MM8BDM – Powered Up Expansion Released!

Posted by admin | Releases | Sunday 5 June 2011 2:01 pm

Power Up!
With less than a week until MM7 gets out, we’ve decided to rile up some more DM madness (and finally get this damn thing out after developing it for so long), with Cutstuff’s first fanmade expansion! Presenting the Powered Up expansion, a content add-on pack based on the MM1 remake for the PSP, which contained two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man. This pack includes 4 new weapons, including the two newcomers’ respective weapons, Time Slow and Oil Slider, 10 new maps, which include not only maps for Time Man and Oil Man, but also completely new maps for the original six masters, as well as two stages for Wily Castle. Some of these even include new gimmicks that weren’t in their official maps, such as Fire Pillars (freezable!) among other things. It’s also the first map-pack to include the Energy Balancer as a pickup!

But wait! There’s more! We’ve even catered to the skin enthusiasts in the community! Not only are there TWO different skins for both Time Man and Oil Man, there’s also a skin for Mega Man?, the captured and reprogrammed version of Mega Man you meet when playing as a robot master in the original game, but also a metric truckload of Roll skins, all based on the DLC roll costumes for the game!

Power Up, Cutstuff! You can grab the latest version here, which also lists the credits for who did what for the expansion! Happy busting!

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