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Singleplayer is one of the major modes of Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch, where the player progresses through most of the game's map selection with a unique story, hub maps and boss fights.


v1's Intro Cutscene

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Initial Plot

The story of 'Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch' starts one year after the events of Mega Man 6.

After Mega Man defeated Dr. Wily for the 6th time, the real Mr. X was found and rescued. In celebration of his heroic efforts, Mr. X hosted the Second Annual Robot Master Tournament with new rules, arenas, and security measures so . With permission from Dr. Light, each robot would have to be reprogrammed use the weapon-swapping abilities of Mega Man to keep the competition fair.

During the final announcement of the tournament, the broadcast is interrupted by none other than Dr. Wily, who praises the tournament, and announces that he'll be entering all of his Robot Masters to prove his genius and superiority in robotics to Dr. Light. There are no leads on where Dr. Wily could be hiding, or what he could be plotting.

Recently, a unknown robot (named Maestro by default) has taken residence in the Light household, and plans on joining the tournament in Dr. Light's name. Mega Man and the Light Numbers also register as participants in the tournament to ensure Dr. Wily doesn't have anything hidden up his sleeves...


The player starts in Dr. Light's Lab where Dr. Light briefly explains the situation and how to configure their controls. The player character is then allowed to check the mail, interact with NPCs, change their skin, test out weapons in the Training Room, or head to one of the numerous maps.


The game is split up into thirteen chapters as of Version 6, each themed a respective game in the Mega Man series.

Chapter Game Gamemode Mapset Boss Secret Boss
Chapter 1:

The Tournament Begins!

MegaMan1title.png Deathmatch FACE0.pngFACE1.pngFACE2.png



FACE134.png Mega Man?
FACE10.png Yellow Devil
Chapter 2:

Guts Man Is Missing!

MegaMan2title.png Deathmatch FACE11.pngFACE12.pngFACE13.png



FACE20.png Guts Dozer FACE129.png Enker
Chapter 3:

Dr. Wily's Ultimate Scheme!

MegaMan3title.png Deathmatch FACE21.pngFACE22.pngFACE23.png



MegaMan-Mugshot.png Mega Man?
FACE30.png Doc Robots
Chapter 4:

Dr. Cossack's Robots!
Friends or Foes...?

MegaMan4title.png Deathmatch FACE31.pngFACE32.pngFACE33.png



MetoolDaddyBoss.png Met Catcher
& Metool Daddy
FACE130.png Punk
Chapter 5:

Proto Man Appears!
A Dark Forboding...

MegaMan5title.png Deathmatch FACE41.pngFACE42.pngFACE43.png



FACE136.png Mega Man?
FACE50.png Dark Man
Chapter 6:

The Grand Finale!
Who Will Be Champion?

MegaMan6title.png Deathmatch FACE51.pngFACE52.pngFACE53.png



FACE124.png Reprogrammed
Robot Masters

FACE60.png Gamma
FACE128.png Ballade
Chapter 7:

Dr. Wily Escapes!
The Seventh Numbers Strike!

MegaMan7title.png Deathmatch FACE61.pngFACE62.pngFACE63.png



FACE103.png Bass WilyCapsuleBoss.png Wily Capsule
Chapter 8:

The Giants Of Good and Evil!

MegaMan8Title.png Deathmatch FACE74.pngFACE75.pngFACE76.png




FACE82.png Duo
FACE85.png Evil Energy Robot
Chapter 9:

The Great Robot Rebellion!

MegaMan&Basstitle.png Team Deathmatch FACE86.pngFACE87.pngFACE88.png




KingBossMugShot.png King
Chapter 10:

The Wily Wars!

WilyTowertitle.png Team Deathmatch FACE97.pngFACE98.pngFACE99.png


FACE97.png Buster Rod G.
FACE98.png Mega Water S.
FACE99.png Hyper Storm H.
FACE102.png Genesis Unit
Chapter 11:

The Rogue Light Robots!

MTITLE9.png Deathmatch &
Team Deathmatch




FACE49.png Proto Man
FACE114.png Mega Mech Shark
FACE113.png Police Chase
FACE113.png Fake Man
FACE131.png Quint
Chapter 12:

The Roboenza Outbreak!

MTITLE10.png Roboenza Deathmatch BladeFACE.pngPumpFACE.pngCommandoFACE.png




FACE161.png Weapon Archives
FACE158.png Wily Iron Golem
Chapter 13

The Advent of the Stardroids!

MTITLEV.png One-Life Marathon FACE147.pngFACE148.pngFACE149.png




FACE146.png Terra
FACE155.png Sunstar
FACE179.png Beta Eclipse
FACE180.png Eclipse
FACE176.png Ra Moon

Boss Rush Mode

Prior to v3a, upon beating the game, a new mode is unlocked called Boss Rush mode. In this mode the player simply fought nearly all the bosses in the game without having to go through each chapter, save for Enker, Punk, Ballade and Wily Capsule. After beating all the bosses, the game's ending plays as if you beat Chapter 6. Boss Rush can be found in Auto's section of the lab.

This feature was removed in v3a, presumably because of the redesigned save feature allowing the player to jump to any point reached in the campaign, including bosses. The functionality is still in the game, however — by typing "set secret_bossrush 1" into the console before entering a boss level, the game will automatically move on to the next boss. As of v4a, all bosses after Chapter 6 are accounted for, including Duo, Buster Rod G, Mega Water S, and Hyper Storm H.

The feature returns in V5, renamed to Boss Attack. After Plug Man returns to Light Labs, and all chapters are beaten, Plug Man allows you to attempt Boss Attack. In this mode the player is given three tries to beat the following bosses back to back:

FACE10.png FACE20.png FACE30.png MetoolDaddyBoss.png FACE50.png FACE60.png FACE103.png FACE85.png KingBossMugShot.png FACE102.png FACE49.png