally purple became blue, while others became cyan. White and cyan appeared in places that initially did not have them. After going through a few iterations, I settled on this correction.

(From left to right: current skin, proposal, colored variants)

The most prominent changes are most of the white being removed to make way for blue and cyan, and his orange adornments remaining orange. Additionally, I went through and removed a few errors that had existed since the skin's inception, though these were largely small bits of background white that were missed back then. At this point, I believe I have made the skin significantly more accurate to his original appearance in Mega Man 6.

It is also worth noting that any core or modded props that translate the skin to its original palette (such as the one used in the v5b intro) will need to have their translation fixed accordingly.

I'm including two download links. This version is a direct sprite replacement, preserving the original offsets, while this version features different (and what I believe to be improved) offsets that draw focus away from the spear and more towards his body.

Closed / [Suggestion] Ballade Cracker
« on: October 15, 2016, 04:38:00 AM »
Put simply, Ballade Cracker is too powerful a weapon with little to nothing in the way of counterplay. Every other bomb weapon has some kind of drawback that makes it formidable while not being overpowered.

Hyper Bomb is usually an instant kill, but its long delay and limited range make it inappropriate for direct confrontations.
Crash Bomber deals hitstun, but it explodes instantly only on direct hit, and uses a good bit of ammo.
Drill Bomb can be detonated on a whim, but this means only one can be fired at a time.
Napalm Bomb has lots of ammo, but its range is limited.
Danger Wrap is especially versatile (direct hits, air strikes, mines) but is otherwise slow and unwieldy.
Flash Bomb lingers for a while, making it great for traps, but the projectile travels slowly.
Remote Mine can be redirected after firing, but the blast radius is smaller than that of most other bombs.

Ballade Cracker travels faster than Crash Bomber (50 as opposed to 40), explodes on contact with anything (as opposed to just actors), and direct hits can take almost half of your health instantly (48). While that last bit is true of many bomb weapons, Ballade Cracker is very forgiving in that, because it explodes on contact with surfaces as well as actors, splash damage is much more punishing. Its only drawback is its high ammo consumption, being the highest out of every bomb weapon (4 ammo per shot, allows for 7 shots).

My suggestion is to lower the projectile speed. The idea behind this is to give the target ample time to react to the weapon and help justify taking that much damage in one sitting; as it is now, one very rarely has to lead their shots to score direct hits, which is very difficult to counteract.

Rejected / [Suggestion] Boss Flags for Mod Support
« on: August 22, 2016, 07:09:41 AM »
A fairly simple addition. When a boss fight is initiated, give the player a unique inventory item such as "YellowDevilFlag" or "BossFlag1" or the like. This would allow custom huds to draw unique hud elements depending on the boss, or help give mods ease of access if modders wish to add on to the boss in any way.

EDIT: Perhaps specifics would be better. Consider including unique flags for Super Bass, the Wily Capsule, and all phases of King, Quint, and the Mega Mech Shark.

Closed / [Suggestion] Modified Bass Mugshot
« on: August 18, 2016, 05:52:28 AM »
The Bass mugshot used in core is taken directly from Rockman 7 FC and given a Mega Man 10 coat of paint.

I cleaned it up a little in an attempt to help it blend into the game better and perhaps remove the more unpolished look 7FC's artwork has.

That's about it.

Closed / [Suggestion] Return Time Stopper to Eddie
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:12:33 AM »
MM8BDM v5 removed Time Stopper, the best part about Eddie, from his drops.

That's dumb. Let's put it back in.

Closed / [Suggestion] Obituary Cleanup
« on: February 02, 2016, 09:47:42 PM »
There are a few oddities among the obituaries in core. Here are a few changes I'd like to be considered to help with consistency, or just to add flavor.

This one particularly strikes me as last-second and arbitrary. Additionally, "Oil Flame" makes it sound like an entirely different weapon.
(Also, it shares an obituary with Flame Blast. Whether or not that was intentional, I can't say.)
Code: [Select]
OB_OILSLIDER2 = "%o was ignited by %k's Oil Flame.";
OB_OILSLIDER2 = "%o went up in flames with %k's burning Oil Slider.";

I know the only way to trigger this obituary is by getting a kill with another weapon while this one is equipped, but still...
(Plus, if Time Stopper is ever made into an actual weapon, then this would be handy.)
Code: [Select]
OB_TIMESTOPPER = "%o thought %h was Quick Man due to %k's Time Stopper.";
OB_TIMESTOPPER = "%o was flash-frozen by %k's Time Stopper.";

This one always stuck out to me as it used a plural form as opposed to a singular like every other weapon.
Code: [Select]
OB_SEARCHSNAKE = "%o was caught by one of %k's Search Snakes.";
OB_SEARCHSNAKE = "%o was caught by %k's Search Snake.";

The v3 standardization caused this one to be the most awkward obituary in core. Also a similar case to Search Snake.
Code: [Select]
OB_RINGBOOMERANG = "%o had rings ran around %h by %k's Ring Boomerangs.";
OB_RINGBOOMERANG = "%o was thrown for a loop by %k's Ring Boomerang.";

This is more for flavor than anything else.
Code: [Select]
OB_GRAVITYHOLD = "%o was pressurized by %k's Gravity Hold.";
OB_GRAVITYHOLD = "%o was thrown into orbit by %k's Gravity Hold.";

Honestly, "saw stars by" doesn't really sound correct. Let's fix that.
Code: [Select]
OB_STARCRASH = "%o saw stars by %k's Star Crash.";
OB_STARCRASH = "%o saw stars from %k's Star Crash.";

I find this one kind of weird. How do you even bounce someone out anyway?
Code: [Select]
OB_MEGABALL = "%o was bounced out by %k's Mega Ball.";
OB_MEGABALL = "%o was hit in the face by %k's Mega Ball.";

I feel like this one doesn't carry quite enough weight. This is also more for flavor.
Code: [Select]
OB_LIGHTNINGBOLT = "%o was conducted by %k's Lightning Bolt.";
OB_LIGHTNINGBOLT = "%o was overloaded by %k's Lightning Bolt.";

Being the underwater variant, this doesn't make much sense to me. Plus, there ought to be some more distinction between versions of the weapon.
Code: [Select]
OB_WAVEBURNER2 = "%o was blasted away by %k's Wave Burner.";
OB_WAVEBURNER2 = "%o was boiled by %k's underwater Wave Burner.";

This weapon shares the obituary with Hyper Bomb. Let's fix that too.
Code: [Select]
OB_BALLADECRACKER = "%o was blown up by %k's Ballade Cracker";
OB_BALLADECRACKER = "%o was disabled by %k's Ballade Cracker";

If anyone else wants to see something changed, then by all means, go ahead and chime in.

Closed / [Suggestion] Randomly-chosen Skyboxes
« on: January 12, 2016, 03:03:11 AM »
Some stages in the classic series have multiple background settings throughout. As MM9TOR has been confirmed to use different weather effects chosen randomly at the start of the match, I figured there are other core maps that would also benefit from similar changes, including:

MM2CRA -- day/night (this is assuming something is done about the questionable transition effects currently in core)
MM3NEE -- day/night (the unused day texture actually exists in core)
MM3GEM -- white/blue (the effect is barely noticeable so it may not even be worth the effort)
MM4RIN -- day/night (to my understanding, this would affect floor and wall textures as well, so it may not be plausible)
MM4SKU -- day/sunset
MM5STO -- height variation (perhaps not sensible, but worth mentioning since the stage has four different backgrounds)
MM5DAR -- stages 1/3
MM6KNI -- sunset/night
MM6TOM -- day/sunset
MM7FRE -- morning/day (a similar case to MM3GEM, the effect isn't terribly noticeable)
MM7CLO -- day/sunset/rain/snow
MM7SPR -- sunset/night (considering there's no outdoor segment this may not be worth bothering with)
MM8AST -- morning/day
MM8CLO -- day/sunset
MM8FRO -- day/sunset/night
MM8DUO -- intro/Duo (these aren't even the same stage but I thought I'd mention it)
MMBCOL -- morning/day

Not the most necessary changes, but it would no doubt add a little more intrigue to these maps.

General Gaming Discussion / Magicite - Multiplayer RPG Platformer
« on: September 23, 2014, 02:28:59 AM »

Explore, craft, and survive in this Multiplayer RPG Platformer with permanent death! Featuring many Rogue-like elements, Magicite randomly generates each underground dungeon for you and your friends to delve deep into.

Exactly what is says on the tin. The game sees the denizens of a dystopian land forced underground by an evil force known as The Scourge. The player and his or her compatriots are to embark on a journey underground through various (procedurally-generated) dungeons, collecting gear, visiting towns, and building themselves up, culminating in a final battle against The Scourge. The game features loads of unlockable races, hats, and companions, as well as up-to-4-player cooperative play.

Character creation begins with a randomizer that spits out random values for HP, Attack, Dexterity, and Magic, as well as two additional perks, such as a greater hunger capacity or the ability to gather more materials. Players then choose a race, a hat and a companion and are thrust into the game. Not far into the game, three archetypical classes--warrior, mage, and archer--are proffered to the player via skill paths, accessible upon reaching certain levels. The game also features a simple crafting system, allowing players to create weapons and tools from various materials.

It's not a pricey game, nor is it taxing on one's system, and it's a whole lot of fun, especially with friends to help you along. If you're a fan of roguelikes, platformers, or cooperative play, I highly suggest giving it a try. Feel free to discuss your experiences and ask questions you may have.

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