Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch V4 Trailer

Posted by admin | Announcements | Monday 12 May 2014 1:07 pm

Celebrate Mega May with a new version of MM8BDM, coming soon!

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch – V3b Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Monday 12 August 2013 3:46 pm

MM8BDM gets better and better with a new version! This update is all about refining old content, and includes many updates and fixes to maps and weapons. The highlight of this patch though is the inclusion of replacement maps! Out with the old and in with the new! Shadow Man, Top Man, Gemini Man, Wave Man, Spring Man and Burst Man have all been blessed with all new arenas.

But that’s not all! Many older maps have received significant layout and quality changes. Click here to check out the full change log, or download below and check out the new additions for yourself!

Download from MEGA

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch – Version 3 Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Friday 21 December 2012 5:24 pm

After a long period of silence, Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch rises again with a brand new expansion! This time it’s Mega Man 8’s turn to get 3d deathmatch treatment. New weapons, skins, maps and much much more await you in this version of Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch!

Praise must go out to the new MM8BDM team (lead by Ivory) who put this together. Without them this expansion would have not have received the love and care Mega Man 8 deserves. Special thanks must also go out to the Zandronum team who continue to support Skulltag’s mod friendly legacy, allowing us to fix and add new and better things to Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch.

For a full changelog of this version, visit the forums!

Download from Sendspace

Download from MediaFire

MM8BDM version v3 Coming Soon – Mega Man 8!

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 30 October 2012 5:45 pm

It has been over a year since the last version of MM8BDM has been released, and since then the MM8BDM team has been working tirelessly on creating new Mega Man 8 themed content for the upcoming release of Mega Man Deathmatch. As we approach the next version, I would like to give you a little sneak peak of what you can expect to see in the near future.


New Features:

  • New MM8 themed weapons, including Thunder Claw, Flash Bomb, Flame Sword and many more!
  • New MM8 themed maps to battle in. Astro Man’s maze, Tengu Man’s air ship and Search Man’s jungle are just to name a few!
  • Two new MM8 boss battles for the singleplayer campaign.
  • Certain older maps are getting updates, and in some cases, complete remakes!
  • Many weapon balances and tweaks.

These are some of the standard additions you can expect to see in the next version of MM8BDM. However, many more awesome additions have found their way into this expansion. Stay tuned and get your Mega Busters ready for Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch version 3!

Monday Night Madness!

Posted by admin | Announcements | Saturday 14 April 2012 8:59 pm

Monday Night MadnessSurprise!

Now it’s no secret that server and player counts have been dropping lately. As of last week, however, a CutStuff forum user named Human Destroyer has started a weekly get-together full of fragging fun! The weekly mashup runs any mode you vote for, so get down to the thread and say what you want. It was a huge success on its first run, pulling in serverloads of people and running for hours. More to come!

The thread can be found here. It’ll run every Monday as long as people show up! It’s usually vanilla, too, but if the server’s running mods you can find them here. Enjoy!

Missing wads?

Posted by admin | Announcements | Wednesday 11 January 2012 4:58 pm

As a new player, finding and loading the amount of wads required for the average MM8BDM server can be a long and boring chore. Forunately for you, Ivory has compiled a list of the main .wads and .pk3s hosted and you can download them all from the thread on the Cutstuff Forums! Add these in to your MM8BDM if you’re getting wad errors, or even better, download DoomSeeker for an easy way to join MM8BDM servers in a few clicks.

Ivory’s Thread can be found HERE!

MM8BDM – Mega Man X Classes!

Posted by admin | Review | Tuesday 22 November 2011 4:45 pm

It’s time for another weekly update from Yellow Devil! This time I will be covering another one of my personal favourite modifications, Mega Man X Classes.

As far as I am aware, MMXClasses was produced by TheBladeRoden alone. Featuring all 8 Mavericks from X1, as well as X himself,  as playable classes! Classes generally have two weapons, with all of their classic attacks in 3D form. Even the attacks you thought would never happen are in here, Armored Armadillo can perform his flying rolling tackle, Boomer Kuwanger can teleport, there’s even light-dimming punches for Spark Mandrill! There’s a ton of detail here, from full bot support to those little sound effects, and it is really incredible to be able to play the classes not only in 3D, but in 8-bit too.

The purpose of this blog post comes in two forms. First, you should play Mega Man X classes a lot more often! Second, the mod is still lacking some skins, so if you can or know someone who can make a good maverick skin, get workin’!

Get blasting! Download Megaman X Classes V1D here.

Find TheBladeRoden’s Topic here.

This is for you man, the one who really wanted that On the Blog Medal.

MM8BDM – Bot Apocalypse!

Posted by admin | Releases | Tuesday 15 November 2011 7:12 pm

I am going to introduce myself in the first paragraph of my first blog post like the two before me did. Consistency, you know? I’m Yellow Devil, you probably know me. If not, then I am an old community member who has played since the SGC Demo and has modded since 2010. I was assigned to this position following the departure of SmashBroPlusB, and also because the blog has not been updated for almost two months.

My first post on this blog is about one of personal favourite community-created modes, Bot Apocalypse. Often referred to as BotApoc, the mode was first created by SaviorSword in his custom server. Back then the mode would be run by hand, with the host adding bots and moving players as required. A community modder called Sick Sad World begun coding the mode, which was an attempt to “automate what they had done manually”. The mod split in two a while after coding began due to a “glass ceiling”, which saw another modder, Messatsu, creating the same mode with a few key differences. Sick Sad World’s original modification was finished and released in early October, with Messatsu’s mod being released at a similar time.

But that is enough about what happened, how about a slice of what’s happening?

Sick Sad World’s BotApoc is the ‘true’ BotApoc Savior and T’s Inventions hosted way back then. The mode is played in Team Last Man Standing and it features two teams, one full of players, and one full of bots with a bot leader. The bots are randomly assigned at the start, and all the bots will be of the same robot. The players win when all the bots and their leader are eliminated. The leader wins when he or his bots eliminate the players. There is a real sense of challenge here, as the bots tend to group up and destroy players when given the chance.

Messatsu’s BotApoc is similar, but at the same time adds new features and modifies others. Due to similarities with another of Messatsu’s mods, I will refer to this version as RageBotApoc. The objectives are not edited, but players may find themselves in radically different situations due to other factors. Bot Leaders are given increased health to protect themselves from the players, and they drop M-Tanks on death. Bots drop health on death to encourage the players to take them out. When there is only one player left, the lone man gains a Rage Rune (double firing speed) so that he can make a final attempt at winning. Finally, RageBotApoc has a timer system. If the round lasts for more than five minutes, huge meteors will begin crashing down on the players to speed up the match.

Both versions of BotApoc are a blast in large servers, I recommend trying them both out and hosting them whenever possible!

Download BotApoc here.
Download RageBotApoc here.

Spotlight: IX-Pack

Posted by admin | Releases | Friday 23 September 2011 1:49 pm

Hello everyone, I’m one of the new writers for the MM8BDM Blog! My name is SmashBroPlusB, and I’ve been around the community since ye old SGC demo was officially released. Since then, I’ve stuck around the forums, mainly annoying helping the other users and giving feedback on various community projects. However, this blog post isn’t about me, and if you want to talk to me that badly then just hit me up with a PM you sexy beast.


Anyway, I’m here to (sort of) introduce the IX-Pack. In reality, the IX-Pack is mainly recycled content. Ivory’s I-Pack and Mr. X’s X-Pack have been merged into one giant mountain of awesome, and it’s all here for your 8-bit pleasure. Notorious maps such as Sunset Canyon, Whomp’s Fortress, and Blade Man Castle are present in the pack’s roster. Now I know you’re thinking, “If I already have the I-Pack and the X-Pack, why should I download this?” Simple. First of all, the new content is more than enough to lure you in. There are 10 new maps in the pack, all of which have been expertly designed by a long-time veteran of the community. As if that wasn’t enough, the pre-existing maps from the I- and X-Packs have all been retouched, eliminating bugs and glitches, slightly changing layouts for better level flow, and moving around weapons/items for better balance.


The IX-Pack actually came out a few weeks ago, so technically this isn’t really an “introduction”, but even still it’s nice to get some free publicity, right? If you’re one of the few who hasn’t managed to grab the IX-Pack yet, you can find the download link here. You’ll also find a complete map listing, more information on the pack itself, and some nifty screenshots.

MM8BDM-v2c Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Friday 19 August 2011 5:40 pm

Time for an upgrade! This new MM8BDM version brings to the table a whole lot of bug fixes and not much else. Still, take a gander at the changelog below, perhaps you’ll see something that sparks your interest!

  • Upgraded Skulltag to 98e Alpha.
  • In Possession, if the circuit board is not picked up after so long the match ends.
  • The game mode “TeamGame” now uses player colours correctly.
  • Junk Shield has been completely changed. Activating it creates three orbiting junk pieces that can damage enemies and block non-ripping projectiles.
  • Turbo Roaders now die correctly if “destroyed” (mirror buster etc).
  • Gravity Hold can now be obtained again in Duel.
  • Some weapon layouts changed (mostly less Wild Coil, no Wind Storm/Gravity Hold combo)
  • Eddie now drops Treble Sentry.
  • Treble Sentry fires faster and has faster projectiles.
  • In CTF and other team modes, Treble fires constantly in the direction he is spawned.
  • Danger Wrap explosions appear correctly.
  • Danger Wrap now drops bombs that explode when in contact with walls, ceiling etc.
  • Search Snake is now in weapon slot 2.
  • Scorch Wheel no longer gets reflected by Mirror Buster (simply blocked).
  • Leaf Shield no longer reflects Treble’s shots.
  • Super Adaptor’s wings are removed correctly after death.
  • Colours for Noise Crush and Wild Coil have been fixed for Software users (patch by Lego).
  • Wild Coil now fires springs at wider angles, making it harder to OHKO.
  • Noise Crush now switches colours correctly when changing weapon from a charge shot.
  • Noise Crush does less damage.
  • Silver Tomahawk does less damage.
  • Ballade Cracker uses more ammo.
  • Drill Bomb uses more ammo.
  • Rolling Cutter uses more ammo.
  • Hard Knuckle uses more ammo.
  • Mirror Buster uses ammo faster.
  • MM7SLA now appears in the launcher’s map rotation correctly.
  • MM7SHA secret is now blocked off.
  • Possibly other minor map/weapon tweaks!

This will probably be the last update of v2 unless something big crops up. This means that I will be trying to see if I can get a team together to work on the MM8 expansion, if that’s what you guys want. The majority of the work will not be done by me for three reasons. Firstly, because a fun and easy as it is, I’m tired of the Doom engine and would like to move to something  fresh (and without limits!). Second, because being a one man band means it takes longer for it to get done. And of course finally, I hate Mega Man 8. Despite this though, I will try to keep an eye on what’s being done to keep it up to quality with the rest of the expansions. Still, this can’t happen without a project leader and a team! Stay tuned for a forum post about this.

Download from SendSpace

Download from MediaFire

Noise Crush does less damage.
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