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No game would be complete without stages, and stages...this game has. Every single Robot Master and then some have an arena they can call their own in the tournament.

Quick Reference Chart

Deathmatch Stages

Deathmatch stages are usually straight-up shoot-outs, but some levels have gimmicks which make things interesting for you and your adversaries. You'll find yourself on each and every one of these levels at least once in Story Mode (with the exceptions of Wily's Hideout 2, Skull Castle Core, Skull Castle Depths, Skull Fortress 2, Skull Fortress 3, Skull Fortress 4, and Reclaimed King's Tower. On each one, your AI opponents will include the Robot Master whose stage the map is based on, and you'll be able to find their associated weapon somewhere within it. The weapons tend to have a more convenient usefulness in their own stage, as the stage's layout and gameplay are influenced and adapted to the weapon. For instance, Cut Man's stage is made of very tiny corridors, making Rolling Cutter, Cut Man's weapon, much easier to use, since the targets have a very small zone for dodging.

Mega Man 1 & Powered Up Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE0.png Cut Man Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
FACE1.png Guts Man Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
FACE4.png Ice Man Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
FACE2.png Bomb Man Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
FACE5.png Fire Man Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
FACE3.png Elec Man Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
FACE6.png Time Man Mega Man: Powered Up
FACE7.png Oil Man Mega Man: Powered Up
FACE8.png Wily's Hideout 1 Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
FACE9.png Wily's Hideout 2 Mega Man 1 & Powered Up

Mega Man 2 Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE18.png Metal Man Mega Man 2
FACE12.png Air Man Mega Man 2
FACE11.png Bubble Man Mega Man 2
FACE15.png Quick Man Mega Man 2
FACE17.png Crash Man Mega Man 2
FACE14.png Flash Man Mega Man 2
FACE13.png Heat Man Mega Man 2
FACE16.png Wood Man Mega Man 2
FACE19.png Skull Castle Entrance Mega Man 2
SkullCastleCoreMug.png Skull Castle Core Mega Man 2
SkullCastleDepthsMug.png Skull Castle Depths Mega Man 2

Mega Man 3 Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE23.png Needle Man Mega Man 3
FACE26.png Magnet Man Mega Man 3
FACE25.png Gemini Man Mega Man 3
FACE24.png Hard Man Mega Man 3
FACE22.png Top Man Mega Man 3
FACE21.png Snake Man Mega Man 3
FACE27.png Spark Man Mega Man 3
FACE28.png Shadow Man Mega Man 3
FACE29.png Skull Castle Interior Mega Man 3

Mega Man 4 Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE38.png Bright Man Mega Man 4
FACE34.png Toad Man Mega Man 4
FACE33.png Drill Man Mega Man 4
FACE31.png Pharaoh Man Mega Man 4
FACE36.png Ring Man Mega Man 4
FACE35.png Dust Man Mega Man 4
FACE32.png Dive Man Mega Man 4
FACE37.png Skull Man Mega Man 4
FACE39.png Dr. Cossack's Citadel Mega Man 4
WilyWaterworksMug.png Wily Waterworks Mega Man 4

Mega Man 5 Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE46.png Gravity Man Mega Man 5
FACE44.png Wave Man Mega Man 5
FACE42.png Stone Man Mega Man 5
FACE45.png Gyro Man Mega Man 5
FACE47.png Star Man Mega Man 5
FACE41.png Charge Man Mega Man 5
FACE43.png Napalm Man Mega Man 5
FACE48.png Crystal Man Mega Man 5
FACE49.png Dark Man Mega Man 5
SkullLaboratoryMug.png Skull Laboratory Mega Man 5

Mega Man 6 Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE54.png Blizzard Man Mega Man 6
FACE52.png Centaur Man Mega Man 6
FACE56.png Flame Man Mega Man 6
FACE53.png Knight Man Mega Man 6
FACE55.png Plant Man Mega Man 6
FACE51.png Tomahawk Man Mega Man 6
FACE57.png Wind Man Mega Man 6
FACE58.png Yamato Man Mega Man 6
FACE59.png Mr. X Fortress Mega Man 6
SkullOutpostMug.png Skull Outpost Mega Man 6

Mega Man 7 Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE126.png Ruined Street Mega Man 7
FACE61.png Freeze Man Mega Man 7
FACE62.png Junk Man Mega Man 7
FACE63.png Burst Man Mega Man 7
FACE64.png Cloud Man Mega Man 7
FACE65.png Spring Man Mega Man 7
FACE66.png Slash Man Mega Man 7
FACE67.png Shade Man Mega Man 7
FACE68.png Turbo Man Mega Man 7
FACE69.png Skull Fortress 1 Mega Man 7
FACE70.png Skull Fortress 2 Mega Man 7
FACE71.png Skull Fortress 3 Mega Man 7
FACE72.png Skull Fortress 4 Mega Man 7

Mega Man 8 Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE74.png Tengu Man Mega Man 8
FACE75.png Astro Man Mega Man 8
FACE76.png Sword Man Mega Man 8
FACE77.png Clown Man Mega Man 8
FACE78.png Search Man Mega Man 8
FACE79.png Frost Man Mega Man 8
FACE80.png Grenade Man Mega Man 8
FACE81.png Aqua Man Mega Man 8
FACE82.png Duo Mega Man 8
FACE83.png Skull Tower Base Mega Man 8
FACE84.png Skull Tower Interior Mega Man 8

Mega Man & Bass Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE86.png Robot Museum Mega Man & Bass
FACE87.png Tengu Man B Mega Man & Bass
FACE88.png Astro Man B Mega Man & Bass
FACE89.png Dynamo Man Mega Man & Bass
FACE90.png Cold Man Mega Man & Bass
FACE91.png Ground Man Mega Man & Bass
FACE92.png Pirate Man Mega Man & Bass
FACE93.png Burner Man Mega Man & Bass
FACE94.png Magic Man Mega Man & Bass
KingCastleMugShot.png King's Tower Mega Man & Bass
FACE123.png Reclaimed King's Tower Mega Man & Bass

Wily Tower Stages

Stage Name Original Game
FACE97.png Buster Rod G. Wily Tower
FACE98.png Mega Water S. Wily Tower
FACE99.png Hyper Storm H. Wily Tower
WilyTower1MugShot.png Wily Tower 1 Wily Tower
WilyTower2MugShot.png Wily Tower 2 Wily Tower

Mega Man 9

Stage Name Original Game
FACE104.png Concrete Man Mega Man 9
FACE105.png Tornado Man Mega Man 9
FACE106.png Splash Woman Mega Man 9
FACE107.png Plug Man Mega Man 9
FACE108.png Jewel Man Mega Man 9
FACE109.png Hornet Man Mega Man 9
FACE110.png Magma Man Mega Man 9
FACE111.png Galaxy Man Mega Man 9
FACE112.png Wily Fortress 1 Mega Man 9
FACE124.png Wily Fortress 2 Mega Man 9
FACE125.png Wily Fortress 3 Mega Man 9
FACE113.png Fake Man Mega Man 9

Special Stages

On top of the common stages, there exist special stages which serve a specific purpose in the Story Mode.

Stage Name Original Game
MM9LightLab.png Dr. Light's Lab Mega Man 1-10
NoIcon.png Unknown Unique
FACE59.png Awards Ceremony Unique

Capture The Flag

While absent from the Single Player mode, the game comes with a handful (up from a trio in v1a) of Capture The Flag levels, each with their own unique features. While none are based on any specific game level, each have a number of features from a variety of levels.

Stage Name Created by
Newgrounds.png New Grounds CutmanMike
Snakesinspace.png Snakes in Space CutmanMike
Meltingmetal.png Melting Metal CutmanMike
Icyforts.png Lost Riches Thunderono
Clockworkfactory.png Clockwork Factory Mr. X
Underwaterbasex.png Underwater Base X CarThief
Victoryisle.png Victory Isle DoomThroughDoom
Edgeofthedam.png Edge of the Dam Ivory
Woodmanrevenge.png Wood Man's Revenge Ivory
Alloutassault.png All out Assault Ivory
Frigidocean.png Frigid Ocean Mr. X
Moltenmountain.png Molten Mountain Mr. X
Cliffsideclamour.png Cliffside Clamour Shade Guy
Aerationsun.png Aeration Sun Mendez
Doublecastle.png Double Castle Yuri Sakazaki
Turborumble.png Turbo Rumble Cold Noodles
Desertedcity.png Deserted City Galaxy Sisbro
Spacedout.png Spaced Out Max
Clashinthecity.png Trackside Tussle Magnet Dood
Sacredshrines.png Sacred Shrines Beed28
DuelingCaves.png Dueling Caves Caprice
KorboosHaunt.png Korboo's Haunt Korby
WaterWorks.png Water Works ForteGigasGospel
ConterminousCrusaders.png Conterminous Crusaders LlamaHombre
SkyHighSkirmish.png Sky High Skirmish Duora Super Gyro