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FACE103.png Bass
"Your journey ends here...'hero'."
Boss Health 750
Originally From Mega Man 7
Music Mega Man 7 - Bass theme (8 bit remix by Dr. Freeman)
Music Code MM7BASS
Available Weapons None
Available Items None

In Mega Man 7, the two robots Bass and Treble were introduced as a duo tasked with fighting Dr. Wily. After bringing an injured Bass to Light Labs, Bass and Treble revealed their allegiance and creation by Dr. Wily. The two become staple rivals for the Blue Bomber.

In Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch, as of V5, Bass is encountered as the boss of Chapter 7. Bass nonchalantly congratulates the player for winning the Second Annual Robot Master Tournament. Later on, Treble escorts Dr. Wily to safety after the defeat of Gamma, whereas Bass challenges the collapsed player to a duel.


One chapter later, the duel between the player and Bass has arrived. The arena is round, closed in, with four tall pillars and a view of the sky. But forget the 8-bit scenery for now; Bass walks around the arena, dealing quick and merciless forms of attack:

  • Bass Buster: Bass' primary form of attack in the Mega Man series; he'll fire a fast group of bullets in the player's direction.
  • Dash: Bass will...well, dash towards the player, dealing contact damage. Not much.
  • Radius Gunfire: The Wily robot will stop moving, quickly firing an arc of bullets in a semicircle.
  • Charge Shot: Bass will start flashing green, buster ready. After a few seconds, a green charge shot will be fired towards the player, incredibly fast in speed.
  • Somersault Kick: Probably the most devastating attack in this phase: Bass will kneel against the ground, flashing green. He will then begin dashing towards the player relentlessly; and when close enough, will perform a somersault kick. A green projectile is fired from the kick in the player's direction; short range, but dealing immense damage.

Bass will essentially make the Mega Man? fights look pathetic. The biggest advantage for this fight are the pillars, giving the player easy cover. Even then, one must keep major distance from Bass in order to survive. The pillars can block the charge shots and gunfire, but there still is the Somersault Kick. To successfully dodge, one mus get out of the kick's line of fire at the last second to survive. Aside from that, just keep shooting.

Eventually, Bass collapses to the ground. He remarks the strength of the player, but says he wasn't giving it his all. Treble appears in the arena, and the two fuse into Bass TA; claiming their power is unmatched, before destroying the floor below you.

Bass TA Battle

FACE103.png Bass (Treble Adaptor)
"This power is ours alone! Not even you will be able to match it!"
Boss Health 1000
Originally From Mega Man 7
Music Mega Man 7 - Unused Super Bass theme (8 bit remix by LlamaHombre)
Music Code MM7BASS2
Available Weapons SuperAdaptor.png
Available Items None

The player lands on a busted platform, one of many falling gracefully down the tower. Bass TA descends into the arena, purple flame surrounding him as the fight commences. Now if only it was just that first phase...Bass will choose flying for his main form of movement, and his arsenals has become more diverse and chaotic.

  • Bass Buster II: His main form of attack in this phase, Bass TA will fly in the air, occasionally firing a flurry of bullets in the player's direction.
  • Radius Gunfire II: Bass TA lowers himself to the ground, and quickly shoots a stream of bullets in an obtuse arc around him.
  • Violet Bullet: Bass TA lowers himself to the ground. After a short period, he fires two large bullets at the player.
  • Flamethrower Dash: One of Bass TA's special attacks; telegraphed by purple flames surrounding him. Bass will wait a moment, before diving towards the player, unleashing a shower of flame bullets before them.
  • Laser Cutter: Another of Bass TA's special attacks, telegraphed by purple flames. Bass will back up slightly, before flying over the player, firing a powerful laser cutting through the platforms slightly. Don't worry, you only have to worry about the laser, the platforms won't fall apart.
  • Fireball Shower: The third of Bass TA's special attacks, telegraphed the same way. Bass will fire a white blast in the air, before several rings of fireball fall onto the arena, each with even gaps to weave through. Shortly after, a second shower of fireballs will fall onto the arena, the gaps slightly offset from the first.

Bass TA is a difficult target to hit, and his attacks are much more worrisome. The biggest problem are the platforms, uneven and can cause instant fall death if the player isn't careful. One can easily grab the Super Adaptor, as the homing shot can hit Bass more effectively, and the jet can help with plaforms. When charging a special attack, he is also left open for many shots. As for his attacks... Most can be dodged by ruickly running out of the line of fire. The Laser Cutter requires moving out of its path quickly, Fireball Shower needs to weave through the bullets, and the Flamethrower Dash is getting on the other side of the firing Bass.

Alternatively, one can also use the Mega Buster only, as it does good damage too. Granted it will be harder to hit with...but beating Bass TA without the Super Adaptor equipped, a familiar face will appear later...

Once Bass TA is defeated, explosions will ring from his body, descending past the platforms. The platforms finally slam against the ground floor, leaving the player, and the wounded Bass and Treble. Bass says the player should get going, and the exit is right there. Going through that exit will complete Chapter 7.