MM8BDM v2 Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Friday 10 June 2011 3:17 pm

After many months of hard work the Mega Man 7 expansion for MM8BDM has finally been released! Special thanks must go out to the Rockman 7 FC team who did the base graphical work for us and some of the music. Without them this process would have taken a considerably longer time, and probably would never have been finished! See the in game credits sequence for the rest of the MM8BDM team who helped put this together!

MM8BDM not only adds new MM7 content, it also makes changes to other things in the game. Read the changelog below to find out what!

New Additions:

  • Upgraded to Skulltag v0.98E (included).
  • New campaign selectable at the start of the game.
  • MM7 boss battle (not secret) at the end of the campaign.
  • 12 new DM maps based on MM7 levels.
  • 1 new CTF map by ivory.
  • 8 new Robot Master Skins based on MM7 robot masters.
  • 6 new bonus skins.
  • 8 new weapons based on MM7 weapons.
  • 2 new assist items.
  • New Credits sequence.


Map Changes:

  • Most maps have had slight weapon layout changes, including MM7 weapons.
  • You can no longer throw projectiles down hole transitions.
  • MM1CUT – Added a Big Eye for decor.
  • MM1FIR – Changed main staircase to a sloped floor.
  • MM1DW1 – Added walkable staircases.
  • MM2HEA – Items can be found in lava pools.
  • MM2FLA – TimeStopper added (in a hard to reach spot).
  • MM2WOO – Made Bubble Bat holes impassible.
  • MM2CRA – Fixed invisible ladders.
  • MM3HAR – Blocked off cliffsides.
  • MM3SHA – Added slopes to replace the steps.
  • MM3GEM – Fixed strange sky texture bug.
  • MM3DW1 – Added stairs in various places.
  • MM4SKU – Added stairs in the “starting” room.
  • MM4DC1 – Added a slope to replace the main stairway.
  • MM5DAR – Added stairs in various places.
  • MM6KNI – Added stairs in various places.
  • MM6FLA – Fixed invisible ladder. Fixed oil glitch.
  • MM6YAM – Fixed invisible ladder.
  • MM6MRX – Added various slopes and stairs. Floor bouncers replace some ladders.


Weapon Changes:

  • Shield/Radius/Other weapons have been given new HUD animations.
  • Dust Crusher projectile speed increased.
  • Gyro Attack damage increased.
  • Leaf Shield has a short delay before activating.
  • Magnet Missile no longer causes hit stun.
  • Powerstone circling fixed.
  • Quick Boomerang damage increased.
  • Spark Shock has a firing delay but can be switched out quicker.
  • Super Arm Ammo usage increased.
  • Wind Storm now only throws opponents vertically, but higher than previously.
  • Time Stopper no longer appears in Duels.


Misc Changes:

  • “Fixed” Wind Man, Centaur Man and Blizzard Man skin colours.
  • Blood splats COMPLETELY removed from the game.
  • Bots attempt to pick their classes to support Yellow Devil’s Classes mod.
  • Secret Skins now revealed by default.
  • Musics change to the boss themes for other game modes like CTF and Duel.


Download & Installation

For newcomers, simply download and extract the zip into a new directory of your choice. Run MM8BDM.exe to start the launcher!

For previous installations, it’s up to you. You may simply overwrite your old files with the new v2 files or keep the old version for compatibility reasons. It should go without saying that if you choose to overwrite, you will not be able to play on servers using the old versions, even if you keep the old pk3 as we’ve upgraded the Skulltag version too!

Download from Sendspace

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