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Author Topic: [TUTORIAL] Internet Doom Explorer for MM8BDM  (Read 8605 times)

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June 15, 2011, 03:12:32 AM
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[TUTORIAL] Internet Doom Explorer for MM8BDM
« on: June 15, 2011, 03:12:32 AM »

Uhhh what's that??????
IDE is a server browser for Skulltag, Zdaemon and Odamex. Unlike its competitor, Doomseeker, its a bit more advanced than it. For example, you can filter server list by IWAD, PWAD, etc, record and save demos (I'll explain that in another topic), view server setting, your average ping and your connection state (you need 100% to play properly or you will lag) and much more.

Wait wait... I wanna use it now!!! no more introduction!!!!! Where can I download it????
Ok, that is the first thing you have to do.

Internet Doom Explorer for Windows:

NOTE: It works in Windows XP and Windows 7. I'm not sure if that works in vista. Sadly there isn't Mac and Linux version.
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Ok Ok, what's next??????? What do I have to do?????

Once you have downloaded and installed that, open Ide.exe. I you recieve an error, it means you failed to extract Ide and all it's contents. Try redoing the above step again!

Now we have to set it for Megaman 8-bit deathmatch's skulltag and wads. Due MM8BDM uses a skulltag beta, you can't play others sulltag mods. Click Options tab.

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Now click "Program". Here we need to set the skulltag program, clicking the browse button (...) (Where that giant arrow is pointing :mrgreen: ). Then, browse for the folder that you originally extracted Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch to. When you've located it, select Skulltag.exe.
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Now, we need to tell IDE where MM8BDM wads are including mod wads such as Classes, Rageroboenza, expansions, etc. Click on Wads, then "Add" button and select the MM8BDM folder and click OK. If you save the wad in other folder, repeat the last step selecting your wad folder.
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Hey, I can't launch join in any server and/or IDE wants to download another skulltag stupid latin!!!!
CALM DOWN!!!! I forgot an important step, sorry.
In Option tab, click on "Launch Game Parametres", and untick "Enable WAD checking" and "Enable skulltag autotesting".

Hell yes!!!!! I'm ready to fight against my rivals but, where are the server!!!!!????

Ok, let's organised IDE server list for MM8BDM. First click on C(odamex logo) and C(Zdaemon logo) (above server list). Now click IWad button (Megaman 8-bits deathmatch has its own Iwad megagame.wad).
If you want to see only megaman's server, click F button (above server list), tick "Iwad", write megagame.wad and press enter. Once you are ready, click OK.

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Now she is thinner you have your server browser ready :mrgreen:

Oh s... that server is full!!! I'm tired of reconnecting!!!
Well, click on that server and press "z" key. Click on "Auto" and "Launch". Each time ide refreshs server list, it checks for a free slot and automatically launchs skulltag (lol).
Yeah!!!! I joined the server!!!!!! but how can I shoot my megabuster!!!!!!
AWWWWW go to the wikia!!!!! My tutorial is only for IDE!!!!

Suggestions are welcome!!!