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Weapons are usually scattered throughout Stages in the game, each stage contains different sets of weapons and not the same various sets.

Heres a few charts with all the different weapons and buster upgrades.

UPDATED As of v5d: ArrowBusterupgrade.pngBassupgrade.pngBlackHoleBombWepSprite.pngConcreteShotWepSprite.pngDiveMissileWep.pngGyroAttackWep.pngIceWallWep.pngJewelSatelliteWepSprite.pngMegaBallWep.pngProtoupgrade.pngRollingCutterwep.pngSkullBarrierWep.pngTornadoHoldWep.pngWaterBalloonWep.pngWaterWaveWep.png

Mega Man's Mega Buster & Buster Upgrades

MegaBusterWep.png Mega Buster

Protoupgrade.png Proto Buster

Bassupgrade.png Bass Buster

SuperAdaptor.png Super Adaptor

LaserBusterupgrade.png Laser Buster

ArrowBusterupgrade.png Arrow Buster

DuoFistupgrade.png Duo Fist

Trebleboost.png Treble Boost

Mega Man & Mega Man: Powered-Up Weapons

HyperBombWep.png Hyper Bomb

FireStormWep.png Fire Storm

IceSlasherWep.png Ice Slasher

OilSliderWep.png Oil Slider

RollingCutterwep.png Rolling Cutter

SuperArmWep.png Super Arm

TimeSlowWep.png Time Slow

ThunderBeamWep.png Thunder Beam

Mega Man 2 Weapons

AirShooterWep.png Air Shooter

AtomicFireWep.png Atomic Fire

BubbleLeadWep.png Bubble Lead

CrashBombWep.png Crash Bomber

LeafShieldWep.png Leaf Shield

MetalBladeWep.png Metal Blade

MetalBladeWep.png IG Metal Blade

QuickBoomerangWep.png Quick Boomerang

TimeStopperWep.png Time Stopper

Mega Man 3 Weapons

GeminiLaserWep.png Gemini Laser

HardKnuckleWep.png Hard Knuckle

MagnetMissleWep.png Magnet Missile

NeedleCannonWe.png Needle Cannon

SearchSnakeWep.png Search Snake

ShadowBladeWep.png Shadow Blade

SparkShockWep.png Spark Shock

TopSpinWep.png Top Spin

Mega Man 4 Weapons

DiveMissileWep.png Dive Missile

DrillBombWep.png Drill Bomb

DustCrusherWep.png Dust Crusher

FlashStopperWep.png Flash Stopper

PharaohShotWep.png Pharaoh Shot

RainFlushWep.png Rain Flush

RingBoomerangWep.png Ring Boomerang

SkullBarrierWep.png Skull Barrier

Mega Man 5 Weapons

ChargeKickWep.png Charge Kick

CrystalEyeWep.png Crystal Eye

GravityHoldWep.png Gravity Hold

GyroAttackWep.png Gyro Attack

NapalmBombWep.png Napalm Bomb

PowerStoneWep.png Power Stone

StarCrashWep.png Star Crash

WaterWaveWep.png Water Wave

Mega Man 6 Weapons

BlizzardAttackWep.png Blizzard Attack

CentaurFlashWep.png Centaur Flash

FlameBlastWep.png Flame Blast

KnightCrushWep.png Knight Crush

PlantBarrierWep.png Plant Barrier

SilverTomahawkWep.png Silver Tomahawk

WindStormWep.png Wind Storm

YamatoSpearWep.png Yamato Spear

Mega Man Killer Weapons

BalladeCrackerWep.png Ballade Cracker

MirrorBusterWep.png Mirror Buster

SakugarneWep.png Sakugarne

ScrewCrusherWep.png Screw Crusher

Mega Man 7 Weapons

DangerWrapWep.png Danger Wrap

FreezeCrackerWep.png Freeze Cracker

JunkShieldWep.png Junk Shield

NoiseCrushWep.png Noise Crush

ScorchWheelWep.png Scorch Wheel

SlashClawWep.png Slash Claw

ThunderBoltWep.png Thunder Bolt

WildCoilWep.png Wild Coil

Mega Man 8 Weapons

MegaBallWep.png Mega Ball

AstroCrushWep.png Astro Crush

FlameSwordWep.png Flame Sword

FlashBombWep.png Flash Bomb

HomingSniperWep.png Homing Sniper

IceWaveWep.png Ice Wave

ThunderClawWep.png Thunder Claw

TornadoHoldWep.png Tornado Hold

WaterBalloonWep.png Water Balloon

Mega Man & Bass Weapons

CopyVisionWep.png Copy Vision

IceWallWep.png Ice Wall

LightningBoltWep.png Lightning Bolt

MagicCardWep.png Magic Card

RemoteMineWep.png Remote Mine

SpreadDrillWep.png Spread Drill

TenguBladeWep.png Tengu Blade

WaveBurnerWep.png Wave Burner

Mega Man 9 Weapons

ConcreteShotWepSprite.png Concrete Shot

TornadoBlowWepSprite.png Tornado Blow

LaserTridentWepSprite.png Laser Trident

PlugBallWepSprite.png Plug Ball

JewelSatelliteWepSprite.png Jewel Satellite

HornetChaserWepSprite.png Hornet Chaser

MagmaBazookaWepSprite.png Magma Bazooka

BlackHoleBombWepSprite.png Black Hole Bomb

Mega Man 10 Weapons

SolarBlazeWep.png Solar Blaze