MM8BDM V1D – Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 18 April 2011 5:10 pm

It has been several months since a new MM8BDM version was released. During this time a lot of people found some interesting bugs, exploits and balance issues. The purpose of this release is to fix these issues, and provide extra support for the growing competitive scene in MM8BDM. You may be disappointed at the lack of extra content in this version, but the MM7 expansion is nowhere near completion yet and these exploits really needed to be sorted out!

So without further ado, here’s the grotesquely large changelog!

Map Changes

  • Invisible ladders fixed in Elec Man, Crash Man and Flame Man’s stages.
  • Spikes in Bubble Man’s stage can no longer been blown away by Leaf Shield.
  • Dust Man hole exploit fixed.
  • Hot Heads in Quick Man’s stage can no longer be stood on.
  • Stages with holes to multiple “floors” can no longer have items thrown down them.
  • Pharaoh Shot in Dr Cossak Citadel can no longer be obtained by jumping at it.
  • Towers in Crystal Man’s stage can no longer be stood on.
  • Towers in Gyro Man’s stage can no longer be stood on.
  • Wave Bikes in Wave Man’s stage can no longer be used with Rush Jet. Wave Bikes can no longer be stacked.
  • MMCTF05 – Extra junk added to gravity rooms to force the player to go around. Proto Upgrade replaced with Bass Upgrade.
  • MMCTF08 – Various layout, weapon and other detail tweaks.
  • MMCTF09 -Fixed Sky and waterfall.
  • Various weapon layout changes.

Weapon Changes

  • Mirror Buster can no longer be exploited with Tango, Gemini Laser etc. Crash Bombs and other explosives still work.
  • Mirror Buster has a delay after firing to prevent the quick switch exploit with Magnet Missile etc.
  • Mirror Buster reflects small shots when hit by Blizzard Attack.
  • Gyro Attack has a delay after firing to prevent rapid fire Gyros.
  • Gyro Attack damage nerfed slightly.
  • Power Stone damage buffed slightly.
  • Blizzard Attack projectile speed increased.
  • Charge Kick uses 2 weapon energy instead of 1.
  • Gravity Hold has been completely changed. It now does radius damage without sending players flying in random directions. Enemies caught in Gravity Hold will be forced to the ground and take more damage the higher up they are. Jumping opponents will receive big damage, and enemies flying above you will receive critical damage!
  • Wind Storm speed increased and can hit targets multiple times, throwing them around the room. Fire rate also slightly increased.
  • Time Stopper can no longer be replenished by energy capsules. It drains slightly slower however.
  • Knight Crush damage nerfed slightly.
  • Pharaoh Shot damage nerfed slightly. Pharaoh Shot no longer stuns opponents who are close to the ball when held.
  • Ballade Cracker damage nerfed. Colors changed to purple/yellow by public demand!

Game Mechanics Changes

  • Proto Upgrade, Eddie, M-Tanks and E-Tanks no longer appear in Duel.
  • Skull Barrier no longer appears in CTF and Possession (Eddie cannot spawn it either).
  • GLOBAL ACS code is commented out nicely for readability.

Download v1d (60MB)

Comes bundled with Skulltag, no Doom files required!

Download from


If you’ve already installed the previous version of MM8BDM, simply extract the files over your previous setup. This will keep your settings intact. If you wish to keep the old version, copy the contents in to a new folder but copy your .ini file into the new directory. If you’re an avid Skulltag user, PLEASE install it into a new directory as it uses a new beta build of Skulltag.

To play, just run MM8BDM.exe and follow the instructions on screen. When the game launches, press Esc to access the menu. From there it should be pretty self explanatory, but if not pop on our help forums and post away. Enjoy!

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