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Projects & Creative / Re: Modular Weapons - Randomizer Mode
« Last post by Trillster on Today at 02:36:20 AM »
Here's an updated version of Modular Weapons that fixes up some backend stuff. No requirement to update for side mods.
Well, holy crap, I didn't expect this topic to get as much attention as it did. I just expected CutmanMike to chime in and that would've been the end of it, but it's neat to see other members of the community bounce ideas off each other nonetheless.

Also, my apologies for not looking at the topic for a few days; I was busy playing through the Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest series (just started Episode Zero as of this post!). In any case...

@ Gumballtoid, MusashiAA, Jedimaster76
That seems to be a kind of idea everyone agrees with; a more light-hearted romp after the drama-heavy final chapters. Mega Man 11's release definitely threw a spanner in the works, so I can understand why Version 6 wouldn't have been able to release as it was originally intended (as a standalone MM10 update rather than being folded into a release alongside the MMV chapter), but if it has to be adapted at all, then it should absolutely be as an epilogue of some kind...unless Capcom suddenly announces a Mega Man 12.

@ Stardust
I can understand wanting to not push the development team too hard now that the general gist of the story has concluded and for what it's worth, I can see where you are coming from. Mega Man 11 kinda came out of nowhere and still has had only about two years to set in compared to the decades of the previous titles; that Mega Man 10 almost seems like a natural end point given the implications of Roboneza leading to the eventual emergence of the Maverick Virus seals the deal. That said, MM11 does make it a point to try and go further into the history between Light and Wily and giving the two some much needed development, so make of that what you will. But whatever the development team decides to do, I'll support it...and besides, if this game's modding community is still going strong, there's always fan-made expansions that could come about. Speaking of which...

@ NES Boy, fortegigasgospel
It's a pity that so many fan expansions have so little steam behind them. I would think that with a game that's practically a standalone DOOM mod that's had ten years worth of polish the modding community would be a little more robust (ironic, considering the mod's source). There could be so much potential to be had in making all sorts of new expansions based on other Mega Man games both official and not. Hell, I'd even settle for even making bots based upon the various Mega Man fangames that have popped up in the years since the MM8-MM10 period if I could sprite worth a damn (or at all).

@ Ivory
It's always satisfying to see something you've fostered and created finally come to a close. It's sad, sure, but it's also quite nice to see something to its completion regardless. You've done an amazing job with this story and I'm really happy I've followed this project back when it was first announced because I don't think anyone could've imagined just how great this would turn out.

Suffice to say, I really hope that, now that the major updates are all but finished - and if Mega Man 11 doesn't get a full official update - the modding community will be able to pick up the slack and make some more content based upon some of the other canon Mega Man games (perhaps even - as Stardust mentioned - the later parts of the Mega Man timeline) and even some of the fan games (of course, I'm repeating myself now). Even more so now that the game has since been updated and a LOT of the older modifications hasn't been updated in years, therefore lacking future-proofing and being less-than-functional in newer iterations of the game (presumably because they were coded to work in Skulltag and not Zandronum).
DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Re: Uki's Weaponry (V6a mwep Update!)
« Last post by Ukiyama on November 29, 2020, 05:19:57 PM »
The ammo thing was a oversight on my part, it will be fixed in a later update.
DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Re: Uki's Weaponry (V6a mwep Update!)
« Last post by Demendes on November 29, 2020, 10:28:31 AM »
Make sure you're running this file before using this version of Ukiweps,

That was a godsend! It works and you have my thanks!

That said, the only bug I am seeing now is the weapon energy capsules are still being picked up without any weapons and if your ammo is full. Also, it would be good if like the last time the bonus soda's meter is visible so you will know whether to still rely on it or not so much.
DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Re: Uki's Weaponry (V6a mwep Update!)
« Last post by Trillster on November 29, 2020, 12:50:37 AM »
Make sure you're running this file before using this version of Ukiweps,
Skins & Bots etc / NEW SKIN : Dendy
« Last post by hansungkee on November 28, 2020, 11:47:27 PM »
Dendy: Hello Everyone, It's Dendy, I Have Made Disguise Programs for Players with Base on Pow Cards, and Heroes and Villains,
I express Program of Disguise to Create, I Hope Let's be Heroes Today, Good Luck!
DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Re: Uki's Weaponry (V6a mwep Update!)
« Last post by Demendes on November 28, 2020, 08:39:52 PM »
The new weapons are pretty nice! I say this is a nice early christmas present. Though, there seems to be an issue where the energy capsules does not refill your ammo when picking them up and the hud doesn't display the weapon energy bar for the added weapons for some reason. There's also texture errors on the light labs and titlemap. Also, bots seem to run out of ammo.
DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Viral Roboenza -- V1c
« Last post by MegaVile on November 28, 2020, 04:47:36 AM »
Hey, you!
Have you played the MM8BDM V6 Chapter 12 campaign and thought, "Man, that Roboenza outbreak would be fun with online friends.."
You want the virus to STOP?
Well, too bad!

Introducing.. The Viral Roboenza Gamemode!

By taking some of the samples and engineers of the virus, we were able to replicate it into a form that can be released upon (almost) everywhere!
In a facility, in a team based brawl, in a survival of the fittest, so long as you can bring it, you can spread it!

--The Gameplay & Differences--
Alright, so here's the deal, compared to Chapter 12, the way the Roboenza works here slightly differs.
The effects remain the same, although some may have been changed to better suit the game.

On Round Start, Roboenza will spread to all players available effective immediately, giving them a variety of changes, and each effect is swapped on death!

In the types, we have..
(click to show/hide)

Though.. what's this?
(click to show/hide)

Well, all is said and done!
Are you ready to tackle and fight in the horde of Viral Roboenza?

TSPG Download Link to V1C

Bugs might be found and stuff, but it will be fixed whenever possible and identified!
oh lord help me
MM8BDM Discussion / Re: V6a - Roboenza
« Last post by hansungkee on November 28, 2020, 03:08:06 AM »
:shock: Yikes :confused:
MM8BDM Discussion / Re: V6a - Roboenza
« Last post by MegaVile on November 28, 2020, 02:24:35 AM »
As someone working on making a fully fledged mod of the v6 Roboenza Online (dubbed Viral Roboenza), this would be very nice to solve.
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