MM8BDM – Roll’s Chaos Generator!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 18 April 2011 5:49 pm

Roll’s Chaos Generator is a new game mode created by yours truly, but the idea originally came from the great mind of PinkKittyRose. Ever felt your MM8BDM needed a little more… chaos? Well look no further! Roll’s Chaos Generator adds some insane effects to the gameplay. What’s better is that they’re randomized each time you play! The Chaos Generator pulls together 3 random effects and applies them to the map. Effects include Double Damage, Low Gravity, Players exploding into random weapons, Players on permenant wavebikes and many more!

The beauty of the mod is that you’ll probably never get the same 3 effects in the same map. It is also compatible with other game modes such as LMS and CTF, and may even work with other mods like Roboenza or Classes mod (don’t quote me on this though)! Regardless, Roll’s Chaos Generator is a sure fire way to spice up those old forgotten game modes and make them interesting again. Give it a try! Add a little chaotic flavor to your MM8BDM. You may enjoy it more than you think!

Download from Wadhost.Fathax (Version 2 already!)

Video by Shagg!

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