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Author Topic: The Newbie's Guide to Setting Up Controls  (Read 8406 times)

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December 30, 2012, 08:15:33 PM
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The Newbie's Guide to Setting Up Controls
« on: December 30, 2012, 08:15:33 PM »
Hello everyone! This tutorial will explain some basic concepts about configuring your game and how to get the most out of it.


You can configure your controls through the Customize Controls Menu; to get there, press the Esc key to go to the main menu in game. Select the Option menu, then select Customize Controls.

This menu has a list of many basic commands. However, you do not have to set every single one. To set a command to a key, press Enter when your cursor is next to the command, then press the key you want to correspond to that command. Left clicks, right clicks, and the mouse wheel are all valid!

Here is a list of all the commands and what they do:

    Fire - Self explanatory.
    Secondary Fire - A second attack for the same weapon. No weapon in vanilla MM8BDM uses this, but some classes in the various Classes mods do.
    Use/Open - Used for opening certain doors. Not used in vanilla MM8BDM, but mods occasionally use it.
    Move Forward - Self explanatory.
    Move Backward - Self explanatory.
    Strafe Left - Move left without turning.
    Strafe Right - Move right without turning.
    Turn Left - Self explanatory. I recommend you use strafe combined with mouselook instead though.
    Turn Right - Self explanatory. I recommend you use strafe combined with mouselook instead though.
    Jump - Self explanatory. All maps require you to jump in some shape or form, so make sure to bind this!
    Crouch - Self explanatory. Most servers have this disabled, but it's nice to have for those that do.
    Crouch Toggle - Press once to crouch and remain crouching; press again to get back up. I personally prefer Crouch, but I suppose it doesn't matter.
    Fly/Swim Up - Allows you to move upward while flying on Rush Jet/Beat Call. This does not let you go up in water, despite the name. You can also go up by just looking up and moving forward, and it is in fact faster to do so.
    Fly/Swim Down - Allows you to move downward while flying on Rush Jet/Beat Call. This does not let you go down in water, despite the name. You can also go down by just looking down and moving forward, and it is in fact faster to do so.
    Stop Flying - If you're flying, moves you slightly downward with each tap. Don't bother.
    Mouse Look - Toggles whether you can look around with the mouse or not. Don't bother with this, as there is a way to just turn it on and keep it on.
    Keyboard Look - Toggles your movement keys to aiming keys. Don't bother.
    Look Up/Down - Self explanatory. Mouse Look works better though.
    Center View - If you're looking up or down, it'll force you to look straight ahead. Not really useful.
    Run - Allows you to move forward at a faster rate while held; there's a setting to keep this on permanently, so don't bother.
    Strafe - As long as you hold the key, if you move the mouse in either direction, you'll move in that direction without changing the way you're facing. The strafe left and right keys are far superior.
    Say - Allows you to speak in the chat.
    Team Say - If you start a message by using this key, it will only be visible to team members. Only works in team games.
    Next Weapon - Self explanatory.
    Previous Weapon - Self explanatory.
    Activate Item - Press this button to activate whatever item you have selected.
    Activate All Items - Activates all items currently in your inventory. Usually impractical, don't bother.
    Next/Previous Item - Self explanatory.
    Drop Item - Allows you to drop your currently selected item on the ground. I don't know why you'd want to do this though.
    Query Item - Useless, just displays the name and quantity of the currently selected item in the chat.
    Drop Weapon - Drops your currently selected weapon. Again, no idea why you'd want to.
    Vote Yes/No - Allows you to vote for map changes, limit (win condition) changes, or player kicks.
    Toggle Automap - Shows you a full map of the current level you're in.
    Chasecam - Gives you a 3rd person view of your character. Only allowed on certain servers.
    Add a Bot - Only works offline and not in campaign; adds a bot to the current level you're playing.
    Coop Spy - Allows you to watch a player from their first-person view; only works if you're on their team or you're a spectator.
    Screenshot - Takes a screenshot of course.
    Show Scores - Allows you to see how many frags/wins each person/team has. Very important to bind this!
    Show Medals - Bugged; don't use it.
    Spectate - Makes you a spectator if you aren't one already.
    Taunt - Allows you to taunt. Only custom skins and classes use this.
    Open Console - Opens the console, allowing you to use more advanced commands.
    All other commands do nothing.

Player Settings

Now that we have our controls, let's personalize our settings! Return to the main menu (press Esc a couple of times). Select Multiplayer or Options and then select Player Setup.

Now, we're at the Player Setup menu! Let's go over each option:

    Name - You put the name you want to use in game here. Click here to find out how to add colors to your name.
    Skin - Your avatar, in essence. You can pick from quite a long list, just cycle with the left and right arrow keys.
    Class - Doesn't do anything in vanilla MM8BDM.
    Gender - Affects the obituary for certain weapons. (Some of them use he/she/it)
    Red/Green/Blue - Don't do anything.
    Always Run - Set this to on so you'll move at full speed all the time. This can be toggled with Caps Lock.
    Handicap - If set to higher than 0, you'll start with less than 100 HP. Only use this if you're feeling masochistic.
    Railgun Color - Doesn't do anything.
    AutoAim - If an actor is close enough to you (usually another player) you will automatically shoot in their direction as long as they aren't behind you or too far to the left or right. The higher you set this, the greater the distance required for AutoAim to activate.
    Unlagged - Decreases lag for certain tradeoffs. If your ping is consistently below 100, set this to off. If it's consistently above 150, turn it on. Otherwise, doesn't really matter what you do.
    Weapon Setup:
      Switch on Pickup - Sets whether you automatically switch to new weapons on pickup or not. I personally set this to "Never". ("Only Higher Ranked" is a carry over from Doom 2 and has no effect on MM8BDM)
      Allow Switch with No Ammo - Toggles whether you can switch to ammoless weapons or not. I believe this doesn't work in MM8BDM though. You should still set it to yes because of the way ammo works in this game.
      Cycle with Original Order - Carry over, doesn't do anything.

    Announcer - If you have one, select it here. As of the time of this post, MM8BDM does NOT come with an announcer. If you download Zandronum straight from its website, it does have an announcer you can use (although I personally don't recommend it).
    Announcer Volume - Self explanatory.
    Undo Changes - Resets any changes you made on this visit to the Player Setup menu.

Well that's all for basic setup! If you have any questions, PM me on the forums and I'll be happy to answer!

December 30, 2012, 09:48:31 PM
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Re: The Newbie's Guide to Setting Up Controls
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 09:48:31 PM »
Now, the cutstuff forum looks better with this tutorial for newbies.

December 30, 2012, 09:50:43 PM
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Re: The Newbie's Guide to Setting Up Controls
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2012, 09:50:43 PM »
Very good guide HD very good maybe this will stop most of those questions!

December 30, 2012, 11:08:00 PM
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Re: The Newbie's Guide to Setting Up Controls
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2012, 11:08:00 PM »
I do think that this will help most people. However, you'll still have the occasional people who just make a topic rather than searching for one that is already made.

Brilliant work. Brilliant work indeed.

January 28, 2018, 06:44:31 AM
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Re: The Newbie's Guide to Setting Up Controls
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2018, 06:44:31 AM »
I can't find the handicap setting in the player settings! Help, please!