Screw Scramble Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 20 June 2011 11:00 pm

Screw Scramble is a new team deathmatch based game mode with a twist. Players must battle it out in order to obtain screws from fallen foes (or allies). The screws must be taken to either Auto or Reggae (depending on your team) who randomly spawn in the arena. Once Auto or Reggae reach the screw limit, the game is over and the corresponding team wins! Auto and Reggae will reward those who bring big batches of screws, but be careful! Dying results in you dropping ALL of your screws, for anyone to pick back up!

  • Game must be played in Team Deathmatch (teamplay) or Team Game (teamgame). The latter is used for playing with CTF maps where Auto and Reggae replace the Red/Blue flags.
  • Your screws are displayed at the bottom of the screen. How many Auto/Reggae require is displayed on the right. The highlighted character is the one you should head to for screw deposits!
  • Players drop 5 screws plus whatever extra screws they were holding when they die.
  • Large deposits will result in unique rewards. 15 screws or more gives you an MTank. 25 Increases your fire rate. 30 gives you triple shot! These bonuses cannot be stacked (except MTank obviously) and you only receive one bonus per deposit.
  • The default screw requirement is 150 screws. It can be changed via the winlimit server setting. The winlimit is multiplied by 10, so winlimit 20 will change the screw requirement to 200.
  • Carrying lots of screws slows you down. It only becomes noticeable near the 100 screw mark. This feature may be removed.
  • Junk Shield and Leaf Shield do not appear in this mode.
  • Currently only supports 2 teams, but may be increased in the future.

Download v1 from sendspace!

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