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Author Topic: Weapon Archive Skin(s)  (Read 429 times)

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November 03, 2020, 08:45:17 AM
Read 429 times

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Weapon Archive Skin(s)
« on: November 03, 2020, 08:45:17 AM »
Both skins now compatible with Doc Robot in [C]CBM!

That's right, folks! Your favorite (or least favorite) boss from MM10 and Chapter 12 finally in skin form!

The Weapons Archive!

Comes in two different styles!

Shiny (white spike + eye shine):
(click to show/hide)

Authentic (two colors only):
(click to show/hide)

Both can be yours in the links down below! Happy battling!

Thanks to Ecl1p5e on Discord for his help!