MM8BDM – Mega Man X Classes!

Posted by admin | Review | Tuesday 22 November 2011 4:45 pm

It’s time for another weekly update from Yellow Devil! This time I will be covering another one of my personal favourite modifications, Mega Man X Classes.

As far as I am aware, MMXClasses was produced by TheBladeRoden alone. Featuring all 8 Mavericks from X1, as well as X himself,  as playable classes! Classes generally have two weapons, with all of their classic attacks in 3D form. Even the attacks you thought would never happen are in here, Armored Armadillo can perform his flying rolling tackle, Boomer Kuwanger can teleport, there’s even light-dimming punches for Spark Mandrill! There’s a ton of detail here, from full bot support to those little sound effects, and it is really incredible to be able to play the classes not only in 3D, but in 8-bit too.

The purpose of this blog post comes in two forms. First, you should play Mega Man X classes a lot more often! Second, the mod is still lacking some skins, so if you can or know someone who can make a good maverick skin, get workin’!

Get blasting! Download Megaman X Classes V1D here.

Find TheBladeRoden’s Topic here.

This is for you man, the one who really wanted that On the Blog Medal.

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