MM8BDM-v2b Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Saturday 11 June 2011 8:11 pm

Barely 24 hours have passed and there’s a new MM8BDM update! Well what do you expect when I get paid so mu… oh wait. Yes folks, this is a bugfix release so don’t expect too many new things to see here. There have been some SLIGHT balance changes but nothing major because I wanted to get this release out to fix the huge amount of crashes that have been going on recently. Playability is important y’know! Depsite that, I managed to fix quite a few niggles and minor annoyances that some of you have made me PAINFULLY aware of… Here’s the list of changes.

  • Thunder Bolt ammo bar fixed.
  • Fixed the turbo man “fail spot” where you could get stuck.
  • M Tanks now work with MM7 weapons.
  • Danger Wrap no longer shows a napalm bomb on detonation.
  • Increased Slash Claw/Thunder Bolt volume.
  • Fixed MMCTF10 blocking lines.
  • Gravity Hold, Super Adaptor and Exit Unit removed from duel mode.
  • Super Adaptor ammo depletion bug fix. You can now change weapons properly in mid air.
  • No longer able to “swim down” to reach weapons in Burstman stage.
  • Gravity Hold removed from Burstman stage.
  • Baccones no longer murder people when touched sometimes.
  • Crows, Fire Traps, Quick Beams and other hazards now correctly take a frag away from the player (But upon doing this ruined their obituaries, no way around it. Prove me otherwise!)
  • MM7 weapons added to LMS.
  • Eddie can now throw out MM7 weapons.
  • Super Adaptor now kills in 3 hits rather than 2.
  • AOE HUD hands now have five fingers (Kapus).
  • MM7 Boss no longer blinds software users.
  • Gamma’s energy refill bug fixed.
  • Sniper Joe now respawns correctly in training mode.
  • Junk Shield makes a sound when it is destroyed (from either too much damage or using another shield).
  • Downgraded to Skulltag 2999 to fix the huge amount of crashes players were getting online.
  • Removed hole in springman stage.
  • Cloud Man weapon layout changed slightly.
  • Thunder Bolt split damage reduced slightly.
  • Exit Unit removed from Gemini Man stage.
  • Blocked off a certain line which prevented Guts Man G spotting you.
  • Fixed Gutsman G “sniping” people.
  • Danger Wrap mines self detonate in a shorter period of time.

There may be other minor fixes that I didn’t think we worth listing (typos etc) but that’s the majority of this update. The big one is the downgrade of Skulltag version. I could have taken the time to report a bug and wait for the ST dev team to look into it but that’s not my style. My players come first, believe it or not, as a lot of you seem to have forgotten. If you want to make it known that something should be changed, please give me REASONS why you want something changed. Baseless whining and “IMO”‘s don’t get us anywhere.

To the rest of you who actually helped out and gave me reasons to change things, thank you for contributing. Hopefully this quick release will show that yes, your voices are heard.

Download from Sendspace

Download from DropBox

Download from

MM8BDM v2 Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Friday 10 June 2011 3:17 pm

After many months of hard work the Mega Man 7 expansion for MM8BDM has finally been released! Special thanks must go out to the Rockman 7 FC team who did the base graphical work for us and some of the music. Without them this process would have taken a considerably longer time, and probably would never have been finished! See the in game credits sequence for the rest of the MM8BDM team who helped put this together!

MM8BDM not only adds new MM7 content, it also makes changes to other things in the game. Read the changelog below to find out what!

New Additions:

  • Upgraded to Skulltag v0.98E (included).
  • New campaign selectable at the start of the game.
  • MM7 boss battle (not secret) at the end of the campaign.
  • 12 new DM maps based on MM7 levels.
  • 1 new CTF map by ivory.
  • 8 new Robot Master Skins based on MM7 robot masters.
  • 6 new bonus skins.
  • 8 new weapons based on MM7 weapons.
  • 2 new assist items.
  • New Credits sequence.


Map Changes:

  • Most maps have had slight weapon layout changes, including MM7 weapons.
  • You can no longer throw projectiles down hole transitions.
  • MM1CUT – Added a Big Eye for decor.
  • MM1FIR – Changed main staircase to a sloped floor.
  • MM1DW1 – Added walkable staircases.
  • MM2HEA – Items can be found in lava pools.
  • MM2FLA – TimeStopper added (in a hard to reach spot).
  • MM2WOO – Made Bubble Bat holes impassible.
  • MM2CRA – Fixed invisible ladders.
  • MM3HAR – Blocked off cliffsides.
  • MM3SHA – Added slopes to replace the steps.
  • MM3GEM – Fixed strange sky texture bug.
  • MM3DW1 – Added stairs in various places.
  • MM4SKU – Added stairs in the “starting” room.
  • MM4DC1 – Added a slope to replace the main stairway.
  • MM5DAR – Added stairs in various places.
  • MM6KNI – Added stairs in various places.
  • MM6FLA – Fixed invisible ladder. Fixed oil glitch.
  • MM6YAM – Fixed invisible ladder.
  • MM6MRX – Added various slopes and stairs. Floor bouncers replace some ladders.


Weapon Changes:

  • Shield/Radius/Other weapons have been given new HUD animations.
  • Dust Crusher projectile speed increased.
  • Gyro Attack damage increased.
  • Leaf Shield has a short delay before activating.
  • Magnet Missile no longer causes hit stun.
  • Powerstone circling fixed.
  • Quick Boomerang damage increased.
  • Spark Shock has a firing delay but can be switched out quicker.
  • Super Arm Ammo usage increased.
  • Wind Storm now only throws opponents vertically, but higher than previously.
  • Time Stopper no longer appears in Duels.


Misc Changes:

  • “Fixed” Wind Man, Centaur Man and Blizzard Man skin colours.
  • Blood splats COMPLETELY removed from the game.
  • Bots attempt to pick their classes to support Yellow Devil’s Classes mod.
  • Secret Skins now revealed by default.
  • Musics change to the boss themes for other game modes like CTF and Duel.


Download & Installation

For newcomers, simply download and extract the zip into a new directory of your choice. Run MM8BDM.exe to start the launcher!

For previous installations, it’s up to you. You may simply overwrite your old files with the new v2 files or keep the old version for compatibility reasons. It should go without saying that if you choose to overwrite, you will not be able to play on servers using the old versions, even if you keep the old pk3 as we’ve upgraded the Skulltag version too!

Download from Sendspace

MM8BDM – Powered Up Expansion Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Sunday 5 June 2011 2:01 pm

Power Up!
With less than a week until MM7 gets out, we’ve decided to rile up some more DM madness (and finally get this damn thing out after developing it for so long), with Cutstuff’s first fanmade expansion! Presenting the Powered Up expansion, a content add-on pack based on the MM1 remake for the PSP, which contained two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man. This pack includes 4 new weapons, including the two newcomers’ respective weapons, Time Slow and Oil Slider, 10 new maps, which include not only maps for Time Man and Oil Man, but also completely new maps for the original six masters, as well as two stages for Wily Castle. Some of these even include new gimmicks that weren’t in their official maps, such as Fire Pillars (freezable!) among other things. It’s also the first map-pack to include the Energy Balancer as a pickup!

But wait! There’s more! We’ve even catered to the skin enthusiasts in the community! Not only are there TWO different skins for both Time Man and Oil Man, there’s also a skin for Mega Man?, the captured and reprogrammed version of Mega Man you meet when playing as a robot master in the original game, but also a metric truckload of Roll skins, all based on the DLC roll costumes for the game!

Power Up, Cutstuff! You can grab the latest version here, which also lists the credits for who did what for the expansion! Happy busting!

MM8BDM – ?-Box Mode!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 23 May 2011 7:12 pm

Greetings! I am Myroc, one of the new blog writers for the MM8BDM blog. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair! My purpose here is to, from time to time, advertise certain mods and other seldom-used custom content to introduce a bit more variety into online MM8BDM games, so it’s not just dominated by just a select few modes. Anyway, as awesome as I may be, I’m not here just to inform you of my recent ascension to this position. Nay, I’m here to start off the above by promoting a mode that really should be played more than it currently is.

Introducing ?-Box mode (or Q-Box mode, Question-Box mode, etc.), made by SickSadWorld, which is a readjustment of his Energy Duel mode for DM, which replaces all items on the map with different types of ?-Boxes from Mega Man 3. Green boxes yield weapons, blue boxes provide health and weapon energy, so on and so forth. What it effectively does is scramble the entire weapon selection for a map, as well as the locations of various support items. Tired of playing with the same old items on the same old maps? Fear not! Now you can contently wield Sakugarne in places such as Gemini Man’s stage, or fling people with Wind Storm into the burning oil pits of Flame Man’s! (Assuming you get Flame Blast in that same instance, of course.) Since the mode also has its roots in Energy Duel, you also start out with a free Energy Balancer, and enemies also drop their support items upon dying, for your looting pleasure!

The mod can be downloaded here, in SickSadWorld’s topic for game modes. It can also be downloaded from wadhost by using wadseeker, so Doomseeker users should be able to just try to join a server using it and they should be able to download it automatically from there. Try it on for a little variety!

MM8BDM V1D Mac OSX Package

Posted by admin | Releases | Wednesday 20 April 2011 3:10 pm

I remember when MM8BDM was first released, many Mac users couldn’t get it to work. This was usually due to problems with getting the correct version of Skulltag to work or compile, or figuring out how to run the blasted thing without the help of DoomSeeker. As I didn’t have a Mac myself, I could not assist with the installation of the game.

Luckily Belthesar has compiled a no fuss package for getting the latest version of MM8BDM working on your Mac. It uses WINE and a bunch of other stuff I don’t understand (being a feeble windows user), so I am unable to judge the quality of this. Belthesar speaks:

Hey all. I recently had the opportunity to play around with MM8BDM and had a blast. As I saw there wasn’t a good OS X release due to some issues with Skulltag compiling for OS X, I decided to play around with getting it to run in a WINE implementation, and had excellent success. The difference between other WINE systems and the one I’ve used is that I’m using an implementation called Wineskin, which is designed to make a standalone wrapper for Windows applications on OS X. This means that people playing with Mac OS X can double-click and play without having to fiddle around and get the game working.

tl;dr – I’m hosting a no-mess solution to play MM8BDM on Mac OS X.

System Requirements:

Intel Mac- all versions of WINE require an X86 processor.

2 GB of RAM. MM8BDM isn’t a system resource hog, but OS X can be.

As far as tested specs, this wrapper is known to work on a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM, and Mac OS X 10.6.7. It should run on earlier versions of Snow Leopard, and on Leopard, but I can make no guarantees. This current release does not include Doom Seeker, as I only played Single Player. I will be updating the package to include it soon.

Use the download link below to obtain the package. As I said, I don’t have a Mac to test this so I cannot help you set this up. If you would like speak to the author of this package however, you can request help or provide feedback on the forum thread.

Download from

MM8BDM – Roll’s Chaos Generator!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 18 April 2011 5:49 pm

Roll’s Chaos Generator is a new game mode created by yours truly, but the idea originally came from the great mind of PinkKittyRose. Ever felt your MM8BDM needed a little more… chaos? Well look no further! Roll’s Chaos Generator adds some insane effects to the gameplay. What’s better is that they’re randomized each time you play! The Chaos Generator pulls together 3 random effects and applies them to the map. Effects include Double Damage, Low Gravity, Players exploding into random weapons, Players on permenant wavebikes and many more!

The beauty of the mod is that you’ll probably never get the same 3 effects in the same map. It is also compatible with other game modes such as LMS and CTF, and may even work with other mods like Roboenza or Classes mod (don’t quote me on this though)! Regardless, Roll’s Chaos Generator is a sure fire way to spice up those old forgotten game modes and make them interesting again. Give it a try! Add a little chaotic flavor to your MM8BDM. You may enjoy it more than you think!

Download from Wadhost.Fathax (Version 2 already!)

Video by Shagg!

MM8BDM – Roboenza v2 released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 18 April 2011 5:18 pm

Here’s an update to Roboenza mode already! Aren’t I nice? It fixes some balance issues and some bugs that were bothersome. It also gives the infected a new way of getting around. Be careful, campers!

What’s new

  • Fixed – Pharaoh Shot would remain above player’s heads if it was held before being infected.
  • Fixed – Atomic Fire’s palette would stay on players if they held it down before being infected.
  • Fixed – Charge Kick would freeze you if you used it before getting infected.
  • Fixed – Attempted to fix the server crashes, although this is not confirmed yet.
  • Added – It now broadcasts to all players when a new player has been infected, and displays their name.
  • Added – Zombies can now climb walls. Aim at a wall and attack to start climbing, just like a ladder! Once you reach the top, aim down slightly if you’re struggling to over the wall.
  • Changed – To compensate the above, zombies now jump the same as regular players.
  • Changed – Zombies no longer stop when getting hit, but rather recoil back slightly. This is so that zombies can be pushed off ledges they’re climbing.
  • Changed – The first zombie doesn’t recoil when getting damaged, until a second zombie is created (this prevents quick ends to games).
  • Changed – All players receive 3 W-Tanks and 3 Item-1’s on every game.
  • Changed – Leaf Shield becomes Rush Coil.
  • Changed – Mirror Buster becomes Rain Flush.
  • Changed – Plant Barrier becomes Tango Roll.

I will continue to update this game mode until I see fit that it’s fairly balanced and fun to play!

Download from wadhost.fathax

To play Roboenza mode, you need to download the patch below and extract it into a folder. If you’re using the MM8BDM launcher, use the “add file” button to add the patch to the game. You can then launch single player, connect to a server or host your own game. If the patch doesn’t appear to have loaded, try moving it into a simpler directory such as C:/MM8BDM.

If you’re using DoomSeeker, all you have to do is double click on a Roboenza server and the patch should be loaded automatically!

MM8BDM V1D – Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 18 April 2011 5:10 pm

It has been several months since a new MM8BDM version was released. During this time a lot of people found some interesting bugs, exploits and balance issues. The purpose of this release is to fix these issues, and provide extra support for the growing competitive scene in MM8BDM. You may be disappointed at the lack of extra content in this version, but the MM7 expansion is nowhere near completion yet and these exploits really needed to be sorted out!

So without further ado, here’s the grotesquely large changelog!

Map Changes

  • Invisible ladders fixed in Elec Man, Crash Man and Flame Man’s stages.
  • Spikes in Bubble Man’s stage can no longer been blown away by Leaf Shield.
  • Dust Man hole exploit fixed.
  • Hot Heads in Quick Man’s stage can no longer be stood on.
  • Stages with holes to multiple “floors” can no longer have items thrown down them.
  • Pharaoh Shot in Dr Cossak Citadel can no longer be obtained by jumping at it.
  • Towers in Crystal Man’s stage can no longer be stood on.
  • Towers in Gyro Man’s stage can no longer be stood on.
  • Wave Bikes in Wave Man’s stage can no longer be used with Rush Jet. Wave Bikes can no longer be stacked.
  • MMCTF05 – Extra junk added to gravity rooms to force the player to go around. Proto Upgrade replaced with Bass Upgrade.
  • MMCTF08 – Various layout, weapon and other detail tweaks.
  • MMCTF09 -Fixed Sky and waterfall.
  • Various weapon layout changes.

Weapon Changes

  • Mirror Buster can no longer be exploited with Tango, Gemini Laser etc. Crash Bombs and other explosives still work.
  • Mirror Buster has a delay after firing to prevent the quick switch exploit with Magnet Missile etc.
  • Mirror Buster reflects small shots when hit by Blizzard Attack.
  • Gyro Attack has a delay after firing to prevent rapid fire Gyros.
  • Gyro Attack damage nerfed slightly.
  • Power Stone damage buffed slightly.
  • Blizzard Attack projectile speed increased.
  • Charge Kick uses 2 weapon energy instead of 1.
  • Gravity Hold has been completely changed. It now does radius damage without sending players flying in random directions. Enemies caught in Gravity Hold will be forced to the ground and take more damage the higher up they are. Jumping opponents will receive big damage, and enemies flying above you will receive critical damage!
  • Wind Storm speed increased and can hit targets multiple times, throwing them around the room. Fire rate also slightly increased.
  • Time Stopper can no longer be replenished by energy capsules. It drains slightly slower however.
  • Knight Crush damage nerfed slightly.
  • Pharaoh Shot damage nerfed slightly. Pharaoh Shot no longer stuns opponents who are close to the ball when held.
  • Ballade Cracker damage nerfed. Colors changed to purple/yellow by public demand!

Game Mechanics Changes

  • Proto Upgrade, Eddie, M-Tanks and E-Tanks no longer appear in Duel.
  • Skull Barrier no longer appears in CTF and Possession (Eddie cannot spawn it either).
  • GLOBAL ACS code is commented out nicely for readability.

Download v1d (60MB)

Comes bundled with Skulltag, no Doom files required!

Download from


If you’ve already installed the previous version of MM8BDM, simply extract the files over your previous setup. This will keep your settings intact. If you wish to keep the old version, copy the contents in to a new folder but copy your .ini file into the new directory. If you’re an avid Skulltag user, PLEASE install it into a new directory as it uses a new beta build of Skulltag.

To play, just run MM8BDM.exe and follow the instructions on screen. When the game launches, press Esc to access the menu. From there it should be pretty self explanatory, but if not pop on our help forums and post away. Enjoy!

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