MM8BDM – Roboenza v2 released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 18 April 2011 5:18 pm

Here’s an update to Roboenza mode already! Aren’t I nice? It fixes some balance issues and some bugs that were bothersome. It also gives the infected a new way of getting around. Be careful, campers!

What’s new

  • Fixed – Pharaoh Shot would remain above player’s heads if it was held before being infected.
  • Fixed – Atomic Fire’s palette would stay on players if they held it down before being infected.
  • Fixed – Charge Kick would freeze you if you used it before getting infected.
  • Fixed – Attempted to fix the server crashes, although this is not confirmed yet.
  • Added – It now broadcasts to all players when a new player has been infected, and displays their name.
  • Added – Zombies can now climb walls. Aim at a wall and attack to start climbing, just like a ladder! Once you reach the top, aim down slightly if you’re struggling to over the wall.
  • Changed – To compensate the above, zombies now jump the same as regular players.
  • Changed – Zombies no longer stop when getting hit, but rather recoil back slightly. This is so that zombies can be pushed off ledges they’re climbing.
  • Changed – The first zombie doesn’t recoil when getting damaged, until a second zombie is created (this prevents quick ends to games).
  • Changed – All players receive 3 W-Tanks and 3 Item-1’s on every game.
  • Changed – Leaf Shield becomes Rush Coil.
  • Changed – Mirror Buster becomes Rain Flush.
  • Changed – Plant Barrier becomes Tango Roll.

I will continue to update this game mode until I see fit that it’s fairly balanced and fun to play!

Download from wadhost.fathax

To play Roboenza mode, you need to download the patch below and extract it into a folder. If you’re using the MM8BDM launcher, use the “add file” button to add the patch to the game. You can then launch single player, connect to a server or host your own game. If the patch doesn’t appear to have loaded, try moving it into a simpler directory such as C:/MM8BDM.

If you’re using DoomSeeker, all you have to do is double click on a Roboenza server and the patch should be loaded automatically!

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