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Projects & Creative / [Game Mode] Light vs. Wily
« on: August 11, 2014, 11:35:34 PM »

After Dr. Wily's latest defeat at the hands of the heroic tournament robot, Dr. Wily went into hiding, feverishly working to put his latest scheme into action. Using his last precious strains of Evil Energy, Dr. Wily retrieved the parts of the Evil Robot from orbit and restored it to working order. With a tamper-proof mechanism in place to ensure it didn't run haywire, the destructive power of the Evil Robot was firmly in Dr. Wily's grasp. The world was settling into its period of peace when cities around the world suddenly found themselves under attack by Wily's forces.

In order to quell the assailants, Dr. Light beckoned Duo to earth to aid in confronting them. However, in his earthly body, Duo was unable to fell the renegade robot. Backed into a corner, Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack worked tirelessly to restore him to his original form using schematics he proffered, hoping to give him the edge he needed. Now capable of fighting back against his adversary, the doctors dispatched Origin Duo alongside a slew of their Robot Masters, outfitted to fight against these new threats.


Introducing Light vs. Wily, the MM8BDM adaption of Light vs. Dark from Kid Icarus: Uprising. It's a Team Deathmatch gamemode with a Terminator twist.

How to Play: Two teams engage in Team Deathmatch, as in the vanilla gamemode. Each team sports a collective health gauge that depletes as players on that team are fragged. When the team's gauge hits zero, the last player on that team to be defeated spawns as a boss (Origin Duo or Evil Robot) and the gauge will then represent the boss's health. The objective of the gamemode is to defeat the enemy team's boss while protecting their own. When the enemy team's boss is defeated, your team wins.

The Bosses: When a player spawns as a boss, they are given a Giga Fist weapon (Duo Fist without the punch or mid-charge). They will also receive a number of special "giga" weapons, which are effectively beefed up copy weapons, such as those used by the Evil Robot in the Chapter 8 boss battle, though to a lesser extent. For instance, Giga Super Arm rips a meteor out of the ground and hucks it at hapless targets. They also receive Instagib movement, meaning increased speed and jump height. As a drawback, the boss cannot heal, so it is in the interest of the team to support their boss.

Download v1a here:
Best Ever | Dropbox

Quick note for server hosts: be sure to enable forced respawns -- otherwise, it becomes super easy to abuse. Also, a win limit of 2 is recommended.

(For v1, giga weapons are not included. Those may be implemented in a later version.)

(click to show/hide)
Please note that nothing is set in stone and is subject to change.

(click to show/hide)

While the gamemode plays like a Team Deathmatch mod, it actually runs in Team Last Man Standing with a handful of ACS scripts at work.
The mod sports team-colored Mega Busters (and lingering weapons like Ice Wall and Copy Vision), Lego's horizontal bar changes, and RushJet1's VRC6 takes on the final boss theme.
100% no altfires

The Team:
Gumballtoid - Project head, spriter, Decorate
Lego - ACS and Decorate
Dr. Freeman - Music looping
LlamaHombre, Magnet Dood, SmashBroPlusB - Additional hands, playtesters

With Help From:
Korby and Rui (UI sprite changes)
Jatea, Watzup7856, Spikeboy, Thunderono, xColdxFusionx, Jman, Captain Barlowe (Additional playtesters)

And if you try to make this compatible with classes, I will personally crucify you.

Forum Games Archive / Worst Robot Master EVER- RESULTS
« on: June 23, 2014, 05:55:19 AM »
Hey there, folks! As you may be aware, Dr. Freeman and LlamaHombre just finished up with Best Robot Master EVER, in which Robot Masters were pit against one another in a single elimination tournament to figure out which Robot Master was Cutstuff's favorite. After a grueling series of matchups, Elec Man claimed the title of Best Robot Master Ever! However, after this shocking development, a new question has arisen:

Who is the worst?

The losers of Round 1 of Best Robot Master EVER have returned with one goal in mind: prove they aren't as terrible as their comrades! We're going to do just that!

How To Play: Every day, there are 5 different matchups. Players vote for the Robot Master they prefer, very much in kind to Best Robot Master EVER. The Robot Master with the least votes will advance to the next round, meaning the winner of each round is very graciously spared the title of Worst Robot Master EVER.

So without further ado, let's get underway, and may the worst Robot Master lose horribly!

Worst Robot Master EVER:
(click to show/hide)
Worst Robot Master EVER (w/oPC&WS):
(click to show/hide)
Original post:
(click to show/hide)

Help & Editing / [DECORATE] Checking Teams
« on: May 25, 2014, 02:02:07 PM »
I'm trying to get a weapon to spit out a colored projectile based on the team the player is on. The only thing I'm really missing is a way to check the player's team. I'd appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

EDIT: Figured it out.

Code: [Select]
A_JumpIfInventory("LightTeamFlag", 1 ,"FireL")
This topic can be locked.

Closed / [Suggestion] Skull Barrier Change
« on: May 20, 2014, 12:25:28 AM »
The general consensus I've found upon talking to folks about it is that the Skull Barrier change makes the weapon stupidly cheap, especially in things like Duel and small games of Deathmatch. But at the same time, the old Skull Barrier created a scenario in that, once you used it, all the other guy had to do was hold their fire until it disappeared. Plus, one could continue to eat up weapon energy capsules or constantly down W Tanks and effectively stall a Duel.

Let's find a happy medium.

The change I'm proposing is quite simple. When Skull Barrier is used, it will grant invulnerability for half the time old Skull Barrier did, using half your ammo in the process. While in effect, the secondary ammo bar will appear within, denoting how much time is left on that use, in kind to Oil Slider, Scorch Wheel, Mirror Buster, etc. During this time, the user cannot pick up additional weapon energy, but health is still fair game. Skull Barrier will have two of these charges in one clip.


Help & Editing / Issues with MM8BDM Launcher
« on: March 30, 2014, 06:33:30 PM »
This has been happening for some time and I'm not sure how to remedy it.

Whenever I fire up the MM8BDM launcher to play offline or host a server, the thing will work for roughly 10 seconds. After that has elapsed, the launcher seems to freeze. I can't mouse over it or interact with it, and I'm forced to close it via the task manager. I'm not sure where to begin with fixing it. Does anyone know what the deal is?

Rejected / [Suggestion] Change Base Skin to Sniper Joe
« on: February 09, 2014, 07:39:38 PM »
As is, the base skin is Mega Man. As is, whenever you're missing a custom skin, players using it default to Mega Man. As is, you'll typically find 80 Mega Men in a non-classes server.

I think that's sorta silly. And I expect I'm not the only one.

I think it would be vastly more apt to change the base skin to Sniper Joe. This shield-toting fellow, unlike Mega Man, is mass-produced and a common sight in any Mega Man game. Seeing several of them in this environment would be a lot less noticeable because they canonically come in numbers, unlike Mega Man. Not only that, but if someone wants to actually use the Mega Man skin, they can do so and it won't be mistaken for a custom skin. With Sniper Joe, a skin used so rarely, it should be obvious who is using a custom skin.

I propose this because the whole "custom skin" dealie then won't be a deterrent for using the Mega Man skin. You want to use a skin that makes you stand out, but that can't happen if 80 others are also using it, whether or not they mean to.

If there's a method of making Sniper Joe the "custom skin skin" without making him the base skin, that'd be better, but as far as I know, this is the only way.

General Gaming Discussion / Sonic CD: US vs JP
« on: July 13, 2013, 02:01:37 AM »
After having played Sonic CD, Stardroid Venus and I could not come to a consensus on which soundtrack was better. Among the exchanges were quotes like "It's just better, end of story" and other such things. As this got us nowhere, ultimately we agreed to make a topic and let the community voice their opinion.

When voting, please consider not only the quality of the soundtrack itself, but how appropriate it felt for the game. A game can have a fantastic soundtrack, yet not even feel remotely appropriate.

As well as voting on the soundtrack you like the most, feel free to post any honorable mentions you came across.

For those who have not played the game (in this case, you really should), both soundtracks are available below.
US Soundtrack
JP/PAL Soundtrack

Rejected / [Suggestion] Individual E/W/M "Blank Tank" Sprites
« on: June 23, 2013, 03:13:06 PM »
A simple request, and while not necessary I was hoping it would be considered.

Presently, the E-Tank, W-Tank, and M-Tank all share the same "blank" sprite (that is, the frame in which the letter does not appear on the item). I suggest giving each tank their own blank sprite so as to allow anyone that wishes to modify the sprites and personalize them to do so as they like without that restriction in place, if at all possible.

MM8BDM Discussion / Time Slow preference
« on: March 02, 2013, 04:07:39 AM »
A simple matter of curiosity: the Mega Man 8 expansion also included a bit of Powered Up content, among which were modified versions of Time Slow and Oil Slider. While the difference in Oil Slider is fairly subtle (it increases the sharpness of your turns while riding the oil), Time Slow received the more substantial change.

The Powered Up expansion included a Time Slow that fired Time Man's arrow attack, and when charged, it used the actual Time Slow, which is a direct translation of Time Man's play-style in Powered Up (I will refer to this incarnation as Time Arrows for simplicity). This version was geared toward use on its own, but could be used in conjunction with other weapons.

The MM8BDM v3a version differed heavily in that it functioned exactly as it did in Powered Up as one of Mega Man's weapons: use of it slowed time within the immediate vicinity (this did not require a charge), and no projectiles were fired. This version was intended to be used in conjunction with other weapons, and does so more effectively than the Powered Up incarnation.

Which do you prefer? I'm not suggesting they modify the Time Slow in the core; I'm simply asking for your thoughts.

General Gaming Discussion / WarGear - Risk Everything
« on: February 07, 2013, 12:42:47 AM »

WarGear is, essentially, playing games of Risk online. Games can go on in real time or even for days on end.

For those of you who haven't played Risk, the objective is to gain control of the whole board. Players start with a few random locales under their control, where they begin to ration troop placements, conquer neighboring territories, fortify existing ones, and ultimately eliminate the other players by taking over their territories.

With WarGear, players can even create boards with their own set of rules, restrictions, ect.
Feel free to post your names here to get some games going, and tell us about any experiences you've had while playing.

Tutorial Collection / [TUTORIAL] Customization for Newbies
« on: August 18, 2012, 12:39:19 PM »
Okay, I'm writing a customization tutorial for all those who've just started playing MM8BDM. The sudden flood of *ahem* homies inspired me to write this. Before I go into any great detail, this tutorial is assuming you've got the game functioning and such, and are able to play online. If you can not, please head to this thread. After successful completion of those steps and such, you might want to look into this. Note that none of these are required to play the game normally, but are nice to make your profile and such unique.

AVATARS AND LOCATIONS (Cutstuff) - From what I've heard, the mods have been PM'd countlessly about avatars and such. I'm gonna go over how to properly set an avatar so as to avoid further confusion. In the top-right corner, you'll see a link labeled "User Control Panel." From here, you can see all sorts of information about your profile. Post count, friends and foes, dates joined and last visited are all here. What you want to do is look to the left and click on the tab labeled "Profile." Here, you'll see all sorts of fill-in boxes of information you could display for others to see. None of these are mandatory, don't worry. One of these is entitled "Location." Here, you can write just about anything. Generally, one would use it for their actual location (For example CutmanMike's would be United Kingdom), but many choose to use it for any form of witty line, a quote, something relevant to their avatar, ect. It will be displayed underneath your avatar. Next, look to the left and click ">> Edit avatar." This is the picture displayed on your profile and all of your posts. However, there are certain restrictions. The size limit is 128 x 128 px. Anything larger is sized down automatically. The best way to get an avatar that you'd like is to upload an image of your choice to Imageshack, Photobucket, or any other image sharing website. You can also simply browse online for one if you so choose. Once you find a picture you like, copy the image location and paste it into the box, and success! You've spiced up your profile considerably.

COLORED NAMES (In-Game) - Open up the menu (Escape key) and scroll down to "Multiplayer." From here, open up "Player Settings." You'll see all sorts of stuff, but what we want is your name. There are 22 different colors available (23 if you count transparent, the default color). To begin, type "c(letter)" into your name. This is the little tiny code that defines the color of your choosing. The following letters correspond to the following colors:

A = Pink
B = Beige
C = Silver
D = Light green
E = Light brown
F = Gold
G = Red
H = Blue
I = Orange
J = White
K = Yellow
L = Dark green
M = Black
N = Light blue
O = Bright pink
P = Greenish brown (Breen...?)
Q = Green
R = Brick red
S = Brown
T = Purple
U = Gray
V = Cyan
- = Transparency (default)

An image for your convenience (Thanks Balrog)

That picture is missing C, which is basically a toned-down version of J.

Each character will take up one character in your character limit, meaning if you choose to color each individual letter, your name will be considerably shorter than one solid color.

Note: You can also color text in the regular chat this way.

Note: Not everybody has green text for their regular chat. If you want to return to the default color, use the hyphen.

Note: If the code is in caps, it will not work properly.

BINDING (In-Game) - Have you ever seen players say a really long or colorful message almost effortlessly? This is most likely a bind. The premise is setting a key to perform a specific action (like your controls). There's all sorts of binds but the only ones I'm going to cover right now are chat binds. Note that you should not bind a message to a key used in your controls. If you accidentally do, you can remedy this by going to your "Customize Controls" menu in the "Options" menu. Anyways, we start by opening up the console. From here, type something like this.

Code: [Select]
Bind M "Say \cfHello, world!""M" is the key being binded, "Say" is the command, and "\cfHello, world!" is the message being relayed. In-game, pressing the M key would make you say "Hello, world!"

Note: When adding colors to binds, two backslashes are required, rather than one.

Note: The character limit for the console is considerably longer than the character limit for the chat, thus allowing you to bind messages you couldn't otherwise fit in the regular chat.

Note: Do not spam. Not only will the server automatically mute you temporarily, but you could also be votekicked or muted by the host for, well, being an idiot.

Have fun, guys!

If there's anything I may have missed, just reply and I'll try to add it in.

Anything Goes / Back to School
« on: August 17, 2012, 01:48:53 PM »
So, yeah. Many of us have less than a week before classes begin again (and some of us have already began, mind you). I thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going. Concerns about the new year? Something in particular you're looking forward to? Particular goals and such in set? Feel free to discuss all that here.

So I just got my classes schedule this morning. I've been told Sophomore year is the easiest by far, but I'm pretty skeptical. I guess we'll have to see what the year holds.


Not a subsidiary of TGOT Inc.

Fizzy Man

User skin for the late Fizzyman. RIP Fizzyman never forget. Base sprite made primarily by Raging-Banebou.
Download Fizzy Man

[10:17:58 PM] Caprice: wait is the fizzyman person actually dead or just missing in action >:
[10:18:29 PM] Gumballtoid: MIA
[10:18:34 PM] Caprice: oh, good

Pansage & Pals Pack

Some of my favorite Pokemon, made from scratch.
Download the Pansage & Pals Pack


Literally just Eddie from the core, made into a usable skin. Every frame of this skin is used on Eddie Call as well.
Download Eddie

Mega Man Gameboy Music Pack (Also known as Rockman World Music Pack)
At TGOT's request, the maybe-popular music wad is BACK, and with more gravel than ever!
Contains almost every track from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Mega Man II, Mega Man III, Mega Man IV, and Mega Man V.
Download the Mega Man Gameboy Music Pack

Music Codes:
(click to show/hide)

Anything Goes / [ON HOLIDAY] Gumballtoid's Avatar/GIF Shop
« on: June 19, 2012, 04:32:59 AM »
I'm not fond of starting new threads, since I'm usually sure they won't last long, but let's see where this goes... Not sure this deserves its own thread, but it's better than spamming in Anyone's Art Thread.

I've been getting into animating recently, so I've got a few GIFs that you can use as avatars. I plan on making many, many more, so don't think this is all I'll ever have.

Apache Enker (this speaks for itself)

I was bored, so one day I animated a recolored Spark Man GameGuyAnon0mous

Simple, running Cut Man

Gravity Man, with new frames for a smoother look

At Star Dood's request, I've made a Mega Man 5 medley

Wave Man, again, with some new frames

Silly Walkers, at Musashi's request

Magnet Man, who caused me so many problems...

Dancing Oil Man, by popular demand

In the works: The rest of Mega Man 5; currently Stone Man

Credit to Sprites Inc. for most of these graphics
Feel free to comment. Not much to comment on, but do as you like.
I'll sometimes take requests, so... Go ahead and post it. Hold off please.

Help & Editing / Needin' help with this actor
« on: March 20, 2012, 05:26:24 PM »
So, I was attempting to make a Beat actor that just sits there- kinda like Rush, or Eddie- and flaps his wings...
The game doesn't seem to like this one frame here, but it's the exact same offsets as the ones in the main pk3...
I'll get this whenever I try to launch the map with Beat in it:

R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump BEATC5.P

Here's the code I used:
(click to show/hide)
Fyone used nearly identical coding to make an idle Tango actor, and it worked perfectly.
Then I used it as a reference to make an idle Treble actor. That also worked perfectly.
Does anyone have any idea what went wrong with Beat?

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