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! Character Name
! Character Name
! Creator
! Creator
| [[File:CrownThunderSkin.png]]||[https://cutstuff.net/forum/index.php?topic=11788.0 Crown Thunder]||'''Dimpsy'''
| [[File:SFHNA8A2.png]]||[http://cutstuff.net/forum/index.php?topic=5389 Harp Note]||'''Dimpsy'''
| [[File:SFHNA8A2.png]]||[http://cutstuff.net/forum/index.php?topic=5389 Harp Note]||'''Dimpsy'''

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This page contains some of the optional player skins created by the Cutstuff community. These skins are not included in the main MM8BDM.wad file and can be added by downloading the skin.

How to add a skin:

1. In the MM8BDM file folder, make a new folder called "skins".

2. Click on the desired skin's link to go to the forum page with the download link.

3. Download skin.

4. Save the file in the new "skins" folder.

5. Run the game and select your new skin!

Mega Man Series


Mega Man Enemy Skins

Character Name Creator
AMOBA1.png Amobea Kapus
ApacheJoe.png Apache Joe Kackebango
BAKKA8A2.png Bakkon Bass44
BigEye.png Big Eye Megaman
Bigtelly.png Big Telly Geno
Bombthrower.png Bomb Thrown Kackebango
BRWNA1.png Brown Brash Buster
BugCopter.png Bug Copter Kapus
CannonJoe.png Cannon Joe Kackebango
CRGRA1.png Cargou Q Magnet Dood
Colton.png Colton Red Lantern
Crabbot.png Crabbot FTX
CCANA8A2.png Crazy Cannon Relias
Curlinger.png Curlinger KillerChair
Dompan.png Dompan Kapus
FMet.jpg Fire Met ZeStopper
FRTEA8A2.png Fire Telly Bass44
FLEAA1.png Flea kirbymariomega
Gaboyall.png Gabyoall Super Bondman 64
HaeHaey.png Haehaey Kapus
HammerJoe.png Hammer Joe Kackebango
HELIA8A2.png Helipon Kapus
SKYWA8A2.png Hogale Copy Robot
HTHDA8A2.png Hothead TheBladeRoden
Jumbig.png Jumbig Kapus
KaonaGeeno.png Kaona Geeno Squidgy617
KillerBullet.png Killer Bullet Megaman
KYO2A8A2.png Kyorown-MK2 Caprice
M422A.png M-422A Kapus
MACJA8A2.png Machine Gun Joe Bass44
MAGFA1.png Mag Fly Relias
MechaPitchan.png Mecha Pitchan Magnet Dood
MetallTopHat.png Metall (Top Hat) BumpBump
MetallEX.png Metall EX Joseph Collins
Metall K1000.png Metall K1000 TheBladeRoden
Minisnoler.png Mini Snoler Geno
Minoan.png Minoan Kapus
Nombrellan.png Nombrellan Jafar
OctopusBattery.png Octopus Battery Megaman
Piriparee.png Piriparee Ryuga_knight
PUPUA8A2.png Pukapucker Dimpsy
Properide Hilman170499
Rackaser.png Rackaser/Umbrella Guard Kapus
Roader.png Roader Kapus
Sabotall.png Sabotall Yuri Sakazaki
Sasoreenu.png Sasoreenu FTX
SHLDA8A2.png Shield Attacker Kapus
ShieldAttacker10.png Shield Attacker TRL Yuri Sakazaki
ShieldlessAttacker10.png Shieldless Attacker TRL Yuri Sakazaki
SHPNA8A2.png Shupponpon Bass44
SniperArmor.png Sniper Armor Kackebango
SniperMet.png Sniper Met Lag Man
Space Metall.png Space Metall Ryuga_knight
SpikeTelly.png Spike Telly Kapus
Telley.png Telly Smunch
TruckerJoe.png Trucker Joe Kackebango
TSSTA8A2.png Tsurara Stamp Bass44
UpNDown.png Up 'n Down Kapus
Character name Creator

Mega Man Robot Master Skins

Character Name Creator
AirconMan.png Aircon Man Megaman
AstroManFC.png AstroMan FC FTX
ClockMenLighterDudeVersion.png Clock Men Lighter Dude
ClockMen.png Clock Men Lego
COMPA8A2.png Compass Man Megaman
PBICA8A2.png IceMan Battle & Fighters Bass44
Libra.png Libra fortegigasgospel
NEMEA8A2.png MegaMan Nega Dimpsy
NAPFA8A2.png NapalmMan Battle & Fighters Metallix
Nepta8a2.png Neptune FTX
PLUTA1.png Pluto Sylandro
Virgo.png Virgo fortegigasgospel
Character name Creator

Mega Man Fortress Boss Skins

Character Name Creator
CRRQA8A2.png CRORQ Brash Buster
CWU-01P.png CWU-01P Rukifellth
X Gamma Ryuga_knight
GammaHead.png Gamma's Head Ryuga_knight
GutsmanG2.png Guts Man G squidgy617/Maxine
TwinDevil.png Twin Devil Ryuga_knight
WeaponArchive.png Weapon Archive Ryuga_knight
X Wily Machine World 2 Rukifellth
Mm1ydevilskin.png Yellow Devil Geno
YellowDevilSkin2.png Yellow Devil squidgy617
Character name Creator

Mega Man X Skins

Character Name Creator
KUWAA8A2.png Boomer Kuwanger LlamaHombre
CRAWA8A2.png Crush Crawfish Metallix
LAOPA8A2.png Launch Octopus ???
MEGXA8A2.png Mega Man edit MegaMan X NinjaDude
SPMDA8A2.png Spark Mandrill JaxOf7
StingChameleon.png Sting Chameleon Megaman
WheelGator.png Wheel Gator Lego
MMXA8A2.png X MD-2a03
Zero.png Zero Nickaly/Snakeman X
Character name Creator

Mega Man ZX Skins

Character Name Creator
Ashe2.png Ashe Ryuga_knight
Ashe.png Ashe Snakeman X
ASZXA8A2.png Ashe Dimpsy
Galleon.png Galleon Korby
Grey2.png Grey Ryuga_knight
Grey.png Grey Snakeman X
Character name Creator

Mega Man Legends Skins

Character Name Creator
BRRLB8B2.png Barrel Namo
MegamanJuno.png Mega Man Juno Tsukiyomaru0
VolnuttOriginal.png Mega Man Volnutt (original) Crunchy
Volnutt.png Mega Man Volnutt (recolour) Beed28
Character name Creator

Mega Man Battle Network Skins

Character Name Creator
BassEXE.png Bass.EXE LlamaHombre
BNBAA8A2.png Bass.EXE Dimpsy
DARXA8A2.png DarkMan.EXE Copy Robot
Junkmanexe.png JunkMan.EXE Rukifellth
MMEXE.PNG MegaMan.EXE Dimpsy
PlantManEXE.png PlantMan.EXE Smunch
RollExe.png Roll.EXE Megaman
EMPRESSROLLEXE.png Roll.EXE + Evil Empress Roll Dimpsy
Starmanexe.png StarMan.EXE Rukifellth
Character name Creator

Mega Man Star Force Skins

Character Name Creator
CrownThunderSkin.png Crown Thunder Dimpsy
SFHNA8A2.png Harp Note Dimpsy
HarpNote.png Harp Note Ryuga_knight
SFMGA8A2.png MegaMan Dimpsy
Rogue.png Rogue Ryuga_knight
Character name Creator

Rockman X-Over Skins

Character Name Creator
OVR1A8A2.png OVER-1 Geno
Character name Creator

Mega Man Fangame/ROM Hack Skins

Character Name Game Origin Creator
ASNAA8A2.png Amethyst SnakeMan Quint's Revenge II Oliver
AULMA8A2.png AmuletMan RockMan 2 Plus FTX
AXMXA8A2.png AxeMan Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot FTX
BLLMA1.png BallMan Mega Man Z Edencrafty126
AOB2A8A2.png Bass Adventures of Bass 2 Bass44
BoilMan.png BoilMan Mega Man Forever FTX
CXBMA8A2.png Bomberman RockMan CX Dimpsy
ChemicMan.png ChemicMan Mega Man Forever FTX
ChronoMan.png ChronoMan Mega Man Forever FTX
CometWoman.png Comet Woman Mega Man Unlimited Geno
Cutbsd.png Cutman Cutman's Bad Scizzors Day Geno
DATAA8A2.png DataMan RockMan L Bass44
FOREA8A2.png ForestMan Mega Man Time Tangent Brash Buster
Rm4mifrog.png Frog Rockman 4 Minus Infinity Geno
FrozenMan.png FrozenMan Mega Man Indonesian Artifact FTX
GuardMan.png GuardMan Mega Man Forever FTX
HeatManNC.png HeatMan (No Constancy) Rockman No Constancy FTX
KillerMan.png KillerMan RockMan L FTX
LEFMA8A2.png LeafMan Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot Zdagger67
LIGRA8A2.png LightningMan Rokko Chan CHAOS_FANTAZY
Luckyman.png Luckyman Lucky Man 5 BiscuitSlash
MysteriousRobot.png Mysterious Robot Mega Man Unlimited FTX
NAIMA8A2.png Nail Man Mega Man Unlimited Blaze Yeager
PhotonMan.png Photon Man Mega Man Forever BiscuitSlash
Piano.png Piano Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack Geno
PropelMan.png PropelMan Mega Man Forever FTX
QUNCA8A2.png QuickMan (No Constancy) Rockman No Constancy Lighter Dude
RBMNA1.png RainbowMan Mega Man Unlimited Laggy Blazko
Xu9EtJE.png Rock Man Rockman VIII Yuri Sakazaki
RHRPA8A2.png Rythm MegaMan RPG Dimpsy
ShockerMan.png ShockerMan RockMan Cross X FTX
STMLA8A2.png StormMan RockMan L Bass44
SnowMan.png Snow Man Mega Man Rocks! CHAOS_FANTAZY
SultanMan.png SultanMan Mega Man Indonesian Artifact FTX
Pnb1.png Tank Man Mega Man Unlimited FTX
TengvMan.png Tengv Man Rockman VIII Yuri Sakazaki
ROCXA1.png Thunder Blast Man Rocman X/Thunder Blast Man Mister Gessert
TrinitroMan.png TrinitroMan Mega Man Unlimited Raze
TUNWA8A2.png TuneWoman Mega Man Indonesian Artifact Zdagger67
WPMXA8A2.png WhirlpoolMan Mega Man Unlimited FTX
WingMan.png WingMan Mega Man Forever FTX
WONCA8A2.png WoodMan (No Constancy) Rockman No Constancy Lighter Dude
YOYMA1.png Yo-Yo Man Mega Man Unlimited Linnie
YOKMA8A2.png YokuMan Mega Man Unlimited Copy Robot
YOSMA8A2.png YoshinoMan RockMan CX Oliver
ZAPMA8A2.png Zapman Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot Zdagger67
Character name Game Origin Creator

Mega Man Fan Fiction/Comic Skins

Character Name Fanfiction Origin Creator
ARMNA8A2.png Armorman RockMan 4koma Dimpsy
BallMan.png Ball Man Bob & George Korby
Bassamazon.png Bass (Amazon Weapon) Bass Comic Adventures Geno
Bgroll.png Battle Suit Roll Bob & George Geno
CloneJoe.png Clone Joe Bob & George Vathros
CnBC.png Crash Crash & Bass ZeStopper
Crunk.png Crunk Bass Comic Adventures Geno
Invertus.png Invertus Crash & Bass Korby
Lauto.png Lauto Bass Comic Adventures Geno
MULTA8A2.png Multi Man Dreamwave Comic Blaze
GMPIA8A2.png Piano Megamix Manga Dimpsy
QKWMA8A2.png QuakeWoman Archie Comics Dimpsy
RanCossack.png Ran Cossack Bob & George Copy Robot
Rhythm.png Rhythm Bass Comic Adventures CHAOS_FANTAZY
SuperDanny.png SuperDanny Blyka's Door Joseph Collins
WLTZA8A2.png W.Waltz Dreamwave Comic Dimpsy
WhatA8A2.png What MegaMan Sprite Comic MotorRoach
Character name Fanfiction Origin Creator

Mega Man Fanmade Character Skins

Character Name Creator
BlazeMan.png Blaze Man Blaze
BoxMan.png Box Man LlamaHombre/Kenkoru
CHAIA8A2.png Chain Man Sacat
CINDA8A2.png Cinder Woman Sacat
CommanderMan.png Commander Man DarkMath
CremateMan.png Cremate Man Kirbymariomega
DARXA1.png DarkWoman Megaman
ETANA8A2.png E-TankMan Oliver
FLOMA8A2.png FloweyMan Oliver
InkManMML.png InkMan Ivangel
MagnetGal.png MagnetGal Megaman
Opticman.png OpticMan Megaman
QweryMan.png Query Man CHAOS_FANTAZY
ROGMA8A2.png Rogue Man Blutorus
SinkMan.png Sink Man Korby
SpikeMan.png Spike Man Megaman
Character name Creator

Mega Man Misc. Skins

Character Name Creator
ANG5A8A2.png Angry MegaMan Banda Larga carail
Anonyman.png Anonyman Joseph Collins
ATBM.png Atomic BombMan Dimpsy
ATHEA8A2.png Auto's head Dimpsy
Autotruck.png Auto's Truck Geno
BackwardsMegaman.png Backwards Megaman BiscuitSlash
BarrelRoll.png Barrel Roll Kapus
BFSHA8A2.png Blank FlashMan Dimpsy
BONDA8A2.png Bond Man Blaze Yeager
CLRUA8A2.png Chaos Lord Roll CHAOS_FANTAZY
ClassicJoe.png Classic Joe Squidgy617
Copyvision.png Copy Vision Clone Geno
CowgirlRoll.png Cowgirl Roll Jafar
CreepyAir.png Creepypasta AirMan Oliver
CutMisc.PNG CutMan misc pack Dimpsy
Cutfrost.png CutMan riding FrostMan Geno
CUTVA8A2.png CutMan V Oliver
DRBAA8A2.png Dr. Bass Dimpsy
Cossack.png Dr. Cossack Blueiscooltoo
Eddiekart.png Eddie Kart Geno
FFLMC8C2.png Flashing FlashMan Kenkoru
GangsterRingMan.png Gangster Ring Man Mrguy891
GGOSA8A2.png GenTreble Oliver
HIDEA8A2.png Ghost Rock Mister Gessert
GroundManFC.png GroundMan FC FTX
Gutsmanass.png Guts Man's Ass Geno
HelmetlessProto.png Helmetless Protoman Squidgy617
Honey.png Honey Woman Geno
IRSMA8A2.png Iragination SearchMan Mikeax24
KALIA8A2.png Kalinka GoldGameMaster
Kalinka.png Kalinka Yuri Sakazaki
LSBRA1.png Lampshade BrightMan Zdagger67
LCDMA8A2.png LCDMan Yuri Sakazaki
MMLHF2.png Left Handed MegaMan Joseph Collins
MGTMA8A2.png Magician TopMan Zdagger67
XMANA1.png ManMan Dimpsy
MVCRA8A2.png Marvel Vs. Capcom Roll Dimpsy
MIRLA8A2.png Me_Irl Dimpsy
MegaBanana.png Mega Banana Laggy Blazko
MEXDA8A2.png Mega Demoneye X Dimpsy
MegaManTopHat.png Mega Man (Top Hat) BumpBump
ROC8A8A2.png Mega Man 8 Mega Man Oliver
MMAMA8.png Mega Man Amiibo Dimpsy
Megados.png Mega Man DOS Edition Mister Gessert
MMHS.PNG Mega Man Hairstyles Dimpsy
MMJTA8A2.png Mega Man Jet Adaptor DoM
MODYA8A2.png Mega Man Odyssey Oliver
MMPOA8A2.png Mega Man Power Adaptor DoM
MMSUA8A2.png Mega Man Super Adaptor DoM
Megaroll.png Mega Roll Geno
Minimegaman.png Mini Mega Man Geno
MMZ0A8A2.png MMZ Zero Dimpsy
MrX.png Mr. X Squidgy617
NBALA8A2.png Neo Ballade Oliver
NICEA1.png NICE Gothic
NinjaWily.png Ninja Wily Ukiyama
OCEMA2A8.png Ocean Man IamaMedalHunter
OCNMA8A2.png Ocean Man Fyone
OmegaZero.png Omega Zero NinjaBrad
OVA Roll.png OVA Roll Squidgy617
PHELA8A2.png Pharaoh Electivire Hinatediz
PowerProtoman.png Power Protoman Smash The Echidna
PROLF8F2.png Proto-Roll Kapus
PunkRoll.png Punk Roll Laggy Blazko
QuickManWaveBike.png Quick Man Wave Bike BiscuitSlash
RaThorDevil.png Ra Devil & Ra Thor Squidgy617
RastaKnightMon.png Rasta Knight Mon Mrguy891
Reggae.png Reggae Ice
RGEDA8A2.png ReggieEddie Dimpsy
PRFCB8B2.png RM7FC ProtoMan DiegoGamer1820
8fcroll.png RM8FC Roll Geno
RBLIA1.png RockBoard Dr. Light Bass44
RBDMA8A2.png RockBoard DustMan Dimpsy
RBEKA8A2.png RockBoard Enker Dimpsy
RBGMA8A2.png RockBoard GutsMan Dimpsy
RockboardRoll.png RockBoard Roll Kapus
RBSMA1.png RockBoard ShadowMan Dimpsy
ROCKA8A2.png RockMan Crunchy
SHAGA1.png RockMan Megamix ShadowMan IamaMedalHunter
RMSGA1.png RockMan Strategy GutsMan Zdagger67
Evilroll.png Roll? Geno
GRUPA8A2.png RollingStone Arcterra
RSHPA7A3.png Rush Megaman
RushTango.png Rush & Tango Smunch
RushJetSkin.png Rush Jet Smunch
RSSKB8B2.png Rush Skateboard Dimpsy
RSHMA1.png RushMan Dimpsy
Sakugarne.png Sakugarne Copy Robot
SheepManB&F.png SheepMan Battle and Fighters style FTX
XgTH1W5.png Snakeboot Chimi
SnowglobeBright.png Snowglobe Bright Man LlamaHombre
SolidShadowMan.png Solid Shadow Man Ryuga_knight
SBWMA8A2.png Soup Bowl WaveMan Kenkoru
LTSPA1.png Spike Dimpsy
StarDustMan.png StarDustMan FTX
MMCMA8A2.png Super Mario Maker CutMan Zdagger67
Smm-mega.png Super Mario Maker Mega Man Geno
SSJMM.png Super Saiyan Mega Man Dimpsy
SurpriseMan.png Surprise Man Yuri Sakazaki
TNGOA8A2.png Tango Raze
TATRA8A2.png Tango Riding Treble Oliver
TTDMA2A8.png Tengan Toppa Drillman Dimpsy
TEBAA1.png TenguMan Balloon Copy Robot
TIMHA8A2.png TimeMan as Hit Bass44
Toadgirl.png Toad Girl Rukifellth
WARMA8A2.png ToadMan Wart costume Yuri Sakazaki
TPBRA1.png Tophead BrightMan Zdagger67
TBBRA1.png Tube Bulb BrightMan Zdagger67
TurboKyoworn.png Turbo Kyoworn Kapus
TutankhaPharoahMan.png Tutankha PharoahMan FTX
UIKnightMan.pngUiKnightMan2.png Ultra Instinct Knight Man Ivangel
WeatherMan.png WeatherMan FTX
WilyMachineXX.png Wily Machine XXX Rukifellth
YDROA8A2.png Yellow Droid Oliver
ZAROA8A2.png Zettai Roll Zard1084/Kapus
Character name Creator



Character Name Creator
AlucardSprite.png Alucard Emilianomario
RCTBA8A2.png Richter Belmont Dimpsy
Castlevania-skeleton.png Skeleton Geno



Character Name Creator
Ana.png Ana ambrose
Boney.png Boney Jafar
Claus.png Claus Jafar
CLAYA1.png Clayman Player_MKII
Duster.png Duster Jafar
EXMSA8A2.png Exit Mouse Hinatediz
Flint.png Flint Jafar
Jeff.png Jeff Jafar
M2 King.png King Sylandro
Kumatora.png Kumatora Jafar
Lucas.png Lucas Jafar
MaskedMan.png Masked Man Jafar
MGBRA8A2.png Mighty Bear Hinatediz
Ness.png Ness Jafar
Ninten.png Ninten ambrose
Paula.png Paula Jafar
Pigmask.png Pigmask Jafar
Poo.png Poo Jafar
Salsa.png Salsa Jafar
UltimateChimera.png Ultimate Chimera Smunch
Character name Creator

Final Fantasy


Character Name Creator
BLMGA8A2.png Black Mage Lio
CCTUA8A2.png Cactuar Dimpsy
Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh FTX
KAPAA8A2.png Kappa Hinatediz
ONIKA8A2.png Onion Knight Kapus
Shaman.png Shaman Kapus
ULTRA1.png Ultros Kapus
WMAGA8A2.png White Mage Kapus
Character name Creator



Character Name Creator
ADEEA8A2.png Adeline Hinatediz
AADOA8A2.png Ado Hinatediz
BladeKnight.png Blade Knight Fyone
Coo.png Coo Jafar
DMATTER.png Dark Matter Mikeax24
DMSWORDSMAN.png Dark Matter Swordsman Mikeax24
Gooey.png Gooey Jafar
GrandWheelie.png Grand Wheelie Kage
DEDEA7A3.png King Dedede Brash Buster
KRB1A8A2.png Kirby Piano the Mettaur
KrbyA8A2.png Kirby Zellough
KRACKO.png Kracko Mikeax24
Eggolor.png Magolor Emilianomario
METAA8A2.png Meta Knight Mikeax24
KPSUA8A2.png Susie Dimpsy
TRNZA8A2.png Taranza Emilianomario
WHISA8A2.png Whispy Woods Copy Robot
0TWOA8A2.png Zero-Two Mikeax24
Character name Creator

King Of Fighters


Character Name Creator
KasumiTodo.png Kasumi Todo Kapus
Krizalid.png Krizalid Raze
B41EwWt.png Rugal Bernstein Yuri Sakazaki
1Z5m6SK.png Yuri Sakazaki Yuri Sakazaki
Character name Creator

Pokemon Series


Character Name Creator
Absol.png Absol Gummywormz
Bellossom.png Bellossom Sacat
Bonsly.png Bonsly Sacat
BRXNA8A2.png Braixen Dimpsy
Buneary.png Buneary Gummywormz
Castform.png Castform CHAOS_FANTAZY
CUBOA1.png Cubone Bass44
Ditto.png Ditto Fyone
Drifblim.png Drifblim Gummywormz
Dusclops.png Dusclops Sacat
Dusknoir.png Dusknoir Sacat
Eevee.png Eevee Pack Gummywormz
Ethan.png Ethan/Gold Hinatediz
Gallade.png Gallade ???
Gardevoir.png Gardevoir Geno
Gardevoir2.png Gardevoir Gummywormz
Gloom.png Gloom Sacat
GOMYA8A2.png Goomy Caprice
Grovyle.png Grovyle Sacat
HEXMA8A2.png Hex Maniac Rukifellth
Hitmonchan.png Hitmonchan Sacat
Hitmonlee.png Hitmonlee Sacat
Hitmontop.png Hitmontop Sacat
JGPFA1.png Jigglypuff Dimpsy
Latias.png Latias Gummywormz
LATOA8A2.png Latios Oliver
LOPNA1.png Lopbunny Dimpsy
Lostsilver.png Lost Silver Hinatediz
LCROA8A2.png Lucario Blueiscooltoo
HinatedizHuygabear.png Lucario Hinatediz
Lyra.png Lyra Hinatediz
Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Stylin'
Mudkip.png Mudkip Blueiscooltoo
Nuzleaf.png Nuzleaf Hinatediz
Oddish.png Oddish Sacat
Omanyte.PNG Omanyte Dimpsy
PIKAA1.png Pikachu Brash Buster
PORZA8A2.png Porigon Z Oliver
RAICA1.png Raichu Bass44
Ralts.png Ralts Geno
Riolu.png Riolu Blueiscooltoo
RioluTopHat.png Riolu (Top Hat) BumpBump
Ronald.png Ronald SmashBroPlusB
Sceptile.png Sceptile Sacat
SkyShaymin.png Shaymin (Sky Form) Sacat
G4SHA1.png Shinx Dimpsy
Simisage.png Simisage Hinatediz
Sneasel.png Sneasel Sacat
Smeargle.png Smeargle Clayton
Sudowoodo.png Sudowoodo Sacat
Tangela.png Tangela Sacat
Tangrowth.png Tangrowth Sacat
Tauros.png Tauros Sacat
Treecko.png Treecko Sacat
Tyrogue.png Tyrogue Sacat
Uxie.png Uxie Sacat
Vileplume.png Vileplume Sacat
Weavile.png Weavile Sacat
Character name Creator

Puyo Puyo


Character Name Creator
Dn0Wn2U.png Arle Nadja (Compile Design) UltimateChimichanga
PALNA8A2.png Arle Nadja (Sega Design) Dimpsy
GUUUA1.png Carbuncle SmashBroPlusB
Puyo.png Puyo Geno
Character name Creator

Sonic the Hedgehog


Character Name Creator
Bluesphere.png Blue Sphere Geno
KCBMA8A2.png Bomb Dimpsy
CHAOA1.png Chao Kapus
ChaoTrio.png Chao Trio Smash The Echidna
Justwintherace.png Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AOSTH) Emilianomario
DrIvoRobotnik.png Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AOSTH) DarkAura
DrEggmanSonicDrift.png Dr.Eggman (Sonic Drift) -FiniteZero-
EMRLA8A2.png Emrl Dimpsy
Creepysonic.png Fun is Infinite Sonic Geno
KnucklesSkinSprite.PNG Knuckles Smash The Echidna
PROMA8D2.png Metal Sonic Metallix
SMONA1.png Monitor Dimpsy
MBUGA8A2.png Motobug Caprice
RINGA1A5.png Ring Dimpsy
SHTHA1.png Shadow The Hedgehog Kenkoru
SONCA1.png Sonic MotorRoach
SonicTheHedgehog.png Sonic The Hedgehog TheMetalManu
Tails.png Tails Blueiscooltoo
TLDLA8A2.png Tails Doll Dimpsy
Character name Creator

Super Mario


Character Name Creator
ANGRA1.png Angry Sun Smash The Echidna
Babyluigi.png Baby Luigi Kenkoru
Birdo.png Birdo Geno
BOBBA1.png Bob-Bomb Brash Buster
Bob-Omb.png Bob-Bomb KirbyMarioMega
WBOOB8B2.png Boo Kapus
Boo.png Boo TheMetalManu
BOOMBRO.png Boomerang Bro Clayton
Bowser.png Bowser (SMB3) Hinatediz
BSJRA8A2.png Bowser Jr. Hinatediz
Smwbowsercastle.png Bowser's Castle (SMW) Geno
BucketHead.png Bucket Head DarkAura
CheapCheap.png Cheap Cheap KirbyMarioMega
DMTOA8A2.png Dimentio Mikeax24
Discoball.png Disco Ball Geno
FWFSA8A2.png Fawful Emilianomario
FIREBRO.png Fire Bro Clayton
Flurry.png Flurry KirbyMarioMega
Geno.png Geno Sora
Goldenbanana.png Golden Banana Geno
GoombaMEY.png Goomba (Mario's Early Years) Jafar
SMB3Goomba.png Goomba (SMB3) KirbyMarioMega
HammerBro.png Hammer Bro KirbyMarioMega
HAMBRO.png Hammer Bro Clayton
JERYA1.png Jerry Lio
KBOBA1.png King Bob-Bomb Brash Buster
KBOOA8A2.png King Boo Emilianomario
Koopa.png Koopa TheMetalManu
KPASA8A2.png Koopa Shell Dimpsy
LM1LA8A2.png Luigi (Poltergust 3000) Emilianomario
Luigismb2.png Luigi (SMB2) Geno
LuigiSMW.png Luigi (SMW) OrangeMario
Magikoopa.png Magikoopa TheMetalManu
M2MAA8A2.png Mario (SMB2) FTX
MarioSMB3.png Mario (SMB3) TheBladeRoden
MarioSMW.png Mario (SMW) OrangeMario
SuperMarioKart.png Mario Kart Shagg
Mariohead.png Mario's Head Geno
MASKA8A2.png Mask Koopa Dimpsy
Minibombkart.png Mini Bomb Kart Geno
MiniGoomba.png Mini Goomba FTX
Ninji.png Ninji Kapus
PaperMarioSprite.png Paper Mario Emilianomario
POPLA8A2.png Popple Emilianomario
DASYA8A2.png Princess Daisy Kapus
SSBPeach.png Princess Peach KirbyMarioMega
PeachSMB1.png Princess Toadstool (SMB) Kapus
PeachSMB2.png Princess Toadstool (SMB2) Kapus
RCFIA7A3.png Red Coin Fish Copy Robot
Rosalina.png Rosalina Geno
ShyGuy.png Shy Guy Kapus
Sidestepper.png Sidestepper Kapus
SLDBRO.png Sledge Bro Clayton
Star1.png Super Star BiscuitSlash
Bigboo.png The Big "Boo" Geno
ThwompS.png Thwomp Jafar
Sm64thwomp.png Thwomp (SM64) Geno
Toadsm.png Toad Geno
Toadette.png Toadette Geno
TRNPA1.png Turnip Kapus
WARIA8A2.png Wario (WL2) Dusty
WarioManSprite.png Wario Man Emilianomario
Wart.png Wart Yuri Sakazaki
SSBYoshi.png Yoshi KirbyMarioMega
Yoshi.png Yoshi Relias
YoshiKart.png Yoshi Kart Kenkoru
Character name Creator

Street Fighter


Character Name Creator
Akuma.PNG Akuma/Gouki Smash The Echidna
CHLIA8A2.png Chun Li Dimpsy
Dhalsim.png Dhalsim FTX
Guile.png Guile Bass44
Joe.PNG Joe Bass44
M.bison.png M.Bison LlamaHombre
Rose.png Rose Dimpsy
Ryu.png Ryu FTX
Sagat.png Sagat FTX
Character name Creator

The Legend of Zelda


Character Name Creator
Error.png Error Megaman
FAIRYA8A2.png Fairy Kapus
FIDLA8A2.png Fierce Deity Link DiegoGamer1820
Gohma.png Gohma FTX
KingHarkinian.png King Harkinian Kackebango
NAVIA8A2.png Link with Navi Nickaly
LINKA1.png LOZ1 Link Mimoz
LIN2A7A3.png LOZ2 Link ???
Character name Creator



Touhou Project

Character Name Creator
CirnoSkinSprite.png Advent Cirno Zard1084/Jafar
AliceMargatroidSkinSprite.png Alice Margatroid Jafar
ChenSkinSprite.png Chen Lightdasher
CirnoOSkinSprite.png Cirno Jafar
DaiyouseiSkinSprite.png Daiyousei Jafar
FlandreScarletSkinSprite.png Flandre Scarlet Lightdasher
FujiwaraSkinSprite.PNG Fujiwara No Mokou Flandre Scarlet
HatateSkinSprite.PNG Hatate Himekaidou Flandre Scarlet
HongMeilingSkinSprite.PNG Hong Meiling Flandre Scarlet
IkuNagaeSkinSprite.png Iku Nagae Jafar
KaguyaYasakaSkinSprite.png Kaguya Houraisan Flandre Scarlet
KanakoYasakaSkinSprite.PNG Kanako Yasaka Flandre Scarlet
HakutakuSkinSprite.png Keine Kami. (Hakutaku) Flandre Scarlet
KeineKamishirasawaSkinSprite.png Keine Kamishirasawa Flandre Scarlet
LettyWhiterockSkinSprite.png Letty Whiterock Lightdasher
LilyBlackSkinSprite.png Lily Black Lightdasher
LilyWhitSkinSprite.png Lily White Lightdasher
MarisaKirisameSkinSprite.png Marisa Kirisame Lightdasher
MarisaBlu.png Marisa Kirisame Blu
MimaSkinSprite.png Mima Zard1084
MystiaLoreleiSkinSprite.png Mystia Lorelei Jafar
NitoriKawashiroSkinSprite.png Nitori Kawashiro Hinatediz
PatchouliKnowledgeSkinSprite.png Patchouli Knowledge Lightdasher
RanYakumoskinSprite.png Ran Yakumo Jafar
ReimuSkinSprite.png Reimu Jafar
ReimuHakureiSkinSprite.png Reimu Hakurei Lightdasher
ReimuBlu.png Reimu Hakurei Blu
ReimuBlu98.png Reimu Hakurei (PC-98) Blu
ReisenUdongeinSkinSprite.png Reisen Udongein Lightdasher
ReisenInabaSkinSprite.png Reisen Udongein Inaba Jafar
ReiuziUtsuhoSkinSprite.png Reiuzi "Okuu" Utsuho Lightdasher
RemiliaScarletSkinSprite.png Remilia Scarlet Lightdasher/MrX
RemiliaBlu.png Remilia Scarlet Blu
RumiaSkinSprite.png Rumia Jafar
SakuyaIzayoiSkinSprite.png Sakuya Izayoi Lightdasher
SanaeKochiyaSkinSprite.png Sanae Kochiya Flandre Scarlet
SekibankiSkinSprite.png Sekibanki Jafar
ShanghaiHouraiSkinSprite.png Shanghai & Hourai Flandre Scarlet
ShikieikiSkinSprite.png Shikieiki Yamaxandu Flandre Scarlet
SuwakoMoriyaSkinSprite.png Suwako Moriya Lightdasher
TanCirnoBlu.png Tan Cirno Blu
TenshiSkinSprite.png Tenshi Hinanawi Jafar
TewilnabaSkinSprite.png Tewi Inaba Lightdasher
UtsuhoReiujiSkinSprite.png Utsuho Reiuji Jafar
WriggleNightbugSkinSprite.png Wriggle Nightbug Jafar
YamameKurodaniSkinSprite.png Yamame Kurodani Jafar
YoumuKonpakuSkinSprite.png Youmu Konpaku Lightdasher
YukariYakumoSkinSprite.png Yukari Yakumo Jafar
Yukari(PCB)SkinSprite.png Yukari Yakumo (PCB) Jafar
YukkuriReimuSkinSprite.png Yukkuri Reimu Zard1084
YuugiHoshigumaSkinSprite.png Yuugi Hoshiguma Jafar
YuukaKazamiSkinSprite.png Yuuka Kazami Jafar
YuyukoSaigyoujiSkinSprite.png Yuyuko Saigyouji Lightdasher
Character name Creator

Touhou Fangame Skins

Character Name Creator
RockMarisa.png Rockman Marisa Blu
Character name Creator

Undertale & Deltarune

UnderTaleLogo.png & DeltaruneLogo.png

Character Name Creator
UTASA1.png Asriel Dimpsy
Frisk.png Frisk ChaosUnlimited
JEVLA8A2.png Jevil Bass44
NAP1B1.png Napstablook Dimpsy
PAPYA1.png Papyrus Brash Buster
RALSA1.png Ralsei Bass44
UTSNA1.png Sans Dimpsy
Character name Creator

Team Fortress 2


Character Name Creator
SAXTA8A2.png Saxton Hale DiegoGamer1820
Scout.png Scout CHAOS_FANTAZY
SCOUA8A2.png Scout Oliver
TF2Soldier.png Soldier CHAOS_FANTAZY
SOLDA8A2.png Soldier Oliver
Character name Creator



Character Name Creator
Crazyotto.png Crazy Otto (Early Ms. Pac-Man Hack) Geno
Pacmanghost.png Ghost (Arrangement) Geno
SSBPacMan.png Pac-Man KirbyMarioMega
SPCMA8A2.png Pac-Man Dimpsy
PCMNB7B3.png Pac-Man (Arcade) Alexparr
Pacmanarr.png Pac-Man (Arrangement) Geno
PCMAA8A2.png Pac-Man (NES Pac-Mania) Bass44
PAC2A8A2.png Pac-Man (Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures) Emilianomario
Character name Creator

PC Games

Character Name Game Origin Creator
Andr.png Andr Minecraft (Mob Talker) Geno
ANGLC8C2.png Angel Girl Cat Planet Kapus
CSBAL.png Balrog Cave Story Kage
Beardman.png Beardman Mushroom Pancakes Geno
Mtblaze.png Blaze Minecraft (Mob Talker) Geno
BOBA8A2.png Bob Lego Universe Bass44
BSHYA1.png Boshy I wanna be the guy Dimpsy
Cacobirbo.png Cacobirdo Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Copy Robot
CakePlanet.png Cake Cat Planet Cat Planet Kapus
CapV.png Captain Viridian VVVVVV KirbyMarioMega
SYOBA8A2.png Cat Mario Syobon Action Bass44
CATPA8A2.png Cat Planet Cat Planet Kapus
KEENA1.png Commander Keen Commander Keen Skunk
CREPA8A2.png Creeper Minecraft Dingodile64
Crow.png Crow Cat Planet Kapus
Cupa.png Cupa Minecraft (Mob Talker) Geno
CP&MM.PNG Cuphead and Mugman Cuphead Dimpsy
CURLA8A2.png Curly Brace Cave Story Megaman
DapperPlanet.png Dapper Cat Planet Cat Planet Kapus
DemoASMT.png Demo A Super Mario Thing Geno
DOOMGUY.png DOOMGuy DOOM Maxxor501
PCATA8A2.png Eyepatch Cat Planet Cat Planet Kapus
MACPA8A2.png Masked Cat Planet Cat Planet Kapus
MechaHitler.png Mecha Hitler Wolfenstein 3D Laggy Blazko
MinecraftSteve.png Minecraft Steve Minecraft Joseph Collins'
Karoshi.png Mr. Karoshi Karoshi 1.1 Geno
Mrkaroshi.png Mr. Karoshi Mr. Karoshi (iOS) Geno
NOOBA8A2.png Newbie Roblox Oliver
NIKOA1.gif Niko OneShot TGVaporeon
PCCKA8A2.png Peacock Skullgirls Hinatediz
IBSLA8A2.png Purple Guy Five Nights at Freddy's Emilianomario
QueenValanice.png Queen Valanice King's Quest Jafar
QUOTA8A2.png Quote Cave Story Rocarina
CSQTA8A2.png Quote Cave Story CriticalHit
RealmOfTheMadGodClasses.png Realm of the Mad God Classes Realm of the Mad God DarkAura
Mtlslime.png Slime Minecraft (Mob Talker) Geno
Mmsg-ghost.png Spooky Ghost MegaMan Sprite Game Geno
SCATA8A2.png Sword Cat Planet Cat Planet Kapus
TKIDA8A2.png The Kid I wanna be The Guy Oliver
Waligie.png Waligie Waligie Bros. DX Geno
Wiligie.png Wiligie Waligie Bros. DX Geno
Character name Game Origin Creator

Nintendo Character Skins

Character Name Game Origin Creator
WWASA8A2.png Ashley Wario Ware Dimpsy
BalloonFighter.png Balloon Fighter Balloon Fighter Kage
Captai10.png Captain Falcon F-Zero Smash The Echidna
KIDRA1.png Door Kid Icarus Dimpsy
EGPLA8A2.png Eggplant Wizard Kid Icarus Dimpsy
EggplantWizard.png Eggplant Wizard Kid Icarus Yuri Sakazaki
IceClimber.png Ice Climber Ice Climbers Kapus
SPIBA8A2.pngSPIGA8A2.png Inklings Splatoon Dimpsy
Metroid.png Metroid Metroid series FTX
MTRDA8A2.png Metroid Metroid series Lio
Mikea1.png Michael Jones StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge Skunk
MrGameAndWatch.png Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch series Skunk
PEPYA8A2.png Peppy Hare Star Fox Caprice
PITKA8A2.png Pit Kid Icarus Dimpsy
SMANA8A2.png Spring Man ARMS Superjustinbros
WFT1A8A2.png Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Dimpsy
Character name Game Origin Creator

NES Games

Character Name Game Origin Creator
RCRAA8A2.png Alex River City Ransom DoM
ALYSA1.png Alyssa The Guardian Legend Bass44
BSWKA1.png Bokosuka Wars Knight Bokosuka Wars Sacat
Bomberman.png Bomberman Bomberman II Geno
BUBLA8A2.png Bub Bubble Bobble TheMetalManu
BUBYA8A2.png Bub Rainbow Islands Bass44
FRCAA8A2FIX.png Francesca The Krion Conquest Kapus
Francesca2.png Francesca Alt. The Krion Conquest Kapus
FRNTA1.png Front Line Soldier Front Line Bass44
GNTL4PAK.PNG Gauntlet pack Gauntlet Bass44
Granddad.png Grand Dad Grand Dad 7 (Bootleg) Geno
BMSTA1.png Jason Blaster Master Skunk
Jasonv.png Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Skunk
LegendOfKageNinja.png Legend of Kage Ninja Legend of Kage Jafar
MechaDuck.png Mecha Duck DuckTales Ice
NICOA7A3.png Nicol Ai Senshi Nicol Bass44
PAIWA1.png Paul/Vince Ikari Warriors Bass44
PITFA8A2.png Pitfall Harry Super Pitfall Bass44
PRMYA8A2.png Prince Myer Deadly Towers Bass44
RagDoll.png Rag Doll Action 52 Kapus
SlimeDW.png Slime Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior Super Bondman 64
SOREA8A2.png Soaring Eagle Whomp'em Bass44
BTLKA8A2.png Timmy Battle Kid Blutorus
YUMEA8A2.png Yumetaro Mr. Gimmick Superjustinbros
Character name Game Origin Creator

Sega Character Skins

Character Name Game Origin Creator
AlexKidd.png Alex Kidd Alex Kidd in Miracle World Combotron
AMGOA8A2.png Amigo Samba de Amigo series Hinatediz
BINDA8A2.png Bin Dynamite Dux Bass44
DENDA1.png Den-Den Teddy Boy Bass44
KAZAA8A2.png Kazamaru The Ninja Bass44
OPFZA7A3.png Opa Opa Fantasy Zone Dimpsy
R&M.png Ricky and Mary Alien Syndrome Bass44
TDBYG7G3.png Teddy Boy Teddy Boy Bass44
Character name Game Origin Creator

Misc. Games

Character Name Game Origin Creator
AgentJ.png Agent J Elite Beat Agents Sora
BONKA8A2.png Bonk Bonk's Adventure Alexparr
BUBSA8A2.png Bubsy Bubsy Emilianomario
Carol.png Carol Tea Freedom Planet Digiflower5
CLSPA1.png Classic Spaceman LEGO Battles Bass44
CRABA8A2.png Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Dingodile64
TAHOA8A2.png Dig Dug Dig Dug Zdagger67
DJANA8A2.png Django Boktai Series Senkle
ELISC1.png Elias Panel de pon Kapus
Fygar.png Fygar Dig Dug Zdagger67
Hakumen.png Hakumen BlazBlue Red Lantern
HATYA1.png Hatty Hattington Castle Crashers Copy Robot
7CtlsQN.png King Hamrag King's Quest V Yuri Sakazaki
LEMMA1.png Lemming Lemmings Smash The Echidna
SLILA8A2.png Lilac Freedom Planet Dimpsy
LIPPB1.png Lip Panel de pon Kapus
MAPYA8A2.png Mappy Mappy Dimpsy
MNDOA8A2.png Mondo Oowada Danganronpa Hinatediz
GALLA1.png Mr. Driller Mr. Driller PacManFan
PhoenixWright.png Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright: Ace attorny Sora
POKAA8A2.png Pooka Dig Dug Zdagger67
SKNKA1.png Punky Skunk Punky Skunk Skunk
RAYOA8A2.png Rayman Rayman Emilianomario
SABAA1.png Sabata Boktai Series Senkle
SBWLA8A2.png Sabrewulf Killer Instinct Hinatediz
2E5frQJ.png Selene Panel de pon Kapus
SHVKA8A2.png Shovel Knight Shovel Knight Blutorus
Sinistar.png Sinistar Sinistar Audiophile
SIRARTHUR.png Sir Arthur Ghosts'n Goblins IamaMedalHunter
SSNKA1.png Solid Snake Metal Gear series IamaMedalHunter
SHCGA8A2.png Squirrel Grunt Conker series Hinatediz
TEDIA8A2.png Tedi Grunt Conker series Hinatediz
TTRBA1.png Tetris Block Tetris Sylandro
NMHTA8A2.png Travis Touchdown No More Heroes DoM
VIKTA8A2.png Viktor Paladins Loukratos
Zeke.png Zeke Zombies Ate My Neighbors Skunk
ZETEA8A2.png Zee Tee Eversion Blutorus
ZUBSA8A2.png Zub (ZX Spectrum) Zub Bass44
Character name Game Origin Creator

Other Skins

Cartoon Skins

Character Name Cartoon Origin Creator
BENDA8A2.png Bender Futurama Dusty
BLOOA1.png Bloo Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Dimpsy
DW.png Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck Smash The Echidna
FINNA8A2.png Finn The Human Adventure Time Dingodile64
GIZMA8A2.png Gizmoduck Ducktales Dusty
HomestarRunner.png Homestar Runner Homestar Runner Super Bondman 64
Homsar.png Homsar Homestar Runner LucianTheLugia
ERR&IGNI.PNG Ignignokt and Err Aqua Teen Hunger Force Bass44
LIQYA8A2.png Liquidator Darkwing Duck Mikeax24
LCFRA8A2.png Lucifer The Loud House Hinatediz
LUCYA8A2.png Lucy Loud The Loud House Hinatediz
Onionbubs.png Onion Bubs Homestar Runner Geno
SCOOA8A2.png Scrooge McDuck Ducktales Dusty
SPNGA8A2.png Spongebob Spongebob Squarepants Brash Buster
20K6A1.png StinkoMan Homestar Runner Dimpsy
Thnikkaman.png The Dethemberween Thnikkaman Homestar Runner Geno
Trogdor.png Trogdor, The Burninator Homestar Runner Super Bondman 64
Character name Cartoon Origin Creator

Movie/TV Show Skins

Character Name Movie/TV Show Origin Creator
DALKA7A3.png Dalek Doctor Who Geno
GZMOA8A2.png Gizmo Gremlins Bass44
FLKSA8A2.png Luke Skywalker Star Wars: A New Hope Bass44
SMTSA8A2.png Smartass Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Hinatediz
WIRTA8A2.png Turbo Tastic Wreck it Raplh Sawrock
Vanellope8bdm.png Vanellope Von Schweetz Wreck it Ralph Mister Gessert
WLLEA8A2.png WALL-E WALL-E Brash Buster
Character name Movie/TV Show Origin Creator

Anime Skins

Character Name Anime Origin Creator
KamenRiderDecade.png Decade Kamen Rider Ryuga_Knight
KamenRiderFaiz.png Faiz Kamen Rider Ryuga_knight
Frieza.png Frieza Dragon Ball Z RainsLikeSnow
KamenRiderHibiki.png Hibiki Kamen Rider Ryuga_knight
HINAA8A2.png Hinata Huyga Naruto Hinatediz
J-DKAA8A2.png J-Decker Brave Police J-Decker Mikeax24
Kenshiro.png Kenshiro Hakuto No Ken/Fist Of The North Star Tsukiomaru0
Krillen.png Krillin Dragonball RainsLikeSnow
FrontRight.png Naruto Uzumaki Naruto HellHawkX
PEGSA8A2.png Pegasus Seiya Saint Seiya DiegoGamer1820
PUPTA8A2.png Puppetmon Digimon Hinatediz
Renamon.png Renamon Digimon Ryuga_knight
KamenRiderRyuki.png Ryuki Kamen Rider Ryuga_knight
KRTRA1.png Torque Kamen Rider Zdagger67
VEFRA8A2.png Vegeta Dragonball Z DiegoGamer1820
YMCHA8A2.png Yamcha Dragonball Bass44
Character name Anime Origin Creator

DC Comics skins

Character Name Creator
GRNLA8A2.png Green Lantern Bass44
LBTYA8A2.png Statue Of Liberty (NES Superman) Kapus
SPMNA7A3.png Superman (NES Superman) Bass44
FLASA8A2.png The Flash Bass44
Character name Creator

User Skins

Character Name Creator
FLIPA8A2.png Ashie Flippy
SNICA1.png Biotronic Biotronius
BRSHA1.png Brash Buster Brash Buster
BREVA8A2.png Breve Shade Guy
CedricMM8BDMsprite.png Cedric the Wolf Dimpsy
CLAYA8A2.png Clayton Clayton
DABOA8A2.png DarkBowser100 DarkBowser100
Dg1820 by diegogamer1820-d6pvov6.png DiegoGamer1820 DiegoGamer1820
Dimented.png Dimented DimentedFlames
F117A8A2.png Fawfull117 Dimpsy
Fire Peas.png Fire Peas Fire Peas
Fyone.png Fyone Fyone
Gizmo&MegaGizmo.png Gizmo The Cat Smash The Echidna
Gumballtoid.png Gumballtoid Gumballtoid
HILTRIO.png Hilman170499 Hilman170499
HinatedizHuygabear.png Hinatediz Huygabear Hinatediz
ICCTA8A2.png Ice The Cat Hilman170499
Joseph.png Joseph Joseph Collins
KAGEA8A2.png Kagerou Imaizumi Kiro Okami/Hilman170499
PERMA8A2.png Kori TGVaporeon
LGMNA1.png Lagman Lagman
LSCRA1.png Laser Carrot ZeStopper
LucianTheLugia.png LucianTheLugia LucianTheLugia
CHESA8A2.png Meg Dimpsy
MELOA2.png Melody MarikoOkuri
Molly.png Molly Geno
MMXSA8A2.png MrJak532 Senkle
NIDUA8A2.png NinjaDude NinjaDude
OLIVA8A2.png Oliver Oliver
OmegaMan.png Omegaman CHAOS_FANTAZY
Orangemario.png OrangeMario OrangeMario
RAHUA8A2.png Rahu The Echidna Mikeax24
RAZEA8A2.png Raze Raze
8Bit Smash.png Smash The Echidna Smash The Echidna
SPGEA8A2.PNG Sparky The Ghost SparkyGhost
SnakemanX.png Snakeman X Snakeman X
TMEBA2.png Tango Melody(Cyan) MarikoOkuri
TMETA8A2.png Tango Melody(Tango Color) MarikoOkuri
Zard.png Zard1084 Zard1084
Zello.png Zello Zellough
Character name Creator

Unclassified Skins

Character Name Creator
AVGNA8A2.png Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) Emilianomario
ATMAA8A2.png Astronaut DiegoGamer1820
CkrBQOV.png Bibi Kapus
CHNGA8A2.png Big Chungus Emilianomario
Biscuits.png Biscuits Copy Robot
BUGGF8F2.png Bugirl Kapus
CNCGA8A2.PNG Candy Cadet SparkyGhost
DRF1A8A2.png Dark Fire 1 Fire Peas
ECHOA8A2.png Decibel DarkusRelling
DKLMA1.png Desk Lamp Kapus
DVONA8A2.png Devion Dimpsy
Donut.png Donut Ukiyama
DKLMA8A2.png Dorkly Mario Emilianomario
ELCTA8A2.png Electro Bass44
Y72zmna.png Freon Kapus
BGLMC1.png Gloom Sacat
GoogleEyeScythe.png Google Eye Scythe Mr. X
GREMA1.png Gremlin Sacat
HatsuneMiku.png Hatsune Miku Ryuga_knight
HelloKitty.png Hello Kitty Slurrup
HL3CA0.png Illuminati Dimpsy
KHONA2.png Khonjin Dimpsy
LMPXA1.png Lamp Hilman170499
Lamp2.png Lamp Kapus
MAMSA1.png M&M Candy Dimpsy
MPACB1.png Man-Pac Emilianomario
MEEMA1.png MeeM Dimpsy
Megaplier.png Megaplier Oliver
MRSIA1.png Men's Room Sign Copy Robot
MELUA8A2.png MetalLucario Hinatediz
NOIDA8A2.PNG Noid Emilianomario
NyanCat.png Nyan Cat Jman
MRPCA8A2.png Pepsicola Dimpsy
PIEMA1.png Pieman Tempura Wizard
Q7F1CJn.png Princess Rainbow Kapus
RAVBA1.png Rave Balloon Super Raveman
RCKYA1.png Rocky The Rock Copy Robot
SFRGA8A2.png Rogue Dimpsy
RMCDA8A2.png Ronald McDonald Bass44
Sanic.png Sanic Hegehog Geno
Shadow.png Shadow Sacat
ShoopDaWoop.png Shoop Da Woop BiscuitSlash
Slime.png Slime Sacat
SOAP.png Soap bubble Kapus
FrontR.png Spiderman HellHawkX
TOSMA8A2.png Toastman Hilman170499
Ugandan Knuckles.png Ugandan Knuckles Dimpsy
VanillaIce.png Vanilla Ice Jafar/Yuri Sakazaki/Kapus
WINRA6A4.png WinRar icon Kapus
Character name Creator