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Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch, or MM8BDM is a total conversion for Skulltag created by CutmanMike and the Cutstuff community. MM8BDM completely changes Skulltag to look, act, and feel like the 8-bit Mega Man games, but in a Doom environment.

Almost a year of work was put into the game. A demo version was playable at the Screwattack Gaming Convention on July 2-4, 2010 and the demo was released to the public on July 7. The full version, was released on October 8, 2010. The current version is v6a and runs on Zandronum 3.0 (forked from the Skulltag engine).


  • MM8BDM strives to unify Doom-style gaming with Mega Man's game world.
  • All of the graphics have been changed to 8-bit graphics. A number of new graphics were also added. The light is bright, and the same everywhere to emerges the color limitations.
  • The default weapon is Mega Buster for all robots.
  • Most weapons have been changed to fire projectiles rather than use hitbox detection. There are several weapons which use hitbox detection, though these weapons are necessary more powerful than the projectile weapons.
  • There are over 100 weapons the player can use; each Robot Master's weapon is in the game, as well as some others like Bass or Proto Man's busters.
  • Every Robot Master from Mega Man 1-10 is playable, as well as various other characters from the series like the Mega Man Killers, Genesis Unit, MegaMan V GameBoy, or Oil Man and Time Man.
    • Every character has been given a number of new animation frames as well, since none of them possessed the other four angles of movement that Doom characters do.
      • In fact, all moving 2D objects have a newly-made full range of animation frames! (As well as the occasional stationary 2D object.)
  • A number of items in the game which the player can use to help them along.
  • An impressive amount of new Deathmatch levels -- 137 in total -- as well as 25 Capture The Flag stages.
  • A single player story mode, where the player works their way through the robot tournament, fighting computer-controlled opponents and many deadly bosses.
  • A friendly and helpful online community!
  • Surprises, secret levels, unlockables, easter eggs and much more!

Single Player Mode

Main Article: Singleplayer

While the primary focus of the game is on the multiplayer aspects, the game also comes equipped with a nice story mode. Much like Quake 3's single player mode, the story mode is a campaign selecting all 94 of the deathmatch levels, plus several boss arenas.

Multiplayer Mode

Main Article: Multiplayer

As good as the storyline is and the boss fights are in Single Player Mode, the bots leave a lot to the imagination. Thus, people looking for a balanced, aggressive, and advanced deathmatch game might consider playing online.

The game also supports a majority of Zandronum's game modes without any trouble. There exists extra maps to support the CTF game modes (Including 4FCTF).


Main Article: Stages

As stated above, there are 137 Deathmatch and 25 Capture the Flag stages. The deathmatch stages are the main attraction of the game, being arenas based on the various boss levels of Mega Man 1-10 + V, plus fortress stages, while the CTF game mode features level inspired by Mega Man's stages; but aren't made of according to a Robot Master.



Main Article: Weapons

As mentioned, every Robot Master's weapon has been accounted for in this game from the Rolling Cutter, a boomerang-like scissor-head, to the mighty Astro Crush, a rain of powerful meteors. There's even a few extra weapons in there to add even more variety to your gameplay experience!


Main Article: Items

In addition to the weaponry, the game has a number of helpful items that can give players the edge over their opponents, upgrade their Mega Buster, or assist them.


The only destroyable enemies placed in normal levels at this time are the 100 Watton and Dompan, both in Bright Man's level, which turn off and turn on the lights respectively. In certain boss fights, Mettaurs -- little helmeted fellows that spit bullets at you -- can also be seen. Otherwise, the game is devoid of standard enemies.

However, the vanilla game does feature a number of bosses and mini-bosses based on similar encounters found within the Mega Man universe.


  • Yellow Devil - Able to split its powerful form into chunks and smash you to death in record time!
  • Guts Dozer - Massive, powerful, and able to generate Mets, you fight this machine with help from the original Guts Man!
  • Doc Robots - Are you prepared to fight 4 robots in a row? With only one chance to do it?
  • Big Jumper - As you enter the chamber, a humanoid mech is tasked with crushing you...
    • Met Catcher & Metool Daddy - Surprise! It's quickly destroyed by a Met piloting Dr. Cossack's old machine, but is quickly joined by a scrapped Metool out for revenge...
  • Dark Man - A robot built to impersonate Proto Man, this fake is armed to the teeth with weapons!
  • Gamma - The peacekeeping robot from the past is not only back, but fully operational this time! How can you possibly stop something this powerful?!
  • Bass - Bass has challenged you to a one-on-one, and he isn't holding back!
  • Evil Energy Robot - The source of a malignant force in the universe, you must defeat him in a final battle in space!
  • King - Leader of a robot rebellion, this king wields a powerful shield and spear.
  • Genesis Unit - Three of Wily's best robots, masters of expertise and brute force!
  • Proto Man - Driven mad, your former ally engages in a brutal fight, as he carries a shield and unstable but powerful buster!
  • Mega Mech Shark - A giant flying robot shark that the player must defeat in a flying shooter stage.
  • Quint - A robot from the future with an oddly familiar presence, don't let the silly looking pogo-stick fool you.
  • Wily Robo Iron Golem - Dr. Wily's gone Gundam! Watch out for debris falling from the ceiling when it smashes it's fists.
  • Ra Devil - Ra Moon's terrifying take on the classic Yellow Devil, keep a close eye on the floor at all times.
  • Terra - A new threat from outer space, teach this invader who's the strongest in the universe!
  • Sunstar - A mysterious sungod from a forgotten era. Prepare yourself for his 3rd and final form!
  • Wily Star - Dr. Wily's space station has been possessed by the evil energy, it's up to you to pilot a newly rebuild Gamma suit


In addition to the bosses, if certain requirements are met, you can fight certain mini-bosses. Beat them, and their weapon is yours for the rest of the chapter!

  • Mega Man? - A reoccurring rival fought in Chapters 1, 3, and 5. A copy of the Blue Bomber trying to coax you into joining Wily.
  • Enker - Fought in Chapter 2. Beat Flash Man's stage in under 5 minutes. Noble, but charged with attacking without mercy.
  • Punk - Fought in Chapter 4. Beat Drill Man's stage in under 5 minutes. A rowdy, and relentless robot built for destroying.
  • Ballade - Fought in Chapter 6. Beat Knight Man's stage in under 5 minutes. What once was considered Wily's greatest creation!
  • Duo - An obligatory part of the storyline, fought after his stage in Chapter 8. His mysterious ramblings about evil leave you quite confused...
  • Ra Thor - Ra Moon's attempt at a robot master, nevermind the giant black ball in the ceiling.

Game Credits

Italic names aren't listed in the game credits.

Programming: CutmanMike

Level Design: CutmanMike, Mr. X, CarThief, Ivory

Graphic Ripping: CutmanMike, Kinsie, Clawgrip, CopShowGuy, Sprites Inc. community

Sprite Artists: CutmanMike, Clawgrip, Cyberkid, Brotoad, Cloakbass, CopShowGuy, Fupoo, Ikari Allen, Joseph Collins, Korby, Musashi-com, Namo, Naoshi, Pippin, Press Start, Smooth, squidgy617, Tubaam, Wanderingmind, Zero-EXE, Dark Linux

New Music Creation: Baiisilisk, Kevin, mega cocorock, Musashi-COM

Bug Testing: MFGGU Community, Brotoad, Clawgrip, Smooth, The Shades

Promotion: ADDProductions & ScrewAttack, MugenMidget, Press Start, Nightwing, The Geek Fighters

Engine Developers: Graf Zahl, Randy Heit, Torr Samaho, ID Software

Special Thanks: Cutstuff Community, MegaMan Community, Torr Samaho, Capcom

Created By: CutmanMike

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